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Be careful what you wish for

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Hello to my readers, as some of you know I am a erotic Black male dancer and I’ve lived out and enjoyed every one of my sexual fantasies. I’ve recently become engaged to an Indian Brazilian beauty, but I won’t tell her real name, lets just call her Demi since her favorite actress is Demi Moore. Demi loves me, and I love her, but she knows that most of my sexual fantasies and lust belongs to a friend of mines’ wife Kathy.
My fiancee, just like other lovers in my life, love to hear about the women I’ve fucked and how I’ve fucked them, and as for my fiancee that is no exception. Demi only wants me to fuck her as my friends wife Kathy, so I do. She is always Kathy when I fuck her, and the animal magnetism is intense, I say Kathy’s name throughout our love making and when I cum, it’s always to Kathy. My friend and I would always talk about our sexual fantasies we had about his wife and how amazing it would be if I could have her all to myself, whenever she and I wanted to, and how he would give us permission to date and pursue a relationship apart from him, so that we could have a full Polyamorous relationship without he or I being jealous, but to share her equally with each other. Demi understands all of this and has agreed to my desire to both have her as my wife and Kathy as my lust. This has led to amazing benefits for me sexually, because it’s allowed Demi to open up and admit that she has lustful sexual desires of her own, a lot of them, like lesbianism, horses and dogs fucking women, Shemale porn, lesbian Squirting, lesbian fisting, Cheating porn, basically she’s into anything and everything. My opening up to her about my feelings for Kathy, allowed her to feel comfortable enough to open up to me about her private thoughts, so my treat to Demi was to have her fuck three of my best friends, which she does gladly. However, she did have doubts at first, and then she felt guilty and cried about having strong sexual feelings for one of my best buddies, Brandon, but after a long talk, she came around and started to understand how some men feel about those things. She now fucks Brandon regularly, and they date often, especially when he’s in town, but since we moved to California, she hasn’t seen him as often because he still lives in Philly and dances mostly on the east coast.
Demi truly enjoys me thinking of Kathy while fucking her, and I fully understand why. During our last week in Philly, she let me and my friends fuck her in an orgy, until we all finished and the guys left, but I also had to leave to do an 11pm show, so I prepared to leave and she asked when I would be back, I told her eight in the morning, but while I was going downstairs in the elevator, to our parking garage, I got a call, cancelling my appointment, and as I closed my car door to head back to the elevator, I saw my best friend Brandon heading upstairs, so I followed him as he was greeted with a long french kiss from my, soon-to-be-wife, I was so fucking turned on as I watched them grope each other as they headed back to my apartment. I listened to them at our outside foyer and saw him fucking Demi on our balcony, it was beautiful to know and see her cheating on me, just like I asked, or just like I allowed her to do. They fucked all night, even in our bed, they fell asleep in each others arms, spooning each other, just like she and I always do. I slept in our spare room, and heard them fucking off and on for 7 hours, and they talked and spoke about everything sexual and how she wanted to continue fucking him even after she married me, and admitted to Brandon that she loved the both of us, but she loves cheating on me and she’s happy that I gave her permission to cheat on me with any of my three friends. They spoke, fell asleep, spoke some more, fucked and fell asleep again. Before Brandon left, they spoke about him always cumming inside her, so she can get pregnant with his child, and to have me cum only in her ass or to swallow my cum
I’ve begun to practice doing something Kathy and her husband do for me, and have Demi think of fucking Brandon while fucking me, and she loves it. Usually we do Kathy fantasies first and for her to orgasm, I become Brandon while she looks and kisses his photo, as I act like him, while she admits her lust and love for him.
I told her that I wanted her to stop seeing him last month, and she promised me that she would stop, but she didn’t and lied about it, while still seeing him on the side, so when I found out, I blew a gasket and temporarily canceled our wedding engagement. I never told her about all that I heard, and I also never told her about the deception of having his baby, but then again that wasn’t her idea, it was his, plus I did encourage her cheating, but I thought I could handle it, and I couldn’t…so the cautionary tale is “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”
Just you readers know, our engagement is back on track and she’s stopped seeing Brandon, but he and I are still friends, I didn’t want to lose my best friend over it, so we’re all trying to make it work.

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