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I drugged and raped my older sister

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So I was 15 at the time. I was a very horny teen. My biggest dream was just to fuck somebody. I am straight but at the time I could’ve even fucked a guy. I used to craft fleshlights but they didn’t feel as good as I wanted them to feel. One night I discovered a website where I found videos of people drugging girls and fucking them. I found it so hot and one night I decided I might want to do it on my sister.
I got along very well with my sister and I didn’t ever thing of her in a sexual way, that night my hornyness defeated me. My sister was 19, she had a sexy body. She wasn’t exactly skinny but she wasn’t chubby either. She had an amazing fat ass and I B cup tits. So at first I sneaked into her room and she was a heavy sleeper so I decided to peek at her body. I lifted up the blanket and saw her ass, I took a picture of it. I decided to touch her ass and as soon as my fingers touched her she started waking up. I panicked and got out of her room fast but quietly. That night I made a plan that I’m gonna give her sleeping pills and do more.
3 days later my parents went out of town for the weekend and I decided that was the night I was gonna do it. My sister wasn’t very social so she stayed home. I cooked dinner that night and put 2 of my moms sleeping pills in my sisters drink. We ate and just as we finished she told me she is tired and going to her room. I waited 30 minutes and went to her room. 2 pills are supposed to knock her out for 4-6 hours so I had plenty of time. I went to her room and tried to wake her up and she didn’t react at all.
I took off the planket and immediately took off her bra. I got so hard just by looking at her tits, I touched her tits and rubbed her nipples, she let out very slight moans and I got a little scared. I stopped for a minute and then flipped her on her stomach. I took off her panties and started touching her pussy. Then for some reason I really wanted to eat her ass. I started licking her butthole and slowly started to push my tongue in. My face was buried in her fat ass and I was dripping so much precum. Soon I had my whole tongue in her ass and I as I touched her pussy with my hand I felt she was wet. I couldn’t take it anymore. I put on a condom and pushed my dick inside her, I only needed about 10 pumps before I felt like I was gonna cum. I knew it wasn’t a smart idea but I took my cock out of her pussy and pushed it all they way in her ass. I came so hard that I almost fainted. After that I panicked a little and had a shame of what I’ve done. I tooks some more picture of her body and put her clothes back on.
I never had the courage to do it again but I still masturbate to the pictures to this day.

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  • Reply Riya ID:7btmrlfv9k

    I was 12 yrs old and was studying in a co-ed private school.
    One day, a boy from higher grade maybe 16 or 17 yr asked me to come with him in recess and he took behind our playground where no one used to come.
    There he told me to do as he says and in return I will be rewarded. Saying this, he opened his pant and took out his cock and asked me to lick it like a lollipop. I didn’t know anything about this at that time, so followed his instructions. In return he bought me candies from canteen. This became our daily routine.
    Around after a month, he took this a step further and used to strip me completely before blowjob and cum on my small tits.
    This continued for long time and then one day, when I was ready for him there, he brought something new. It was a condom. He asked me to stay quiet and fucked me. I screamed and cried but he covered my mouth. To make me quiet and convince to do this again, he told that he will buy whatever I want from canteen.
    Later on it was not painfull but he fucked me for 2 years and experimented lots of thing.

    • Riya ID:enn9j6vv1

      Well, now i am 26 yr old. Anyone interested mail me at [email protected]

  • Reply Jam ID:5rhtaxtiqj

    What are some effective sleeping pills I can use

  • Reply Sharing is caring ID:ndooler8r9

    My mother had a birthcontrol malfunction when some of her meds affected the efficacy of her birthcontrol. Do my youngest brother was almost 12 years younger that me. And he came to live with husband and i when my mother was going for medical treatments. I was almost 24 and was on hormone theralpy cause i was struggling to fall pregnant. I dometimes used sedatives to help me sleep cause the hornoned affected my sleep cycle. Young brother observed these things and when husband was abroad for few weeks he would use me during the nights while i was sedated. One evening i only took half dose cause i had to be up early and i awoke in the middle of it all but too groggy to do anything.
    Long story….but i found out i was pregnant and from the date of conception based on bloodtests it wasnt hisbands. Fortunately my son is healthy and nobody knows its my little pervy brothers.

  • Reply Emma23 ID:3vi2rjpvqrj

    I am not sure but around a year ago when I woke up my head was a bit dizzy and I ue to find cum strains on me and I know someone was fucking me. Since I live with my stepdad and mom so he was the one.

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Aber es scheint ja das es dich nicht stört ich glaube das es dir gefällt von deine Stiefvater gefickt zu werden du solltest ihn ermutigen dich bei Bewußtsein zu ficken

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    • Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

      You can come stay with me a few nights

  • Reply TT ID:3zxi7uylzrd

    Very hot

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Watch spelling. Good story. A bit more detail needed, although you did ok with the limited details you did provide. If you do write another story along these line, make sure you breed her

  • Reply Ttt ID:46kqr9kw49b

    Talking about wirk. Samsmith68

  • Reply ca ID:2qm2a6zrj

    I like this. Could you write another similar story about drugging your older sister?