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Amy Tale/s – Tiffany’s Epilogue

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Everyone wants Tiffany to eat their pussy, not that she is better than other girls, but because Tiffany is so cute it stimulates the hell out of you.

Tiffany will appear in some more of my tales, and I don’t know how “sexually” arousing this tale will be, but I want to provide some more perspective on Tiffany. As I said, Tiffany was the younger sister to two older brothers and an older sister in a lower middle-class family. Because of Tiffany’s small stature, she was real self-conscious. She had endured ridicule from her siblings and school mates most of her pubescent life. Janet saw the diamond in the rough, and Janet promised Tiffany to turn her from a tomboy, into a woman.

Tiffany became Janet’s baby doll. Janet took her to get her shoulder length brunette hair done, eyebrows, makeup, nails, you name it, and Janet pampered Tiffany. Janet bought her clothes and got involved in her school life. Janet sort of became Tiffany’s sponsor. If Tiffany required a date to something, Janet made Greg take her, and Greg wanted too.

Greg is handsome with a muscular (not bulky) build, blonde shoulder length (permed on the ends) hair, and he looks like a surfer, and he is a party boy. Tiffany had a crush on Greg (she lost her virginity to Greg). Tiffany was 18 and Greg was 32, so if they went to school events or socials, not only was the age difference apparent, but Greg was a foot and one-inch taller standing beside a skinny 4’ 10” tall girl. Tiffany went from the least popular girl in school, to one of the most popular under Janet’s tutelage. Janet’s work in Tiffany’s school life inspired me, but that involves Maria for another tale.

This tale is spread out over Tiffany’s senior high school year, but one of the cutest things was Greg taking Tiffany to her school prom. Janet bought Tiffany a nice gown and made sure Tiffany was made up right to include jewels and nice perfume. Greg had a nice tuxedo that did not clash, and Greg rented a limo and everything.

Now going back to the early stages with Greg’s involvement. Janet would tell Tiffany to tell those girls that had been bullying her that her boyfriend (Greg) had a 9” cock, which was certainly more than any of these girls would have encountered in high school, or ever. When these girls would see Tiffany with Greg, they had to cream their thighs a little and be jealous of Tiffany. Greg would French kiss Tiffany in front of her jealous friends just to give them a show, and because Greg really liked Tiffany too.

Tiffany would spend the weekends we were not doing something else, at Ken’s apartment with whoever was here. Tiffany became a bi-sexual dynamo, but only had straight sex with Greg. Tiffany got to the place she could take Greg’s cock all the way in her tight little pussy. For Greg, Tiffany was the tightest little pussy he had ever fucked, and usually he could not hold his wad for more than 15 minutes when she began her delightful squealing on his pole.

After the awkward start to our relationship with Tiffany (and her timidity), Tiffany became a sweet pussy eater. Just watching Tiffany’s cute little frame and titties, and fuzzy soft black pussy hair and darling little pussy lips in your face as she ate you enhanced your arousal. Tiffany’s small feet and slim legs leading into her slow widening thighs, hips, and tight round ass was so hot, you could just finger bang yourself into an orgasm watching her eat another girl’s pussy.

I know Tiffany has gone down on me, Janet, Clair, Emma, Sherry, and a few other girls maybe for another tale. Everyone wants Tiffany to eat their pussy, not that she is better than other girls, but because Tiffany is so cute it stimulates the hell out of you. Once we got Tiffany over her shyness, we made her almost exclusively walk around naked when she stayed with us. Tiffany could not walk past people without them wanting to grab her and kiss her all over. From her sexy toes, tiny feet, up her cute legs and thighs, darling little fussy black hairy pussy, sweet little pussy lips, tight round ass, lovable hips, small waist, stomach, tiny adorable titties, nipples, small neck, lips, nose, and ears, she was just precious.

I wanted to provide more background on Tiffany so you could get a better picture of her in your mind. I am sure I will share more tales involving Tiffany, and I will use this tale as her reference bio.

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