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me and my stepsister

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my stepsister gave me a handjob while we looked at some porn together

I’m 14, 13 at the time this story took place, my step sister was 14 and 15 now, we are both horny teens this means we do horny shit and this is the only time i’ve ever done anything with anyone in general, we both were talking about stuff, some webcomics at the time until we decided to start looking at some rule 34 posts of it, it was a bit weird at first, and we both knew the other was pretty horny but we weren’t touching ourselves, until she decided to palm my bulge through my pants, i was a bit surprised but i let her, and she put her hand underneath, slowly starting to stroke me, thankfully our parents weren’t home at the time so that was great, she kept stroking me but i was a bit too shy to touch her myself, until she said i could. i touched her slowly, putting one finger in only since i was a bit of a chicken, slowly moving it inside of her, enjoying doing so as it was really warm inside, i came and she cleaned up my cum eating it. it’s a big shame we don’t live together anymore since our parents woke up but eh. my discord is leveltry#3343

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