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One Stupid Wife (part 2)

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It was the alcohol that made me stupid one night when I was away at my first business conference.

I sat on the bed listening to the shower running , what was going on in my life ? One night of stupidity ,one night where I was so drunk that a co worker took advantage of me,and I managed to wreck ten years of a happily married life.

My husband had arranged for his parents to have the kids for the weekend and I was hoping,that maybe a long weekend with just me and Richie’s together might be the start to us getting back to how we were before I was so stupid . He had told me he was going to punish me ,but I didn’t give a damn about that,I just wanted us to get back to how we were before” that night “. I heard the water turn off so I stood up and walked to the where my husband had told me to stand with my nose touching the wall before he had his shower . He had never made me do anything silly like before today, but I just wanted him back ,so I did it.

A couple of minutes later I heard Rick behind me. ” Did you keep your nose on the wall the whole time I was in the shower ” he asked me putting his hand on my head ? ” Yes ” I replied ,” and you didn’t move” he asked ? I didn’t answer him ,and he said ” well ” ? I said ” I am sorry ,I did move a little ,I felt dizzy standing that close to the wall “.

He took hold of one of my arms and started to pull me away from the wall, he took me to the bed turned me around and sat on the bed telling me to lay across his lap. I stood looking at him, then said ” what are you going to do “? . ” NOW” he shouted ” DO AS YOUR FUCKING TOLD FOR ONCE” , his voice went quiet , ” or else it is going to be a fucking long night for you “. I stood by the side of his leg, I could feel myself start to shake, never once in ten years had Rich ever spoken to me like that. He tapped his knees and I kind of awkwardly began to bend down , bending my knees I almost fell across his lap. He kind of lifted me up with his hands under my tummy,and moved me so my hands were touching the floor, and my feet were just off the ground.

I laid there for a little while, surely he wasn’t going to spank me. His right hand was rubbing my butt cheeks and his left hand was playing with my boobs, then Ricky said ” that’s the last time you will question me this weekend, is that clear ” and I kind of laughed and said yes ” . He said ” yes and what else”,and I said ” that’s the last time ” SMACK, SMACK ,SMACK, oh my God if felt like a bolt of electricity had gone through my butt cheeks, and I cried out in pain my hand went up and grabbed my butt cheek and squeezed hard . He took hold of my wrist and pulled my hand off my bottom, “wrong answer” he said, “the right answer is YES SIR “, and then he smacked me hard again, SMACK ,SMACK,SMACK , and between my screams I cried out YES SIR.

I laid on his lap unable to get up, my bottom hurt so bad. I don’t think I got spanked as a child I sure could not remember a spanking. Several times Rick said get up, but I couldn’t, so he slowly opened his legs and began to slide me off him, I half fell half slid between his knees to the floor and laid there on my back with tears in my eyes. My butt cheeks were burning like crazy . I dug my feet into the carpet to lift my bottom off the floor. Rick stood up and moved to where my feet were I had my feet apart and he shuffled up towards my calf’s between my legs before he gently kicked my leg and said spread them wider. I opened my legs as wide as I could ,I didn’t want to risk another spanking.

Rickie stood looking at me and said ” show me your pussy “, I pulled my G String down one leg and took it off my foot , and he said ” pull it open ” it , so I put my pointy finger and thumb of each hand on my pussy lips and pulled them apart. ” Nice ” he said ,” see how it works , one little spanking and suddenly your becoming obedient “. He moved his feet up to the level of my bent spread knees and put his right foot on my pussy pushing his big toe up against the entrance to my cunt. ” Fuck it” he said and I tried to move my butt towards him, and I could feel his toe actually just inside the entrance to my fanny.

He was moving his toe like it was fucking me , and I watched as he took his towel off and dropped it on the floor. Rick knelt between my legs, he lent forward and put his mouth on my cunt,his tongue touched my clit and I gave a little squeal. God I loved it when he licked me down there . For ages Richie licked and sucked me , every time I got to the point of climaxing he would stop and leave me begging him to finish. Every time I get close to a climax the inside muscles on my things tighten up and it gives away how close I am to a climax. ” Suffer bitch, fucking suffer “, he said laughing ,” let me hear you beg to let you cum ” .
His mouth went back to my pussy, and I started to beg him to let me finish, but instead he suddenly got up and said , ” get up lets go, I am hungry “. ” Please ,please ” I said but he ignored me,my hand went to my wet pussy but he said ” oh no no chance ,get up “. I stood up and my legs felt weak I put my arms around Ricks neck,” I need to cum ” I whined ,he just laughed, ” I need to go pee ” I said and wandered off towards the bathroom.

I was sitting on the toilet peeing when he came into the bathroom, ” don’t you ever pee without my permission do you understand ” he said smiling. “Yes Sir “I said saluting him with one hand to my forehead. He came close and held his fairly limp cock towards my mouth I lent forward and put it in my mouth and sucked it. ” Another couple of days and you might be pretty good at this ” he said pulling it out of my mouth , he opened the shower door and turned the water on and as he stepped inside he said ” get undressed and come into the shower “.

I flushed the toilet took off my heels,stockings and basque before stepping into the shower. Rick put some soap on the sponge and gently began to wash my breasts and down my body until he was rubbing between my legs, he turned me round and started washing my sore butt cheeks. I said “ouch gently gently ,you spanked me hard “, and I put on a silly little girls voice as if I was a little school girl. He said something about me remembering who I was and who he was. He said so what are you and I said ” a nothing ” and he laughed, and then he said “what am I “, and I said ” Sir “, and he said ” good now get on your knees, I need to pee “.

I didn’t move, being stupid I thought he meant he was going to get out of the shower to pee in the toilet ,it wasn’t until I felt his hands on my shoulders I started to realize that he wanted me to kneel down. When I didn’t move he put his thumbs under my shoulder blade you know the bit where it joins your neck and when someone squeezes it you lift your shoulders and scream in pain . I looked at him and said ” Rick your not going to pee on me are you ” ? He just looked at me and said ” of course I am, that’s all you are in my life, something to piss on “. I looked at him and I could feel I was going to tear up, but something deep inside of me said don’t let him see you cry and I slowly sank to my knees.

The warm shower water splashing on my head suddenly stopped, Rick had turned it off and I wiped my eyes with my hand . Surely he was not going to pee on me, he would never do anything like that I know he wouldn’t. I said Rick ” don’t pee on me that’s disgusting ” . He looked down at me and bent towards me , I thought to kiss me ,but he said ” you know what is disgusting ” and stupidly I said “no,” and he said ” me trusting you to go to a conference to learn more about you job so you could climb the corporate ladder and make me and the kids feel proud of you”. ” But what did you do, rip your panties off and fuck some fucking assholes who gave you a couple of drinks “. “What did he tell you how beautiful you were and before he had finished the sentence your sorry ass was laying on your back begging him to let you suck his dick and fuck you, and you didn’t give a dam about me and the kids”.
I looked at him and saw he had tears in his eyes ,” now shut you fucking eyes and beg me to piss on you “.

Before he stood up he spat at me, his spit hitting my face on my right cheek. I tried to say I was sorry but instead I burst out crying, in seconds I was sobbing, big sobs coming from deep down in my chest, beg me ,beg me to piss on you he shouted at me. I think I managed to say “please” ,followed by a big sob ” piss on ” followed by another sob and then I couldn’t say anything else, before I felt his semi hard cock touch my mouth. I closed my mouth tight, and he slapped me on the nose with his cock, ” whats the matter my cock not good enough for you, what is it, not as big as your boyfriends “, and with that I just lost it, I fell forward grabbing his legs behind his knees crying my eyes out and trying to say ” I don’t have a boyfriend, I didn’t suck his cock, why are you doing this too me “, but Rick grabbed me by my hair,pulled me back up ,and suddenly I felt his hot pee splashing on my head. I shut my eyes real tight and closed my mouth even tighter, I remember thinking I didn’t realize how warm pee was. Rick let go of me, he peed all over my head, my face , my boobs, and when he stopped he turned the shower back on and the warm water started to wash all over me.

He didn’t stay in the shower long, when Rick got out I slowly started to fall forwards ,I clenched my fists and rested my forehead head on them , and watched the warm water go down the drain after bouncing off my back. I don’t know how long I stayed there, five minutes, ten minutes, eventually I got up turned off the shower got out and dried myself, and went into our bedroom. Rick was laying on the bed watching the TV, I stood looking at him feeling stupid but he didn’t say anything to me. I said
” Rick talk to me please “, and he said ” what about ” ? ” I said do you want me to get dressed up again “, and he said ” if you want to,” so I went back into the bathroom and got dressed , came back into the bedroom and got on the bed. I said ” are you hungry or what “. Rick said or” what what”, and I said ” have you finished humiliating me “, and he looked at me, rolled onto his side and said ” finished with you honey, don’t be silly I have not started with you “. I kissed him and he rolled onto his back pulling me with him, his hand went to my butt and he said ” you know what you need “, and I said “what”, and he laughed and said , “a good ass fucking”.

” NNNOOOO , no,no not that ” I said in a panic , we had tried anal sex a couple of times, fuck it hurt me so much we never got more than the head of his cock in me, before I was squealing like a little slaughtered piggy begging him to stop. Rick was laughing, ” you will handle it ,don’t make such a fuss like you did before ,relax,enjoy it ” he said laughing out loud. I said ” Rick if you don’t do anal to me I swear you can do anything just not that ” .
He started to suck on my nipple and said “we will have to see what the Judge says “. ” Who is this judge” I said ,” we don’t know any judges “, and he said ” Judge C.C. Whiteley ,if you read your history books you will see he was the first Judge of the town we live in back in 1835, he was evil, and he took great delight in having women bought before him ” ” Something as simple as stealing an apple got the woman stripped naked and tied to the back of a cart and then led up main street by a horse pulling the cart while being whipped by her accuser, much to everyone’s amusement “.

He continued, ” it was said he got home one day early to find his wife in the arms of another man, he took her down to the court house , had a two minute trial ,found his wife guilty of being a Scarlet Woman and then sentenced her to spend a week in the Local Army Depot, where 50 of the original Buffalo Soldiers were barracked “. ” She was fucked day and night by the black soldiers, and it is said that when she returned to her home she took to her bed and received medical treatment for mental problems until the day she died ,probably of VD a year later. ”
I said ” poor woman”, and Ricky said ” poor woman my ass,I hope the judge gives you a sentence like that when you meet him “. I laughed and said “when will I be meeting him,” and my husband said “about after you get your ass in gear and get downstairs to get some food on the table, it’s better to meet the judge with a full belly than an empty one “.

I heard his t

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  • Reply Julie ID:7ylren2k0b

    I would love to be treated like that

    • good ID:vzg6a0qj

      Julie I want to treat you like that, what’s your number?

  • Reply Helen Brooks. ID:7ylren96ic

    Hi Gonzo, by nature I am very submissive,and I have a very dominant husband so we get on great. I love it when he uses the belt or the paddle on me when I have been naughty, not when I am actually receiving the whipping or paddling they hurt really bad and I cry a lot ,but I deserve them. The excitement for me comes in the hours that lead up to the punishment ,when my husband tells me what he is going to do to me, and then the hours after the punishment when I am nothing more than a rag doll,obeying everything he tells me to do,for fear of another severe paddling or whipping with the belt.. Glad you liked the story, big kisses XOXO.
    Jdollar, thanks,part 3 coming up, big kisses to you too XOXO

    • good ID:vzg6a0qj

      I want to abuse you

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhi

    Thanks Helen I really enjoyed that. So i was wondering if this is your fantasy and like getting treated like that. would love to hear more of this.

  • Reply Jdollar ID:1ie00enmzrj

    Part 3 please