Foos Goaled

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A freshman recalls her first time with 2 boys from her bus…

“Is that your mom?” I heard two boys talking on the bus, and looked over the seat to see one of them holding his phone.”

“No, she’s my aunt.” He sure took a while to answer.

“Well, she sure looks like your mom. Oh, she’s got a twin sister?”

“No, they just look alike, because they’re sisters.”

“Well, she’s a slut.”

“No she’s not, she just got drunk.” At a party, it looked like, and up on a table. Dancing, in this tight dress. It was real short too, not just on top where you could see her bra straps, and boobs jiggling, but it barely covered her underwear. Then, she started feeling her legs, so it slipped up, and flashed her panties.

Then the camera got closer, when a bunch of guys gathered around, and started feeling up her legs.

“Come on, honey. You’re drunk.”

“I’m horny,” she giggled, and he put down the phone.

“Let me help you down.” You couldn’t see it, just the ceiling wherever he set the phone down, but then he picked it up, and shut it off.

“Oh,” the other boy was rubbing his pants in his lap, and I couldn’t see it, but I could tell, he probably had a boner. “That’s it?”

“That’s not the best part.” The boy with his phone went back to the folder, and started up another video, but the music changed. It was quieter, thumping through the walls, and they were in a bedroom. She lay back on the bed, with her hair messed up, and started squirming. With her dress hiked up over her legs, and her underpants. They kinda skipped past the whole conversation, where she somehow talked her husband into letting her have a gangbang, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Then a bunch of guys came in, with their pants open, and their hardons out in their hands. Some of them had rubbers on, and other were getting them out, to put them on, but there sure were a lot of them.

Then, the bus stopped, so I sat down, and looked around the side of the seat, to watch them getting off. Not like that, of course. The one boy stuck his phone in his back pocket, and pulled his bookbag up, but I couldn’t see their boners. From behind, but I really wanted to see more.

So, I grabbed my bags, and got off after them, but they were already running off. In the rain, I held my bookbag up over my head, and ran after them, but they stopped on a porch, while one boy got his keys out. I caught up, and yelled.

“Hey, uh. It’s cold out here, and can I come in, to get out of the rain?” I couldn’t think of a better excuse, but I slipped on the wet steps, and they came down to help me up.

“Yeah, you better come in with us.”

“Huh, thanks.” We all dropped our bookbags in the hall, and one boy called his “Mom, we’re going to go do our homework, downstairs.” He pushed his friend, who grabbed me, and pulled me around the stairs.

“All right.” His friend ran around, and grabbed the door, but through the living room. I saw the kitchen down the hall, but around behind the stairs, there was another hall, and we snuck around to the door down to the basement.

“Sh!” I followed the one boy, I never got their names. I never asked either of them, but it was his house. He shushed me, and then his friend, with the phone. He shut the door, and followed us down to the game room.

I guessed, that’s what they called it, because they had foosball, and stuff. “Can I get you a drink?” He went right to the bar, and pulled open the little refrigerator. “I’ve got beer, and stuff.”

“No, that’s okay,” I turned back to his friend, “You want to watch the rest of the video, after the party?”

“Yeah, you saw that on the bus, huh?” He could hardly believe it, he got so lucky, but I was so horny, and excited. His mom, I was sure it was his mom, but he just didn’t want his friend to know how lose she got when she was that drunk.

“Huh, I don’t need to get drunk, and I don’t want to.” I pulled my top out. “I want to remember this.”

“She’s a slut!” His friend handed him a beer, and clinked the bottles together.

“Huh, yeah. I never got to do it with 2 boys. Two cute boys like you, at the same time. Uh!”

The one stuck his hand up my shirt, and went right for my bra. His hand was cold, and a little wet from the beer bottles he got from the fridge, but he set that down after 1 sip. That just made my nipple stick out, where he could feel it, and rub it through my bra. “Yeah, get out your phone, I want to watch it. The rest of it.”

His friend let me go, and said “Here, you can plug it in the computer, so we can all watch it.”

“Huh!” My clothes were hot, and not too damp from the rain, but while they fused around with cables, and stuff. I got it unbuttoned enough to pull it off, and undid my pants to feel in my underwear. I was really warm, and sweaty in there, but I kept my bra on, and just pulled down my pants.

Looking around, I found a chair, and kicked off my shoes to take off my pants. They both kept looking over, to watch me stripping, but that ment it took a while to bring up the video, on the computer screen.

“That should do it.” He unplugged the laptop, and brought it over, but I got up. “Set it up on the foosball table.”

“Why don’t you take your bra off?”

“Well, why don’t you get your dicks out?”

They looked at each other, and shook their heads.

“Uh, come on, guys, you’re going to see each other naked anyway, so. Stop teasing me, and just get over it. It’ll be just like that.” I pointed at the TV screen. “None of those guys are ashamed of their dicks, so get them out for me.”

“All right,” they turned around, though, and didn’t back up, but one bumped the other in the legs when he bent over.


“Uh!” I just shook my head. Boys, what the fuck is wrong with them, anyway? I don’t want to say anything, out loud, but come on. If it isn’t gay to watch a man, or really a bunch of men.

“Oh, honey, I love you so much.” She smiled, and reached up for, her husband, I guess. “Uh hun!” Her eyes shut, and she moaned, with such a smile of pleasure on her face, and her legs up on a guy’s shirt. A bunch of hands on her dress, and stuffed down the neck to feel her breasts, while she’s getting pumped, and then one of them turned her face, to stuff her mouth full of rubbery dick. “Oom mooh phup!” She spit it out, and turned her other way, to pull another one over by the balls, it looked like. From that angle, all I could see was his rubbery dick pop up, and his balls in her hand, but then she pulled it down, to suck it too.

“There.” They had their pants down, side by side. “You happy?”

“Huh!” Well, okay. I was a little disappointed, but at least there was 2 of them. “Yeah,” I got down on the floor, and pulled down the back of my bra to reward them. “Huh, you don’t have any rubbers, right?”

“Sorry, but we don’t have any aids or nothing.”

“Yeah, me neither. I, uh. Well.” He scratched the back of his head. “I never actually did anything, with anyone I could catch that from.”

“Me neither, but.” The other boy held his hand up, to get a high 5, in his basement. “We’re not going to be virgins much longer.”

“Huh, well. I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll pull out.” He jumped, when I grabbed his dick, and let go of it.

“Huh, well you’re already leaking.” I squeezed the head, and realized that it squished. Not like the rest of it, which was hard, but I thought, maybe it would be hard all over. The drop squeezed out, and rolled down to my thumb. “Huh, so I can’t risk it, but you can finger me?”

“Well, I’m not leaking yet.”

I stuck my thumb in my mouth, and licked the side of my knuckle to taste it, but I guess it was good, and bad that he was already making sperms. Good, because I got to taste it, and also, he had a little hair on it. And also, it’s a little bigger than, you know. A little boy’s, I guess. I don’t know, maybe, I’d never seen a little boy’s boner before either, but now I’m aching for it inside me, and I know I can’t have it, not without getting pregnant, and I really shouldn’t be getting pregnant before I even turn 15, but my body doesn’t care. It wants a baby inside it now.

“No, I better not risk it, when it could start cumming out any minute, huh!” I sutk my hand up between my legs, and looked over at his friend’s mom, on the bed. With a whole lot of me, now they were up on it with her, an most of them had their shirts off, but I took one last look before In felt his balls on my wrist, and my fingers on his butt. Pulling him in, and fondling them, while he pushed it down on my face, and rubbed the rubbery tip down my nose.

It didn’t even have a rubber on it, the soft tip was rubbery, and dry. Until I kissed it, and let it slip in my mouth. Licking it around, and around to taste it. He tasted salty, and his little patch of pubic hairs smelled manly to me. I don’t know, he was probably a freshman like me, and not a full grown man, but I never smelled one’s sweaty pubes, until I got his whole dick in my mouth, and stuck my tongue out to lick his balls. Shaking my head to rub my nose back and forth, brushing the hairs, and sniffing to fill my head full of that scent.

“Dude, it’s my turn.”

“Hah, yeah.”

“Well, it’s my basement.”

“And it’s my mom’s gangbang video that made her so horny.”

“Dude, I knew it. You’re mom’s a total whore.”

“Boys, what the fuck! Can you stop fighting over me for one second?”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Yeah sorry.”

“Well take your shirts off, at least, and let me see your bodies. Uh!” They turned around again, and I rolled my eyes. “Huh, what are you afraid of anyway, seeing each other’s didcks, or the other boy looking at your dick?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m not afraid.”

“Well, get over it, because honestly, it’s a turnoff.”

“Well, why don’t you take your underwear off? And you, be careful with your butt this time.”

“I said I was sorry!”

“Huh, guys.” I got my panties down, and stood up. “Pussy here?” I shook my head, and they both looked away from each other. The boy with the drunk mom, he just swallowed, and nodded, with a drippy dick, while his friend just stared with his mouth wide open. And his dick still wet, and shiny from being in my mouth. “Huh, why don’t you come feel how hot, and wet I am,” I took his hand, and put it between my legs, “While I. Why don’t you get up on the table, so I can suck your dick.” That’s all I could think of, standing up like that, when my knees were already rough from being on the floor, and I didn’t want to get on that table. So the soccer players flipped up, and kicked me in the back, but he just closed the laptop, and lay down with his head on it like a pillow. The handles rolled, and stopped, but his boner stayed hard, so I pulled the hand out of my crotch, and around my hip, to bend over and start my second blow job.

Only the second dick, I’d ever actually seen, hard for me. Yeah, I’d seen them in pictures, and stuff. My mom got dick pics, and she hid them from dad, not to mention us kids, but I’d gotten into her phone, and seen the chats where she talked to men on line, and sent pictures back and forth.

Well, if she could see me now!

“She’s really wet.”

“Oom hm!” I just closed my eyes, and felt his fingers. Slipping in the juice, and starting to wiggle inside me. “Mhn uh!” I let it slip out. “No, just one. One at a time, uh!” I put my head down, and felt the wet boner on my cheek. “Huh, yeah. In and out, but slow down. Huh, you can speed up, when I tell you to. Huh!”

Then, he poured his beer on my back, and I shivered. “She’s even wetter now, see? And tight too. She tightened up just now.”

Well, it was cold! “Huh,” I knew what would warm me up, I had another dick right here, and a finger fucking in and out of me, so I turned, and slipped it back in my mouth.

“Yeah, suck it. Suck that big hard cock good. Suck me off.” Boy, he was really bad at that dirty talk, but what did you expect? I don’t know if I even wanted to go with him, if he was going to be so immature, and his friend. Pouring the beer on me. That was almost a deal breaker right there, but too late now. I wasn’t going to leave until I got off, and I wanted to taste cum too.

Two boy’s cum, at least. If they wanted to invite their friends over right now, I probably would have been horny enough to do them all, too. In fact, I started fantasizing about them, too. All the boys on the bus, at least, and the rubbery seats. It wasn’t like a bed, but at least it wasn’t a foosball table, or a cold floor with a rough carpet to rub my knees raw.

“Dude, check it out.”

“Uh?” I blinked, and looked back, but the boy on the table looked away. His friend laughed, and pulled the bottle out, to hump it. His dick slipping around in the clear glass.

Well, I guess he wasn’t worried about his friend, looking at his dick any more. He pulled his fingers out though, and held onto the end of the table. On 1 end, so the knobs didn’t get in the way, the bottle clinked, and he started shaking.

“Uh, huh!”

“Oh, my. God!” He started spurting, right in the bottle. “What the actual fuck!”

“Yeah, that’s pretty sick, even for you.”

“Huh!’ He panted, “Huh, ha!” Then he laughed, and it went soft. Flopped down when he pulled it out, and held it up.

“Gimme that, huh!” It was warm, and I poured it on my face. “Hhuh!” Licked my lips, and smelled the beer in the bottom. I tasted that too, and I never really liked beer. At all, it’s gross, and I never got how men could even like it. It bothered me most that it messed up my first taste of jizz, but it ran down my chin, and neck. Like soap sudz, and then I rubbed it all over my hot tits, so my fingers got all slippery, and my nipples slipped out when i tried to pinch them.

“My turn.” The soccer players swung down, and the was a clunk behind me, but he got off. The foosebal table, and grabbed me. In both hands, he bent his knees, and leaned back. So his balls slipped down my butt, and then his dick humped my butt cheeks.

“Uh, huh!” I heard a rattle, and then his friend came around the other end. He suck his hand up my crotch, and said “Play ball.” Then, he rolled to foosball down my crack, and shoved it in. With his fingers, he rolled it around in there too, and I just put my head back. On his brother’s shoulders, and grunted with pleasure. “Uh huh ah AH! Whew!” Finally, it broke over me. First, it tingled on my forhead, like I just broke a sweat running. When of course, I was already sweaty, and out of breath, covered in my sweat, boy sweat, bear and jizz, then it went back through my hair. Like pins and needles poking me in the scalp, and then, he really started slapping me.

With his hand, so his fingers bashed the ball all the way up, and I started getting spasms. Contractions, and I was afraid that it would loosen up for the ball to slip in, and get lost in my womb, but I was so full of extacy, I probably wouldn’t have even cared. I laughed, at the thought of leaving with their ball rolling around inside me, and his dad asking what happened to it.

“Ah, shit!” Then his friend shot his wad on my back, and it ran down the dried beer, so he stuck to me, and his body got real slippery too. “Huh!” He let me go, and I just turned around. “Huh!” Bent over, and put my head down. Sure enough, the plastic soccer players flipped up to kick me in the chest, and tummy, but I didn’t care. “Huh!” I reached back, and felt the sticky mess. Held it up to suck it off my fingers, and then.

“Dude, you better get dressed, too.”

“Huh, yeah.” It was over. “I guess so.” I stood up, and covered my crotch. Then, I had to squat down, to let the ball pop out. “Huh, here.” I held it up, and he sniffed it. Then he gave it to his friend to sniff it too, while I found my underwear.

“You want to come back later?”

“Yeah, sure.” I just wanted to go home, and pass out, in the bathtub. I decided, but firt I should probably rinse off in the shower, so their little swimmers didn’t find their way in, and fertilize an egg. As much as my body wanted them to, I knew that I’d have some explaining to do when my dad found out. I got pregnant, at 14, and I didn’t even know which one was the father, because my first time was practically getting gangbanged in some stranger’s basement.

Well, it sure felt like a gangbang to me, but then, I felt ashamed of myself. Even on the long walk home, in the rain. I got soaked through, and only my books really stayed dry in my backpack, but I felt like I deserved it. My first walk of shame, and I wanted to just die. Freeze to death, and as much as I hated them for being so immature. Sticking all kinds of stuff in me, instead of their dicks, I was even more ashamed of myself for letting them do it. I even felt lucky that they didn’t rape me with the beer bottles, because I heard about this one girl, that bled todeath, because the suction ripped her open, masturbating with a wine bottle.

I didn’t even bleed, but only because I took care of that myself, with my fingernails, and then cut them all off so I could masturbate without scratching myself up again. I was shy, and quiet really. I didn’t have many friends, and I don’t guess that I was, actually as ugly as I thought, but my self esteem was already pretty fucked up even before I had good reason to feel like a loose slut, and a whore.

Then, the word got out, of course, they bragged about it, and told all the boys what a slut I was, that afternoon. Most of the boys didn’t believe them, but some of them wanted to. By the time they started coming up to talk to me, I was already ashamed, and scared.

It took several years for me to get over it, so I never got a chance to date, let alone have sex again, until I got to college. I could never look at a foosball table the same way again, though.

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