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Wife caught

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So I got home from work a hour early. It had been raining and lightning alll evening . When I pulled in the lights of my car wasn’t noticed by my wife because of the lightning.
I had never had a reason to ever think my wife would do this after 10 years of marriage. Walking up to house I hear laughing and giggling coming from the living room. I stop by window a peer in . It was Anthony my step son wrestling with his mom on floor. They always did this often . Anthony was on school wrestling team and been a his mom weight was same as his he liked to practice with her.
They were rolling around the floor and I for some reason didn’t go on in house but stood by window watching. It wasn’t raining now . But lightning was still in air.
Barb managed to pin her son and they start over again.
Anthony being 12 at time was in just his shirt and boxer shorts. Barb was in her t shirt and underwear.
Well the next round when Barb was trying to on her son Anthony was pushing away trying to escape and his shorts slide down exposing himself. He went to pull them up and this is when something snapped in his mom. She said let me see. Embarrassing him as he was pulling up his shorts she was right them down. And a tug of war started. Finally Barb said let me see in a demanding voice and Anthony let go as his mom pulls his shorts to his knees. Barb just stares at her sons dick. He was soft but had nice length for a soft boy at 4”
Barb reached up to touch him and he covered himself with his hands. She said I use to change your diaper so stop . Chastise him.
She took him in her hand and he just lay there looking at his mom. She started stroking him. Now you might say why didn’t I stop her. Well this all happened in about 20 seconds and I was shocked before I knew she was sucki on him like her life depended on it . Slipping her panties off she straddles him jumping on him like she was possessed.
She tells him , orders him to lay still as she starts fucking him furiously.
For about the next 60 sect all you hear was her heavy breathing and then moaning out telling her so. She was coming as her hips jerked on his cock.
Then she got up pulling him up and she lays on couch and and held her arms out for him to lay on her. Do you know what to do she asked him.
And she got down she guided him in her and pulled him close wrapped her arms and legs around him. And I watched in shock as her fucked his mom her heavy breathing and moaning and telling him how he reminds her of his dad.
She reached a second orgasm as she lays hugging him. I snapped out of it and walk to door in back and come in making enough noise by the time I got my shoes off
And get to living room Anthony was done gone to his room
And Barb was sitting flipping through the tv..
She left her panties non floor and she was red and sweaty
I said did you enjoy your!
She said what? Did you enjoy fucking your son! I said.
She said wtf are you talking about. As I reached for nanny camera on self. Checking it I saw it was still working. I opened it piped out the sd card and said did you forget about this.
She broke down crying as I phoned the police.
What would you do?

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  • Reply Maddog1960 ID:1ctprnvyxpyk

    Why did you watch?

  • Reply Jon ID:van9sdqvha0

    This is common. More common than most realize. I was molested by my aunt 3 times and never told anyone. As a adult I told my therapist and she informed me that it was not a uncommon occurrence. Women molesting children is just a equally frequent as men. The boys tend to not tell or be effected by it as much and look at it as experience and some enjoy it. Which I did at time even though I was extremely embarrassed the second time she pulled my pants down I was already hard and I remember be excited to see her naked