Invisible sex Joy of a scientist

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Robert was educated by a church. He became a scientist . But he was a womanizer. Invented a medicine . Using that medicine he fucked many girls.

The father of your church Mr Williams, adopted and educated Robert. He was a very handsome and nice looking boy. When he was in his 15 he had his adolescence. Being attracted by his manliness, one nun by name Miss Daisy seduced him and made him to mate with her. Then one by one almost all the none of the church molasted him. Thus he was made as a womanizer.
Inspite of this, he studied hot and became a scientist. His only him Boss doing aunty and medicine to give life to a dead one. He invented some medicines and applied each on the animals, that he was bringing up. One such medicine, made the animal to be invisible. But it could be touched. With a great struggle he found another medicine to get back the appearance.
This invention diverted his mind. Yes using that medicine he wanted to quench his sex thirsty. The first victim was a girl by name Nancy, was living in the same street. Nancy and Regina where to close friends living in that house and going IT company.
Nancy was going for the day shift and Regina the night shift. Nancy started by 7 a.m. and returned by 7:00 p.m..
One day , when Nancy return home, and got into the house, Robert also got in with her with his invisible body. After closing the door, Nancy removed all the dresses and made herself nude.
Singing, a double meaning, sexy song, she went into the bathroom. Meanwhile Robert set in a porn video CD inside the video player. And then he also got inside the bathroom.
Having opened the shower, Nancy Boss applying the shampoo on her head. Her two hands were raised and the eyes were closed. So Robert boldly, kneaded her boobs and pinched the nipples
And kissed on her cheeks as well. Nancy was shocked by this. She wiped her eyes and looked around and saw none there. She laughed herself saying,” All these are my imagination only.” Then she started rubbing her head again.
Hearing her words, Robert took it advance and started sucking her nipples. In addition, he inserted his middle finger inside her vagina and rotated. Now Nancy did not want to get away from the imagination. So she simply closed her eyes and enjoyed the situation.
After having taken her bath she came out whiping her with a towel. Nakedly she went into the kitchen and prepared some coffee. She was still in the horny mood. She came back , sat on the sofa and switched on the DVD player. A very hot movie was playing on. A black guy , by his one foot long dark penis, was fucking a white lady. And the lady was mourning like this,” Oh my God! Fuck me. You bloody beggar. Fuck me still more speedly. M.m..m hai.. hua. ,” and all.
When Nancy was seeing that with full emotion, Robert, went near her and caressed her head and shoulders. With extreme emotion Nancy wished some guy to fuck her then itself. At that time Robert, raised her hand and kept his erected penis to hold. With enormous pleasure, Nancy stood up and inserted that rigid penis inside her wet pussy. Then both of them moved their hips and started fucking each other. Nancy didn’t open her eyes at all.
Robert was really very lucky. His endeavor got success without any hard work. He also enjoyed it utmost. Connecting his two hands behind her back, he simply lifted and took her to the bedroom.
Unexpectedly, Nancy, turned her body and pushed him on the bed. Now she was on him. Still her pussy and his penis were in the matting position only. Like a guy fucking his counterpart, she started fucking him in the missionary style.
Robert did expect that, but he liked it very much
With ultimate speed, Nancy was fucking him. Like riding on the horse, she jumped and jumped. But the horse 🐎 ( Robert ) didn’t move even a step. After some time they both had their orgasms. Nancy laid on his chest and breathed heavily.
Though Nancy was in a drowsy mood, Robert made her to stand on her fours and started the second round. Now he was holding her boobs in his hands , kneaded them, pinching the nipples.
In no way his speed was inferior to that of Nancy. So the body of Nancy was moving speedly front and back. She earned an extreme bliss from that matting.
After some three hours, Robert laid her on the bed and she started her deep sleep. After covering her with a blanket Robert returned home.
On the next day early morning Robert went to her house. He explained everything about the incidents that happened the night before. At first Nancy got angry. But she realized that she also cooperated with him, knowingly or unknowingly. So she hugged him tightly and thanked him giving many many kisses.
Thus scientist Robert got the first wicket in his invisible expedition.
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