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Preying on a little Schoolgirl Runner

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When the warm weather comes around, and the junior girls school has their pupils running outside for exercise, the woods become my hunting ground.

From my lay up in the woods, I observe preteen girls jogging past me. Their little white socks, pink soft legs, blue gym skirts and tight white gym shirts are so enticing. From my position low in the undergrowth I get the occasional glimpse under their skirts, seeing a variety of coloured and patterned panties.

In my day school girls wore gym knickers which were like blue or green tarpaulins, not attractive in any way. The girls these days had dispensed with those awful garments in favour of altogether more sexy attire. Of course some of them could be seen wearing shorts under those flimsy skirts. I found that behaviour very disappointing and it made me determined to see what was underneath those shorts.

Watching them bounce past me, breathing heavily, chatting and laughing, with their hair flying behind them or rocking from side to side in a pony tail got me so horny. I had to have one.

Having observed them for a number of weeks, I had my eye on one particular girl. Like the rest of them she was between 10 and 11 yo, around 4ft 6in, well filled out for her age but not fat. She had wonderful long red hair, nicely developing breasts and a fabulous bottom. I had seen her wearing shorts under that skirt, but on the last occasion she wore light green panties that were disappearing up her bum crack showing delightful pink buttocks.

The other thing that made her stand out was she had a tendency to alternate between running and walking. This caused her to become separated for minutes at a time from the main body of running girls. That would be my perfect time to grab her.

On my first attempt, last week, she stopped running and walked past me right where I predicted she would. She couldnt see me in the bushes. I was just about to grab her when around the bend came another group of stragglers. I was so close to disaster. She ran off and my opportunity was lost. I was so frustrated, my cock had been hard in anticipation of some preteen pussy and there really is nothing worse than being all ready to fuck and then to be denied.

I’m a patient man and I could wait one week for another chance.

So very next week I lay in wait. She came round the bend in the track and slowed. The group she was with sped on without her and disappeared into the trees. There was no sign or sound of any other runners so I sprang out from my concealment and grabbed her from behind. I put a hand over her mouth and an arm around her body, lifted off her feet and dragged her into the trees and bushes. There I held her tight whilst another group of runners approached and passed unaware of the fate of their classmate.

She was struggling and trying to bite my hand. I put my mouth next to her ear and growled that if she didn’t stop fighting I would stop her moving permanently. She stopped fighting but was whimpering and trembling.

I’m going to take my hand off your mouth now, and if you scream there will be consequences, nod if you understand I said.

She nodded.

I removed my hand. Now, I said, you are going to walk with me a few yards. If you do what I say then you will be back with your school mates shortly, OK? I said.

She nodded again.

I removed my arm from around her and took her hand. She turned to look at me and flinched. I was wearing a Khaki/green ski mask and a dark green jump suit. I have to admit that I did look intimidating.

We walked several hundred yards off the path, deeper into the woods where I had built a shelter, camouflaged so it couldnt be seen unless you were right on top of it.

I led her into the shelter and followed her in. Inside there was a mattress and two bright LED lights which I switched on.

She began snivelling asking me not to hurt her and why was I doing this.

I told her that I wasn’t going to hurt her, but I was going to fuck her. As to why, I said that I see girls like her all the time in their short skirts and white legs. I get all worked up and if I asked nicely if I could fuck them they would scream and go off shouting to the police. So, I am forced to take what I want.

She started sobbing, but I am a virgin, she said. I don’t want you to have sex with me.

WE can do this the easy way where you do as you are told or the hard way where I have to make you do what I want. Which is it, I said.

She didn’t answer so I lifted my hand as if to strike her. The easy way, the easy way she cried.

OK I said. Now take your top off.

It took her a few seconds to comply but slowly she lifted the white gym shirt over her head and clutched it to her chest in one hand, covering her tits.

Come on, give me the shirt, I said. Reluctantly she handed it over and covered her chest again. I could see she had a pink little bra on, but all the important bits were covered by her hands and arms as she hugged herself and sobbed.

Now move your hands I said. She hesitated, so I grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms away and down to her side. She looked away from me, struggling not to turn away or cover herself again.

That’s a good girl I said. Her tits were bigger than I thought. Her bra was all pink frills and bows. It would have gotten me hard if I had seen it on a washing line or in a store, but pulled tight over such gorgeous budding tits it drove wild.

I ran my hands over each breast savouring the softness of the fabric and the firm little boobies underneath.

Her nipples hardened under my touch so I played with them through he bra. Ooh you like that I said to her. She flushed, it’s cold, she said, they go like that when they are cold.

They are about to get a bit colder, I said, take off your bra.

Trembling and sobbing, she reached behind her and unhooked it. I held my hand out and she handed me the bra. She went to cover her breasts, but changed her mind when I raised my eyebrows in a questioning manner.

I held the bra to my nose and inhaled her smell. The fragrance was a mixture of sweet floral deodorant and a hint of little girl sweat. It smelled devine.

I dropped the bra on the mattress and focussed on her tits. They were the size of a tennis ball cut in half with dark pink areola the size of a 2p coin. Standing out from her tits, like two ripe strawberries, were fantastically long nipples.

I caressed first one then the other, taking in the softness and textures. She flinched back with each touch. I closed in and took each nipple in my mouth enjoying its length, hardness and taste. She began sobbing again.

After enjoying her gorgeous tits for a few minutes, I stepped back and told her to remove her skirt.

She sobbed, no, please dont do this.

I raised my eyebrows again and she unbuttoned her skirt, pulled down the zip and let it fall to the ground. I told her to step out of it and to hand the skirt to me. Her tits swayed as she bent over and picked up the gym skirt. She threw it to me and stood back up.

She stood there just in a pair of panties that matched her bra. They were height cut knickers which accentuated her pussy area. I told her to turn around and was delighted to see that they were embedded in her bum crack and pretty much all of her buttocks were showing. Her bum looked every bit as good as I imagined it.

She reached behind her and pulled the fabric out from between her buttocks with her thumbs, doing what I can only describe as a neat little curtesy in the process.

I got her to turn back around.

I approached her again and crouched down. Looking up at her face I took hold of her panties in both hands. She had her arms folded across her chest covering her boobs again. As I started to pull down her knickers she began saying no and shaking her head. I brought the knickers down and stopped when they had just cleared her pussy which was pretty much in my face.

She had a pronounced deep pussy slit with substantial puffy lips, covered with wispy ginger hairs. I leaned into in and kissed her right where her pussy slit began. She pulled away quickly. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close again, with my nose against her pubic area I took a big deep breath through my nose and savoured her preteen aroma.

I put my hands behind her and softly clasped her buttocks, squeezing slightly.

I made her step out of her panties and told her to lie down on her back on the mattress.

PART TWO on the way.

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    You sound like the guy that jerked off his cock in front of me and my girlfriend Debbie , when we took a short cut through the woods to are school , asking us to bend over and flash our tushies at him ! Britney

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      No that was me. I was hoping that you would both give me a blow job!

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