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Forbidden Family

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How my siblings tricked me and my family into incest And we all enjoy it later

it was my 15th birthday. I was Virgin then and doesn’t know about sex and stuffs . I have 2 older brother and a Sister . They gave me a pilli to eat said they have planned a Big Surprise for Me ,wait till Midnight . After my Birthdays party when my parents went to sleep(They mix sleeping pillis in there beer) , we All came in my room. I was excited for my surprise, I keep asking them what is it? Where is it ? . Then they all sat around me and started Asking me weird questions
1 . Are you a Virgin?
Me- yes
2 . Do you Masturbate?
Me — No
My sister — lets try
Then suddenly my brother’s grab my Hands and tied it and put cloth in my mouth. my Sister started Rubbing my vagina (pants on) and my brother’s was pressing my Small Boobs . First I resist for few mins, then I started feeling good . My bother removes Cloth from my Mouth
Sister — does it feel good ?
Me- yes
Sister — Do you want me to stop?
Me- No .
Then she unbuttoned my Pants and removes it(pantie too) , My brother tore my T-shirt and bra and Started pinching My Nipple. My sister was vigorously rubbing My Vagina. My second Brother was kissing me passionately . Then After 10 mins they all started Striping , My Brothers have Big 11incs Cocks and My Sister have Big boobs with clean shave vagina. Then My big brother Ask me to open My mouth and put His giant cock inside it and started thrusting, at the same time my sister was riming my vagina and also sucking my 2brother’s cock . After 10 mins my brother release all of semen in mouth and force me to swallow it All. My second Brother release his semen on my Sister vagina . My sister sat on my face and told me to lick it. My Brother’s semen mixed with my sister Cum was amazing , i want to take it all so I open my mouth wide and stared sucking it . My sister moun loudly so my my brother started kissing her and other was licking my pussy. after few mins my sister cum in my mouth and I drank it all.
Then they untied me and started deciding who will take my virginity. It was my Second borther how won . Then My sister layed me down on bed , brought some Melt hot chocolate and dropped it all from my boobs to vagina . Then she put two of her fingers in her vagina remove some of her cum mixed it with Chocolate and put it in my mouth. The my brother put his cock at my Vaginal opening and slowly started to push it in. It started hurting , it was pain full . After pushing head of its dick inside me , my sister covers my mouth and Suddenly he stroke me with full force . My tears came out his 11 Inc’s dick was 2/3 inside , I can see blood on her dick . I started crying begging him to stop but hi keep on stroking me . Slowly pain convert into pleasure, it was amazing feeling , it was warm and juicy. Now I want it more and more inside . I was moaning like a hell . After stroking me for 20 mins he cum inside me . It feel so good, then I sat on my sister face and she suck all of his cum dripping out of my vagina. Meanwhile my brothers were licking chocolate from my body. After that my sister inserted her fingers inside me and started kissing and sucking my low abdomen, while my one brother were biting my neck and groping my boobs and other was sucking my Inner thighs and stimulating my Anal . They blessed me with hickeys all over my neck, boobs, back, abdomen, Inner thighs and ass.
Then they take me to the bathroom , gave me a Warm bath . My First brother were cleaning my legs and other were rubbing my back . My sister cleaning my Boobs , vagina and wash my hairs . After bath, they dressed me like a queen . They also bought another cake. Then my Sister started giving blowjob to my brother, they light the candle and drop the melting wax on her boobs and ass. Later they cum on the cake . Then we cut the cake, ate it all .
After this session , me and my sister went to our room . Later my sister told me About how this all started.
She told —when you were young ,they All used to Sleep in the same room . Then one morning she observe her gown was unbuttoned ,sometimes her gown used to be up to her ass and she also started having lot of wet dreams. On one night she was on her periods wasn’t able to sleep, she feels someone was touching his abdomen. She doesn’t react nor open her eyes. Then some was kissing her toes and lifting her gown . The other were pressing her boobs. He then uplift the gown and saw something inside her panties and put the hand under her paties and after seen blood got sacred. My sister wakes up and grabbed there hands. ( My sister where 2 yrs older then my brothers) They got scared and started apologizing to her . They told her, they can’t control them self , you have a insane figure and it’s not there fault . Every time they saw her they turn on and there cock starts to blow up. She observe there huge cock tent from there boxers she wanted to see there tool so . My sister told them , she will forgive them only if they remove there boxers. 2 10 Inc’s moster pop up in front of her she can’t control her self , she wanted those dick inside her . She was totally forgotten she was on her periods. She grabs those dickz and start givinig them blow job . They cum on her face . She went in bathroom clean herself . They ask him if they can fuck her again , she told after my periods. After 5 days our Brothers bangs her everyday . That’s how it started.
Few months after my Birthday , Mom caught all of us Naked fucking each other . She got angry and started scolding us . She was going to told everything to our dad.
So my brothers grabed him and tied him to bed and I gagged her mouth . Then we striped her , licked her , fingered her until she was begging us for dick then fuck her , she was at peak of pleasure. four of us are pleasure her . She had 3 orgasm. Then I untied her . We all apologize her , she forgive us . sometimes she also join us . Later she also convienced dad . He also started enjoying whit us .
We all love each other . We don’t need any girl friend or boyfriend and any of us haven’t in married us. We do all kind of amazing and kinky stuffs . Sometimes we do foreplay, or sometimes BDSM.
We always stay naked in our home. Spank eachother, fuck anyone anywhere . We all are happy together.

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  • Reply Waste of time. ID:g0zx5ns43

    How fake. You can’t even get your genders correct.

  • Reply Euro ID:2a7bikx20a

    I come on here so see the reality that the world tries to put away and I’m wondering… where the Fuck does this actually all happen at?

  • Reply Waifuu ID:etyrjct0d

    Currently, at my 7th month

    • T ID:fzq6lvkv4

      Is it ok I can message you @Waifuu

    • PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

      Waifuu do you have kik or snapchat to chat

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

    Did any of you get pregnant?

    • Waifuu ID:etyrj9m9k

      Yes , infact I am pregnant now and my sister is blessed with 2 healthy baby girls and a young boy.
      Fun fact -Pregnant women will bhee Mistress and All others will be there salve.

    • PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

      Waifuu do you have kik or snapchat so we can chat

    • PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

      Are the baby girls going to get involved too in the incest

    • Waifuu ID:tnxj2tqk

      Ofcourse They will, but when they are grown enough
      We will plan different surprises and ceremony for them .

    • T ID:fzq6lvkv4

      How far along are you in Your pregnancy @Waifuu

  • Reply Neha ID:61njayc1oij


    • Abe ID:61njayc1oij