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Sister escape

This is a true story of ne fucking my sister. It happened al so fast but i will try to explain to my best. I was 15 and my sister was 17. She is as hot blonde girl with a thigh gap... #

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Sisters surprise

… I couldn’t hold myself anymore it was two hours since I stucked to my sister now and every breath was making to much moves…but let me tell you how all of this began... # #

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Back to Animal and Body

After two weeks of my beach holiday nightmare I lost completely the control over my sexuality. It had been just two weeks back home. My sister had left already the first day –... #

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Would a Dog care?

It has been another years since my dog rape experience and the babysitting incident, which both made my sexuality and brain twisting. # #

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Babysitter plays dog

So people have maybe already read my story about how I got raped by dog and how this scarved me psychological. This is what happend afterwards. # # #

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Unwanted Dog Sex

This is a true story and I will try to explain everything in the most detail as possible. So it all started when I was 16. I’m male and straight. I have never been in animal sex... # # #

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