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Shirts, and Skins

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My sister volunteered at the Rec Center. I never got the big deal with sports, like basketball.  Dad told her to take me with her, but I moaned.

“Go on, you can use the exercise,” but I took my phone with me, to text on the bleachers, or something.

It turns out that I didn’t really need it, because I didn’t get a chance to get bored, but I texted my friends until I got carsick on the way out.

[I have to go to the rec center.]

[What for?]

[Dad said I need the exercise, but I GTG.  I think I’m gonna puke.]

I took deep breaths, and watched the road ahead until my tummy settled down. Just like the time I got seasick on the ferry to Canada.  So, I could look out the window at the run down houses going bye, but this time I didn’t barf.  

“Don’t wander off when we get there,” Brandy warned me.   “This isn’t a nice neighborhood.”

“Well, how come it’s safe for you to bring me here?”

“Just stay inside the center, where it’s safe.”

“Oh,” she ment not running off alone in the apartments nearby.  I saw them when we drove through them, like that was the sort of place I’d go looking for trouble.  

Then, we pulled up, and there was a line outside the gate.  “Right on time,” she honked, but the old man just looked up, unlocking the chain on the fence.  A bunch of guys brought their own basketballs, but this one boy threw his to some other dude, and came over to talk to Brandy.
She rolled the window down, so he could lean over, and do that head thing.  You know how black guys half nod up?  I don’t know what that means, but he asked “Who’s this?”

“That’s just my sister, Heather.”  She pushed my shoulder, “Why don’t you go in, and look around?”

I got out, but my sister’s boyfriend held the door so he could get in, and they drove off.  “Uh!”  She just left me there, holding my arms, with a warning not to run off to the neighborhood.  Like it’s safe inside the rec center, but I walked inside the fence.  Where the boys were fighting over who got who. 

On the basketball court, finally they stopped fighting, and one of them said, “All right, you pick,” and took one of the balls off the bench.

“Skins,” the other boys took off his shirt, and his whole team did.

“Oh.”  I finally got the big deal with basketball, once I saw all those topless boys.  Their muscles, and most of them pulled up their shorts, but they just slipped back down again.

“Check it,” the captain of the Shirts team threw the ball, for the Skins guy to throw it back, and then they started playing basketball.  Sweating, and I guess that’s why he picked Skins when he got the chance.  It didn’t take long for the shirt to soak through, but even the skins started dripping with a wet sheen of sweat, and I was just waiting to get grossed out.  

Then, I waited for one of their pants to fall down, and imagined what I might get to see, if that happened.  They weren’t all black, there was even some yelling in Spanish. Too fast to really make out what they’re saying, but even the white boys had deep tans.  From playing basketball topless, when they got on that team, and then this big guy came over.

Now, when I say “Big,” I guess they might call him “Thick.”  Big and fat, but he asked me if I liked Basketball?

“I don’t know, nothing else to do around here.”

“Well, you like my cousin over there?”  I looked over where he pointed, but there was only one boy over there.  By the fence, he was staring but he turneded away, shyly when I looked back.

“I don’t even know him.”  Or anybody else around here, but I was starting to realize that volunteering, and basketball were just a story Brandy told us, as an excuse to come hook up with her boyfriend.

“Well, why don’t you tell him to come over and talk to me, then?”  Which he did, and while he was doing that, I felt horny.  I mean, I felt it watching the boys play basketball, but I really started thinking about it, too.  Then, Wayne pushed his cousin over, and he’s white.  Not Wayne, I mean his cousin Kevin, but that gave me something to say, and break the ice.

Wayne stopped pushing him, and stood back.  “This is Kevin, the dude I was telling you about.”

“I’m Heather,” I offered my hand, and Kevin took it, shyly.  Which was really cute, and sweet, I thought, but at the same time, I couldn’t believe this was happening.  “He says you’re cousins?”

“Yeah, well his momma married my uncle, so yeah that makes us Cousins. II’m Wayne bye the way.”  He didn’t offer to shake hands, he just stood behind Kevin in case he got scared, and tried to run, “But you can call me Dubbz if you like.”

“Nice to meet you.  Kevin?”  He looked up, but not from my chest or anything.  I dressed cool, because it was supposed to get up to almost 90, and my dad said something about exercising, but I didn’t know how to talk to boys.  “What do they call you, Kevin?”

“Special K, like the breakfast cereal.”  I still hadn’t heard Kevin’s voice, since he let his older cousin do all the talking, but I kept trying to get him to open up.  Because he liked me, and he told his cousin that, I believed him because of the way he acted.  Just like boys at my school do when they like a girl, but they’re too scared to tell them.  I say them, because I only ever saw it happen to other girls.  I hoped it would have helped prepare me for when it happened to me, but no such luck.

Then, Dubbz (2 Bs, and a Z) got between us, and turned us around.  With his big fat hands on our shoulders, he pulled us together, and took us inside, where the old man was sitting behind a counter.  W (Dubs is short for Double U) grabbed a strip of rubbers from a box, and said.  “Oh, these ain’t for her,” he laughed, “I gotta a girlfriend.”  But the old man just pushed a clipboard over with a sign in sheet. 

W folded them up to put in a pocket, but it does look kinda suspicious, and I just stood there blushing.  Because there was 3 of them, one for each of us, and if the black man behind the counter had looked up, he might have gotten the right idea.  

I already decided that I didn’t want to wait until I got home, to get my hands dirty, because I didn’t have to.  I never been so horny in all my (12) years, and I was getting hotter by the minute.  So, I waited until we got outside to ask.  “They make you sign for rubbers?”

“Ah?”  W shook his head, “Nah, just to use the facilities, inside.”  He explained, “Some liberal activists drop them off by the case to stop the spread of the AIDS.  That’s what ASA stands for, the AIDS Service Agency.”

I nodded, and put my arm around Kevin.  As soon as we walked out the gate, he wasn’t running, but I sure didn’t want to let him go.  So, I lowered my voice to ask, ‘you a virgin too?’  In his ear.  He just nodded, embarrassed, so I kept talking.  “I never imagined my first time would be like this, but it’s hard to believe that.  A cute boy like you.  You’re quiet, but I like that.”  Honestly, I lied.  I really wanted him to say something, anything, but when he finally did, he mumbled.  

It turns out, he had a lisp, and a stutter.  He looked like he was going to run away any minute if I let go, so I just nodded.  As if I heard what he said, because I didn’t want to make him feel even worse about it.  Special K, they called him.  How cruel, so I felt sorry for him too, but the whole time I was just so excited to be doing something so slutty?

I never thought of myself as a slut, I never got the chance, but now here I was.  Walking off into a neighborhood, after my sister expressly told me not to, with 2 boys I barely even met, and a folded up pack of condoms.  “Right this way,” W got his keys out to unlock the door, and let us in.  I’m not going to describe the apartment, it was tiny, and dirty.  The sofa looked like they left it out on the curb way too long before they brought it inside, but Wayne showed us over to his room, and just set the rubbers on the dresser.  

“Oh, no.”  I stopped the door, “You don’t have to go, if you don’t want to.  I won’t tell your girlfriend, but.  Huh!”  I felt his dick through his pants, and it started getting even bigger in my hand, so I rubbed it.  “I really appreciate you setting us up together.”  I backed up, and took Kevin’s hand.

“Well,” Wayne took off his teeshirt, “I’m not really seeing anybody serious.”  He didn’t even have to unbutton his pants, he just pulled them down.  “I was just saying that.” To the man behind the counter, so it didn’t look like he needed them to take me back to his apartment.

“Ooh!”  I pulled out his boxers, and looked down.  Giggling with the dirty thrill.  “It’s so thick!  Kevin, why don’t you put a rubber on, so you can do me.  There’s no way this one’ll fit.”

“You like it?”

“Yeah.” I squeezed it in both hands, and pulled the skin up to cover the purple head.  “Oh yeah, I love it, can I suck it?”

“You can try.”

“Um,” Kevin finally spoke up.  “Muh, take take.”  He shook his head, and took a deep breath.  “Get naked.”

“Okay!”  I let go, “Hold that thought,” but W took over stroking it, while I turned around.  Untucking my top, and looking down at the loose rubber clinging to the little pecker.  “You like what you see?”  I pulled it slowly, turning to show my bra first, then the other way so his eyes went wide.  Filled with my boobs.  

Now, we’re only talking about B cups, but if I’m not going to judge him for barely having enough to keep a rubber on, and he’s not complaining.  Out loud.  “Huh!”  Wayne, helpful as always unhooked my bra as soon as I got my shirt off, and Kevin pushed the cups up to squeeze them.  

“Get up on the bed.”  I pushed him gently, and pulled my pants off as quick as I could.  I didn’t even want to tease them any more, I just wanted one of them inside me.  So, I got on top of him, and felt down underneath.  To stick his dick up, and wiggle around until the tip got wet enough to slip inside me.  “Hah!  Ah huh?”  It slipped out when I started humping but I put it back, and then I had to be a little more careful.  The rubber came off when he pushed me back, but then he started shaking, and cumming all over his tummy.

“Oh!”  I got down.  “Snh?”  It didn’t smell too gross, so I stuck his dick in my mouth before it stopped spurting, and tasted it on my tongue.  “Agh guh!”  I spit it out.  Who likes that?  I mean really, who actually swallows jizz, and likes it?  I shook my head, “Oh, it’s okay, you did good.”  I rubbed it all over his tummy, since it didn’t smell as gross as it tasted, but then I heard Wayne fapping.  Just standing there, and beating his meat, watching us virgins lose it on his bed.
“Huh, how bout that blowjob, now?”  I sat up, and Kevin rolled over.  Pulling his pants up, he didn’t even take his boots off, but now Big Dubs was almost naked.  Wearing nothing else besides the rubber, but all he said was “Yeah.”

I didn’t know about the rubber, it tasted greasy, because it turns out they were covered in spermicidal lube, but I guess I promised?  I wanted to do it too, even with his belly bumping my forehead, but that’s what I told myself.  I promised, and besides.  That means I won’t get any more in my mouth, but the mediciny taste was even worser. Then, he held my head, and jammed it down my throat.  

“Agh guh guk!”  He didn’t even ask me to deep throat, and I wasn’t expecting to, but after I almost threw up in the car, I was really scared that I would barf all over his crotch.  I didn’t, and I was even pretty proud of myself when he pulled out.  Whipped the rubber off, so I lay back.  On his bed, I missed wherever Kevin got off to, but finally, I could say.  “Right here.”  Trying to squeeze them together.

“Nice little titties.  Uh!  Fuck, ah shit man, uh uH!”  With that last grunt, he thrust his hips, and shook it so the last little dribble splashed on my chest.  Then, he squeezed it, so a last drop wet the skin winking shut over the eyeball.

“Huh!”  Wayne turned so I could see the doorway around his hip, and big fat butt cheek, of course.  Kevin came back, and ripped open the last rubber.  “There one left.  Yyou you wuwant it?”

“Nah, I’m good, knock yourself out.”  Wayne left, so Kevin could bring his little chubby over, and I could suck it hard again.  

“You’re really very ppppretty.” I’m a little proud of him saying all that before his stutter kicked in.

“Mhm?”  I didn’t spit it out, to say thanks. He was almost hard, and I couldn’t wait to get fucked again.  

“Yyou wwant. You want it in the bubutt?”

“Huh?” I turned over, so their wads stuck to the sheets. “Okay,” might as well try it. I tried everything else all ready, but I couldn’t really decide. Which one I liked batter, I never thought I’d like a big fat guy, but then I saw his thick dick, and he’s so charming. I bet he could charm the habit off a nun if he got the chance, but Kevin.

He’s so small, and shy. He gets made fun of for the way he talks, so he’s quiet, but you know what they say about the quiet ones. Well, he wanted to do anal, so I tried it, and I liked it too. I guess, I really like it in the other hole better, and oh yeah. Sucking it? I must be a natural cock sucker, because I barely gagged.

Finally, when he pulled out, I got to feel his hot wet load stick to my back, and butt cheeks. “Huh!” I rolled over, and put my hands up. One under my head, and the other over my eyes, just so I could feel.

In a word, satisfied. I never satisfied myself this good before, but your fingers get tired, and worn out. Not to mention, not just 1 boy, and Kevin got it up again to take another swing at it.

“Huh,” too bad we ran out of rubbers, before I got a chance to try 1 in the front, and an other in back. I think I underestimated myself, with Wayne. I mean, it’s not that big, maybe half a foot long, and I can get both hands around it.

“Yo, Heather.” He snapped me out of it. “My daddy’ll be home in a minute, so you better get a shower quick.”

“Huh, okay.” I reluctantly sat up. “Where’s Kevin?”

“Idaknow, he left.” He showed me where the bathroom was, and I didn’t wipe it all off on his sheets. 8 balls worth of jizz, how come it smells so good, if it’s going to taste so nasty?

“Ugh!” I dry heaved just remembering the taste, but then I realized why I couldn’t throw up. I skipped lunch, and I guess breakfast was long gone, so there wasn’t anything in my stomach to throw up.

Sure enough, by the time I got out, and dried off. Wayne had his bed stripped down to the mattress, and a fitted sheet out to unfold it.

I grabbed my clothes, but while I was putting them back on. “Uh, I don’t know what to say after all this, but. I don’t know if it’s safe for me to walk through this neighborhood alone.”

“So what you saying? Kevin and his sistas do it all the time without getting attacked by the black men.”

“Oh no. That’s not what I’m afraid of. I said it’s not safe For Me. Because as you pointed out, there’s a lot of black men out there, and I don’t know if I’ll make it across the parking lot without trying to suck off everyone I see now.”

I kinda lied, it was a pretty hot fantasy, but I wouldn’t really be that slutty, would I? Then again, I’m surprised how slutty I could be allready.

He laughed, and said “Yeah. Let me finish makin up the bed.” But let’s just say we didn’t make it back to the Rec Center, before I got another BJ out of him. Only this time, no nasty mediciny rubber in the way, and if you swallow it quick, you don’t have to taste it.



It’s cum to my attention that I don’t put enough Sex in my stories. Feedback is always welcome…

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    My sister had to watch me one night. I was 12. She was mad she couldn’t go to party because of me. I told her to take me I wouldn’t say anything. We get there she hands me a soda and told me to sit on couch. She meet her boyfriend and didn’t pay attention to me. Some black guy sat by me said I was cute. I blushing
    He handed me his drink said I might like it better. I took a big drink and almost spit it out.
    I finished that drink he gets me another and kissed me. I like it and kissed him back.
    I felt his hand under my skirt, it felt good.
    He was fingering me. Soon he took my panties off. He was between my legs . We had a crowd watching us and encouraged him . He ripped my hymen and someone stuff my panties in my mouth. My sister came over to see what cheering was. He came in my sister said wtf you guys she’s only 12

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      Tayla that is very hot would like to chat with ya

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      ^that is an incest forum. This isn’t. If you want to chat about Incest, they have a Chat, and PMs there. Because they are an Incest forum. This is a SexStories page. Why it says SexStories right at the top of the page. Every single page on this site.

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      How old are you now?

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      Nothing hotter than a story of a preteen getting her cherry busted by a black man.

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    It was ok but a 12 year old isn’t going to be so easy. Condoms are a nice touch

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      I should hope not! Honestly, a 12 year old that’s that easy, or a sister that’s anything but disgusted when her brother leaves the door open when he jacks off is a fantasy.

      That’s kinda what this site is for.