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9 days with my Uncle Day 4

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I got my uncle up at 7, I knocked the door and he was still sleeping so I walked in. There was a tent poking from his boxers, he was hard in his sleep. Morning wood from my sucking on him earlier maybe. I said his name then went and shook him and he woke up.

He said good evening and asked if the coffee was ready and I told him yes. His back still hurt so he had me help him out of bed, I felt sorry for him being in pain. I helped him up and he hugged me, I could feel his erection poke me as he did.

I fixed the lasagna and had that ready, after he ate he got ready for work, he could barely stand up, but he did some stretching exercises and felt better. It was raining as he left for work and I had an idea.

Around 9pm, it was still raining pretty good, I stripped off my clothes and wanted to go for a walk in the back yard naked. He had some wet boots on the deck and I put them on, wasnt going to walk barefoot in the dark.

The cool rain felt nice on my naked skin, my nipples got hard and I could feel a little cool breeze on my pussy. I walked to the back of the yard near his tool shed, there was a later behide it so I propped it up and climbed to look over the fence. I turned and sat on the ladder, felt so cold when my naked butt sat on it. I looked and didnt really see anything, but I did have to pee and I just let it go, my first ever outside pee.

I watched this stream of pee shoot from between my legs and realized how lucky boys were to just be able to whip it out and pee. My nipples were getting excited from the rain hitting them and then the rain started to pick up.

It went from a steady nice rain to a downpour and I was scared to slip off the ladder so I sat there getting soaked. When it slowed I got down, put the ladder back and went inside. I dried off and went to the living room and sat in the recliner.

I thought about my uncles dick and I wanted to finger myself, so I did. It felt amazing being naked and touching my pussy, it didnt take long before I came, I shook and moaned and I got loud. It sucks having to be quiet when you cum.

I still wanted more but I wanted something different, the hot dogs in the fridge. I had played with them the day before but I didnt cum from it. I went and grabbed one, I sucked it and got it wet, it was cold as I slid it inside my pussy. I thought about my uncles dick as I slowly fucked myself with the hotdog.

It felt really good and I had never came from having anything inside me before. I pushed the hotdog deep and it made me shake and cum after a few minutes. I pulled it out of my pussy and it was shiny. I took it in my mouth and imaged it was my uncles dick, I licked and sucked on it like I wanted to suck and lick on his.

I started to gag myself with it, I licked it, I wanted him to gag me with his dick. My other hand went to my pussy, I imagined my uncle fucking my mouth while I finger and I came for the third time, but this one was the best.

I put the hotdog back in the pussy and back to my mouth a few times, I started to love the tasted of my pussy, I ended up eating the hotdog, I would take a bite then put it back in my pussy for more juice before I finished it. I took a shower and got ready for bed. I put on my lotion and I was going to sleep naked tonight, I never had before but when my naked body hit the sheets, it felt so cool and comfy.

I patted my pussy, she was happy and satisfied. I fell asleep and got woken up around 4 am. I heard something in the house. I grabbed my phone and texted my uncle. I heard a ding in the other room, it was his phone. He texted me and said he had come home early because of his back, so I felt glad no one was breaking in.

I heard a knock at my door, then my uncle walked in. I had a blaket over me but I was still naked under the blanket. He comes and sits on the bed and my blanket pulls down a bit, so I had to pull it up hard so he wouldnt see I was topless.

He was sorry he woke me up and asked if I was hungry. I was hungry so he said he would fix breakfast if I wanted to eat now. He got up and left my room, I got up and ran to the bathroom, I had left my night shirt in there. I wanted to get dress incase he came back.

We are breakfast and he went to take a shower. He walked in the kitchen in just a towel, then he asked me if I could put some ointment on his back. Of course I would, I wanted to touch his body again so bad.

more to cum loves…xoxo

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