Guide to fuck your sister by “Accident”

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I know a lot of you people like to fuck their own sister so this is how you do it by accident. Or at least thats how i did it.

First you need the right Relationship. It must BE kinda annoying but fun with each other. You also need to playfully fight each other. I Sometimes beat her up when she annoys me but never hurting her. You can build this realtionship on purpose.

Then you need the right closes. She needs to wear a skirt and a tanga. The Tanga is important because you will have an easy way to Slip it to the Side with your dick. I think this will Happening a lot in summer that your sister will wear this and you need to wear a sweatpant with pee hole. you can buy That.

Next the set Up. You need to Stick close to her until she pisses you off and Then go and chase her. You need her pussy in reach of your dick so best thing would be If she sits on a higher position. You may need some trys to get hiervon sitting in Something the perfect high. I chased her into her room where she sat in her office desk. Defending Herself by kicking. This is exactly what you want.

Now the Tricky part. Once she trys to keep her distance with her legs fight her and try to split her legs and get close. BE sure that her skirt falls Back. You should be getting hard By now. If you have trouble getting hard abort the Mission. You only have Seconds. Try to Hit her Head so she covers her eyes. While doing so place your knee on her pussy and start to rub her. You really need to do this so she gets moistered.

After doing this for some Seconds 20 seconds of grinding should create enough lube. Now rub in circles or to the Side so the tanga rolls her pussy free.
Remember she can still escape. Keep it funny she should laugh while you hit and rub her.

Now the hard Part. While fighting get your dick out of the pee hole. In the best case your dick falls out By himself. Now reach with him for her pussy.
Now start to shake her by grabbing her arms playfully pretending to get a hit on hear head. Here is the last Chance for abortion. If you continue you have to finish Ro Not make it awkward.

While shaking her a little wildley move your hard Penis foreward. BE sure that mostly her upper body moves. You should be in the perfect Position now. Dont probe her or try any slow movements. If you dont hit the First time try AGAIN. Fast! BUMP IN! She will definitiv moan. Now rape and fuck her lower part while shaking and beating her upper part. If she tries to talk stop her from doing By hitting her. She shall not Interrupt this with talking you down.
If you have done it right she will fight you as part of the game but Not the sex. She should still be laughing and moaning. If she is not or stops it doesnt matter YOU HAVE TO BE FAST. Dont fuck her to long. This is a cum Mission so the best case is you cum immediatly after Penetration. She shouldnt realize what just Happend until its done. You rubbing her before will make her breeding instincts kick in with the Penetration. She will let it happen but only because it will feel damn good to her and only just a few seconds until her brain starts to Kick in and makes her realize that she has an orgasm comming Up. You dont need her to have one. Her arrousment is good enough for you to get in and ejaculate.
So take the least amount of thrusts and shoot your load.
Dont pump your load for to Long this is still a stealth mission. Shoot your load and Then try to wiggle out. Dont be to fast – Not to slow and Not to fast because you may hit her hard while entering you want to leave without much of a feeling. She must kept confused at this Moment If Something really entered her pussy or not. So keep her upper bodys shaking.
Now leave her vagina. Your dick should still be pumping while retracting into your pants. I know it would be so nice to fill her up but thats not possible here.

After this keep fighting for another one or two Minutes. Put your knee immeditly Back on and rub some more while beating her so after you left her pussy you keep her aroused and confused.

Then finish By leaving her. If done everything right she will breath deeply laughing moaning. Smileing at you. It will take Minutes for her To realize That there is cum running out of her pussy.

Make sure you leave her completly alone dont Interrupt her in her realization process or otherwise she May confront you. Because she will start to Question herself after she Had an angry Mad Moment after cleaning. Then she will process the usal rape victim behavior thinking its her fault and that you didnt so it in purpose. Act normal to her like nothing Happend and dont let her confront you at least for 3 days. But Always BE playful and nice to her like the Brother you are.

Eventually she will stop confronting you accepting that you mayw or may Not fucked her and she will talk herself into believe that she actually wanted it.
She started it By annoying you.

The Moment she starts to act normal to you again everything is fine. Never talk to her about it.

If you follow this guide after 8 days you should be able to repeat. The Second time her breeding instinct should moister her automaticly because she will remember this Situation and will try harder to escape. If you Go for the second time like me NEVER let her escape or its over. She will Not allow to Happen it easy again her Body should betrayl her and she should get moistered on her own. If she dont abort or it will get bloody. You dont want this.

Gwet close and ram your dick in AS fast AS the last time. Again being fast is key. Its not about her orgasm but breeding. You need the 10 Seconds of breeding instinct Inside her to Pump your load. She will realize the whole process but if you are to fast she cant Stop it. So the same process like last time and leave.
If she still acts wired after 8 days well you fucked up your sisters relationship. You should never repeat this. Because You will have an silent Agreement of Not telling anyone. Not even to each other. Take it.
If she starts acting normal….repeat….repeat until you are sure you can Pump her pussy full with cum with her full consent.

I hope this will help you to Finish your dream of fucking your sister.

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  • Reply Boner

    Best way is to start treating her as an adult, then tease her for being a kid, say she’s a baldy fanny kid.

    I was 13 when I discovered this trick, I tried it out on my 11 year old sister , within 1 min she’d shown me her brown Bush, well surprised how much she had

  • Reply Just this once

    Spelling and proof read. Otherwise this is amusing story with no real value

    • DD

      Yeah i now my spelling votes me down. Im working on it promise

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Funny. If someone were to read a guide, and follow it. Just assuming that they succeeded. That could be called an “Accident.” Oops!

    • Bodygirl

      Dont be mad dude your stories arent the best either

    • Psiberzerker

      I’m not mad. I just thought it was funny. If it wasn’t intentionally a joke, I’m sorry I laughed. That’s why I started with the word “Funny.”

      I certainly don’t strive to have the “Best” stories. It’s not a competition, because some people cum here for Bestiality, and others come for Incest. If they came here for doggy cock, they’re not even going to read How2RapeMySister, because it’s not the “Best” that they want to read.

      Different strokes… Peace.

  • Reply lovlybrother

    This is the best idea I have ever heard of

    • Psiberzerker

      Which part? Somehow getting her to wear exactly what makes it possible in the first place, beating her up without hurting her, so she gets used to that part, or the secret technique so you don’t have to bring lube?

      This isn’t an idea. It’s a complete fantasy. A rape fantasy. Surprise sex is called rape.

    • DD

      Well If you got a real sister you should know that these kind of playfull fighting does happen and her wearing a skirt too. Thats Not a Fantasy. The tricky part is to get her to a corner with a highboard or desk.

    • DD

      And yes it is rape. Big suprise LOL every sort of non consent sexual behavior is abuse or rape. I even wrote it.

    • Psiberzerker

      I have a real sister, and I am a real sister. So, I have a pretty good idea what we like.

    • AP

      I don’t think anyone with the slightest sense would see the ‘guide’ as real instructions. It’s clearly a farcical fiction with new approach at telling a story.
      I think in a less socially sensitive time there would have been little to no misunderstanding.

    • DD

      Now you cleard all Things out 🙁