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Stuffing my Cousin for Thanksgiving

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A 14 year old boy reunites with his family and finally sees his now 16 year old cousin again.

Sorry for bad writing I wrote this in a rush.

Every year my distant family use to come over for Thanksgiving, but due to the recent pandemic and my family having to move we haven’t had a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or an Easter for a while. But now we can finally have one and all my family was coming to my house, I haven’t seen any of them in person forever so this would have been a nice meet up, when the day finally came most of my family was here already except for my aunt Mary and my older cousin Shyla who was 16, I was laying in my room when my mom yelled at me to go help aunt Mary with her luggage after I was done my Aunt told me there was something else out there that she needed and to go get it, when I walked out I immediately saw her, the same Ginger haired girl I’ve known all my life only this time she was more well busty. She had E cup breast and the most plump butt I think I have ever seen on such a petite girl, That combined with her now thick thighs made me super horny, I talked to her a bit before going to her moms car, as she walked away I admired her walking away in tight black leggings. After dinner we were all stuffed and I was sitting in my room playing video games when suddenly Shyla opened the door and asked me if I wanted to walk with her down the path in the forest. Without hesitation I said “ Sure!” A few minutes into the walk we were already far away from the house when we came by the small lake that was beside my house.

We sat down and talked for a minute about our school and what we do now when Shyla yelled “ Holy shit! “ and I saw where she was looking, I hadn’t noticed but I got a boner while talking to her and my dick was practically coming out of my shorts, I was apologizing profusely until she grabbed my mouth and said she had never seen one before. She then grabbed my shorts and I was confused but still went a long with it and she pulled my cock out of my shorts I looked at her and noticed she had no bra on with her nipples piercing the white fabric of her shirt, I grabbed her tit and then started french kissing her she lifted her top and started grinding my hard shaft. I was fondling her huge breast while she was stroking my cock. Then I suggested we actually have sex, she asked “ Wouldn’t that be weird? “ and I said jokingly “ Oh yes because every cousin does this all the time with they’re cousins. “ she giggled and agreed. She pulled off her leggings and took off her panties.

I asked her if she wanted to do it with us facing each other or her turned on her belly, she said she wanted to be turned on her belly. I gently laid my cock on her ass cheeks and the slid my tip into her vagina, after a few pushes I finally got it in and we both moaned as we both lost our virginity. Every time I plunged in it’s like her vagina was a vacuum pulling me in closer and closer, she then moaned loud and came all over my dick I was enjoying the site and grabbed both of her ass cheeks while going faster and harder than before, she then asked if we can look at each other and I said yes. We started kissing while enjoying each others bodies with every push I felt my cock stretch her pussy ever so more, the feeling of pleasure was indescribable and when I looked at her bright blue eyes I felt myself getting closer, I grabbed both of her tits as I started thrusting faster than before. She moaned and pulled my closer for a kiss as I busted deep into her pussy.

When I pulled out it was like a river of cum was flowing out of her, it seemed like the flow would never stop and I asked “ Are you on birth control!? “ and she laughed and said she was. We quickly got dressed and didn’t talk about the incident for the rest of the visit but still played video games together and had a good time until they all left, but before she left we exchanged socials and talked almost every day until next holiday.

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    What should my next story be about?

    • a wise person ID:1e6qsdv64gar

      part 2

    • Piti ID:oymqa57zra

      Beziehe den Rest der Familien mit ein sie sollte eine 4 bis 6 Jahre jüngere Schwester haben und du solltest dich auch um ihre zwei anderen Löcher kümmern