Pillow Obsession

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9 year old discovers something new about herself

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a very touchy person. I love cuddling with anything I could ever since I was a baby. As I grew I got a body pillow to cuddle with. I loved having it around. It felt so warm and comforting. One night when I was 9 I had my legs wrapped around it like usual, holding it close as I got ready for bed. I moved slightly to get more comfortable and felt the pillow rub me. I gasped as a tingle went through my body. It felt so good. I touched the soft pillow with my hand before I gently rubbed my hips against it. The tingle came once more and I continued to rub my privates against it. It felt so good. Small noises came from me as I continued. I eventually tensed ever to slightly as I became overwhelmingly warm. I panted as I held the pillow close. I relaxed before touching it with my hands. I felt warm and relaxed and happy. I needed to do this again.. but maybe not when I’m so tired.

Over the next week or two, I rubbed against the pillow every night. It just felt so good. I started to feel the need to do it daily, and loved to do it so I didn’t mind too much. After about a month I was addicted to my pillow, so much so that wouldn’t leave my room for more than 20 minutes unless I had school. I loved touching it and I even kissed it every now and then. Every time I looked at it or thought about it, I needed it. I needed to rub against it. I would even talk to it, as if it were a person, telling the pillow how I loved it, how I needed it. It felt like it understood and I knew in my heart that it did. It was my pillow and mine alone.

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