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California The Way I Want It – Part 2

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Part 2 of my trip to California with my best friend. Please read Part 1 before this. Only my second story, any feedback is appreciated.

The silence was almost deafening as I stared into Rachel’s eyes searching for what to say. The sex was great. It felt great, it felt almost great. I loved her before this moment, but not romantically, afterall, she was my best friend, of course I loved her. But that love fueled a flood of guilt. It was a mutual experience, we both wanted what just happened, but I couldn’t help the feeling. Looking into her eyes I could tell she felt at least the same, maybe even worse. What about her boyfriend that she was head over heels for.

After what felt like and eternity, Rachel slid out of bed and pulled her shorts on before looking back at me.

“Um…I’m going to take a quick shower and then we can go see the bridge like we planned?” Rachel said.

I nodded in agreement before sliding out of bed. I went over to my bag and fished out a comfortable pair of sweats to pull on.

It was early in the morning. 6 or 7 am, before sunrise. The plan was always to wake up early and catch the sunrise at the Golden Gate, Rachel and I had always had an appreciation for good views. I also had recently taken up amateur photography and this trip was supposed to be full of opportunities for her to teach me some photography know-how. I grabbed my camera gear and made sure everything was set before wandering out of the room to freshen up myself as well. Mainly just to brush my teeth, had to wash the taste of guilt and morning breath out of my mouth.
I found the bathroom and waited patiently outside of the door while Rachel showered. Rachel came out 10 minutes later, freshly showered. She glanced at me for a quick moment before heading to our room. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth before heading to our room and grabbing my camera bag and sweater.

“ready?” I asked Rachel. She responded with a nod and grabbed her gear as well before we headed down to the car.

The awkwardness was palpable. At least mine was. I couldn’t figure out if this tension I was feeling was all in my head or if it was actually there. I began to hyper focus on every detail about our interactions as we drove.

I started driving our rental car toward our destination. As we crossed the golden gate bridge and exited the city I glanced over at Rachel. She was definitely lost in thought. Not looking out the window, not going through her phone, none of her hyperactive thinking with random conversation or whacky ideas. Just silence as she watched the road ahead.

“So…are we going to talk about what happened this morning?” I asked.

Rachel stared at the road for a small while.

“Are you mad at me? I’m really sorry if I forced myself on you. It seemed like it was mutual thi-“

“It was mutual! I wanted it to happen!” Rachel bursted out. She looked over at me. She wasn’t crying, but still very emotional.

We crossed the bridge and I pulled into the scenic view pull off immediately after the bridge and parked.

“Look I didn’t plan for it to happen…it just did ok? Ryan and I have been taking it slow in the bedroom and it..it just built up I guess” She explained. She continued to explain her side of the story. She and her new boyfriend hadn’t done much of anything together sexually, which isn’t something she was used to. She had always been a sexual person, freely discussing the topic with not just me, but just about anyone who would listen. So with all the build up, and having slept with a hard cock against her all night, the both of us subconsciously messing with each other as we slept, lead to our regretful early morning escapade. As far as my side of the story goes, I simply hadn’t slept with anyone for months at that point. I had ended things with my ex 6 months earlier and poured my energy into my work rather than dating or meeting anyone.

To my relief we confirmed it was a consensual encounter, we both enjoyed what happened, and we’d keep the encounter to ourselves.

“So what about the rest of the trip? Should I just start sleeping on the floor or…?” I asked.

“No you don’t have to do that…its your vacation too…Look if it happens again it happens. I’ll handle the Ryan thing later” She replied.

“You’re crazy about him though, I don’t want to ruin that just because we’re horny” I pressed on.
“I am. But we’ve only been together a few months, I see us together for the long haul…but who doesn’t think all that at the beginning of a relationship? I like him a lot, but right now the only guilt I feel is that you and I crossed that line” Rachel said firmly “But I’ll cross it again if the both of us want to”

I nodded in agreement “I feel the same way…I just don’t want to lose you…You know I’ve always loved you right? We’ve been best friends for a long time, friends for longer than that”

Rachel smiled and nodded “Yeah I know, I love you too. Shall we?” She leaned in and kissed me before stepping out of the car with her gear. I nodded and followed her out.

After that conversation, Rachel seemed to be herself again. She was as hyperactive as she usually is when we went on adventures together. We took in the scenery, took as many photos as possible, and just enjoyed being together as we usually did, although admittedly, I was a lot handsier and she had no complaints. I took whatever chances I could to grab a handful of her ass, and even spank it to watch it shake.

After we had our fill of pictures, views and goofing around we got back into the car and drove back to the BnB to grab our bags and head for our Mansion get away. We got changed, packed up the car, and took off west for Yosemite.

Nothing eventful happened between us during the ride. It was more of our usual interactions; random conversations, whacky ideas and calling out cool or pretty things. The only difference was this time I had my hand on her thigh the whole time, with her hand resting over mine as I drove. The only thing that kept me from messing around with Rachel as I drove was the fact the road was narrow, very windy with lots of curves, and somewhat busy with other vehicles. Admittedly, I was tempted to mess with her. A piece of me felt bad, but in that moment I still had lots of pent up sexual urges that were taking over my mind.

Rachel’s travel outfit of choice was a dress, nothing too small but nothing too conservative either. She looked pretty as she always did but the temptation to slide my hand up under the skirt of her dress felt especially strong. I slid my hand up gradually as we drove, but as far as I could tell, Rachel had no interest in fooling around. Maybe she was internalizing it like I was, maybe she really didn’t want anything to happen at that moment.

When we arrived at this mansion in the early evening, we should have arrived much sooner, but Rachel had some detours she arranged very last second as we were on the Road. We pulled up to a giant gate where we had to buzz in and inform the staff who we were. After we were verified, the gates opened and I drove down the driveway. As the mansion presented itself through the greenery, the mansion staff stepped out in a single file out of the door and down the stairs to greet us. From memory I think it was roughly 4 maids, 3 butlers all to greet us. I glanced over at Rachel.

“All this for some photos…I don’t think we’re ever gonna get this lucky again” I stated bluntly to Rachel.

Before I could put the car in park we were surrounded by the staff who were waiting to open doors, grab bags, present us with refreshments, and escort us inside. The maid who escorted us in as we sipped on some citrus spritzer took us on a tour of the mansion as the rest of the staff hauled in our stuff and made sure our room was ready to go. We took in the amazing mansion, given the history and how it was repurposed as a destination get away usually for anniversaries, newly weds, and the occasional celebrity. We were told everything available to us as “press” guests before we were shown our room.

The only way to describe this mansion was that it was grand. It was old timey but in a clean and tasteful way. Its almost as if it was a snapshot straight out of a movie based in 18th century France. We took our videos for our social media to show off our free digs on this awesome adventure before looking at each other in disbelief.

“We’ve peaked” I stated with a laugh.

“For sure” Rachel responded with a laugh.

“I’m going to take another shower before dinner, want to join me?” Rachel asked me with an innocent smile. So she was just a little hornier than she let on.

I nodded with a smile as I made sure our room door was locked before undressing as I made my way to the bathroom behind Rachel. I watched Rachel from behind as she pulled off her dress. She was wearing a sexier than normal matching set of underwear but not necessarily lingerie. It was a black set of that Calvin Klein underwear that almost every girl has. Unknown to her, that particular set or style just inexplicably drives me crazy. I have yet to see a girl in that set and not absolutely turn me on.

I watched as she pulled the top off and stopped in front of the shower before she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down as she bent over. She was giving me a show. I smirked and watched as I laid eyes on her naked body from behind for the first time. I couldn’t wait to see the front. From what I could tell from the morning activities, she was probably clean shaven, or at least really well groomed, and god I couldn’t wait to see her tits. I’ve seen her in bathing suits before, but they never quite did her justice, and even if they did, I wasn’t paying attention back then.

“Oh that bathtub is huge…we should soak in it later” Rachel said as she stood upright and turned her head to me with a smirk.

“Oh for sure” I smile in response as I drop my boxers. I was already hard for Rachel and she immediately took notice as she laid eyes on my cock for the first time. As I mentioned before, it wasn’t anything special but Rachel seemed to think otherwise as she stared. She looked up at me and smiled softly before stepping into the shower. I trailed in behind her as she started the water and turned to face me. I stared and took in the view as I laid eyes on her naked body for the first time. God it was just as I hoped. Her tits which always seemed so perky in her tops, were naturally perky and fit her body perfectly. Her pussy was clean shaven as I suspected.

I eventually snapped out of my perverse trance and started washing off as Rachel did. We faced each other as we rinsed off, I kept my gaze downward, some of my horniness changed into a tinge of shyness. I was freely handsy with her just moments ago and now I can’t even bring myself to hold her hips and kiss her. I thought on it for a few moments longer before I finally looked up at her and grabbed her by the hips. She smiled as our eyes met. I leaned in and kissed her as I pulled her against me, my cock pressed against her belly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back. I kissed her more passionately as I pushed her against the shower wall before sliding my hands down to her ass and lifting her up.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, allowing my hips to pin her against the wall. We continued kissing deeply as I began grinding my cock against her pussy. We began moaning into each other’s mouths as we grinded a little faster. Rachel broke our kiss and kissed my neck as I lifted her up just a little higher and slid my cock into her pussy.

I moaned out loudly, “Fuuuuck!”. Her warm tightness felt so much better now that I was fully awake.

I pushed as far as I could as Rachel moaned into my neck. I started thrusting into her slowly, pulling out to my last inch on each stroke and sliding back into her, slamming in the last inch. I gradually picked up my pace as Rachel held me tighter, helplessly moaning into my neck. I reached up and played with one of her tits as I continued pounding into her, teasing and pinching her nipple.

“God…you feel so good Rachel..” I grunted out. Rachel pulled her head away from my neck and kissed me deeply. “Fuck me harder…fuck me like I’m yours” she moaned out.

Without hesitation I thrusted as hard as I could, our hips slamming together rapidly. Rachel threw her head back and moaned loudly as my strokes caused her to bounce on my cock.

Her loudly moans and her continuously tight pussy drove me toward the edge rapidly. The taboo of fucking my not-single best friend drove me there faster.

Without warning I slammed my cock deep inside her and released my hot cum into her womb with a loud moan and grunt. I slowed my pace gradually as shot after shot released into her pussy.
After I slowed to a stop we both breathed heavily as the water ran over us. I kissed Rachel again as she unwrapped her legs from my waist. I wrapped my arms around her and continued kissing her as I felt her falling from her legs giving way. We held our kiss for a moment before breaking it.
Rachel looked up at me and smiled “You owe me an orgasm”

I laughed and nodded in agreement “You got it”.

I finished rinsing off and left Rachel to getting as much of my cum out of her as she could.
After we showered I got changed for dinner at the Mansion’s restaurant where we’d enjoy a free 8 course meal. I wore a simple pair of blue slacks and a white collared shirt with a blue tie and brown shoes. Rachel wore a burgundy dress, nothing too fancy. It was simple with a floral design through the sleeves.

We both adjusted ourselves in the mirror. We looked good. And as I thought that Rachel looked up at me and stated “We look like a married couple”. I looked back down at her and looked into her eyes. “I guess we do…honey” I laughed and then pecked her lips. She laughed as well before craning her head up and kissing me deeply. I wrapped my arms around her hips and kissed back as I pulled her into a turn to face me. We held our embrace for a moment before letting each other go.
“Lets go before we miss our reservation” I stated before squeezing her ass, I smirked as I didn’t feel the outline of panties through her dress.

“Were you able to wash it all out?” I asked referring to the load I unleashed inside her moments earlier.

“Most of it I’m pretty sure” She smirked.

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