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I love my family… Part 2

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How I started an incest relationship with my mom, sister and daughters.

So continuing further…
I moved my head near her head. And said MOM, no response. I blew air out of my mouth over her face still no response. So, I came to know my mom was a heavy sleeper. So, I pouted and brushed my lips over hers. She didn’t move, so I got the confidence and kept my lips over her. As I had no previous experience of kissing I didn’t knew what exactly to do while kissing, that too my mom. I had an idea, what if I parted her lips with my tongue, inhale her exhaled carbon dioxide and i exhaled it in her mouth?(Yup, that’s the craziest hot plan came in my 14 yr old mind) All this was going through my head with my lips still glued on her lips. So I did it. I parted her lips with my tongue licked her teeth and started doing this erotic yoga with her. She looked so beautiful this close I thought. I only stopped when I was out of breath, but the continue the next second. Bcz I didn’t wanted to miss my mom’s juicy lips. My one hand was still busy playing with my cock. And I moved my left hand slowly towards my moms right itchy boob. And started scratching it. That’s when I heard my moms first moan. I didn’t flinch a lil bcz my horniness was at its peak. I scratched her boob, massaged her and then went over to her other boob with my lips still over hers doing the infinite breathing yoga loop. After a few minutes I came and went back to sleep.
Next morning was me feeling guilty and bad about myself. I couldn’t look at my mommy in the eyes… But then at night I was again awaken by my awkward boner, and something more exciting happened.

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  • Reply Boner

    Me and my cousin, both boys aged around 11, used to get in bed with our nan when we stayed at her house, we’d wait till she was asleep then sneak under the covers and touch her pussy, we did it loads of times,
    We opened her legs really wide one time, we both fingered her that night, we wondered why she was so wet in her sleep.
    Years later we both knew she wasn’t asleep at all, she’d just let us play with her

    Loved my nana


    Great Story Keep Going