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My Birthday Present

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My 18th Birthday Present From My Sexy Cousin And Her Friend

Me and Cassie had been having sex with each other pretty much every time we were able to see each other. We’d always find an excuse to shy away from prying eyes and have fun with each other. This story comes from my 18th birthday and she was still 15. She had shown up first at my house for the party, and she had her friend with her. Her friend’s name was Audrey. Audrey was 16 with a rocking body. Slim build, D-Cup boobs, and a nice, round ass. They were both wearing purple honeycomb, scrunch-butt leggings and black T-shirts that allowed their boobs to bounce around quite a bit.

They had arrived at my house before everyone else and decided to hang out for a bit. We were sitting on the couch watching TV while Audrey was looking through her suitcase to make sure everything was in there. They were going to go to a friend’s wedding the day after the party, so they decided they would spend the night at my place since I was close to the venue.

Soon, Audrey had to go to the bathroom and me and Cassie used this opportunity to make out with each other. I could feel her tongue pushing into my mouth and massaging my tongue. I had my hands tangled up in her hair, making this encounter all the more intense. We were so distracted with each other that we didn’t even hear the bathroom door open. All we heard was, “What the fuck?!” Audrey had walked out and seen us with our tongues in the other’s mouth. Cassie immediately went wide eyed, and stopped Audrey from leaving. “Wait, we can explain. Rey, please.” Audrey looked at Cassie and said, “Don’t you use my nickname against me, Cassandra. Cause now I have to listen.” I stayed silent while Cassie explained what we were doing, and why. It wasn’t until Audrey had calmed down that she finally began to ask her own questions. “Why? When did you two start? Does anyone else know? How have y’all not been caught yet?” Both me and Cassie answered as best we could.

Eventually, Audrey had one final question. “Have you two ever invited anyone else to join?” Cassie smirked and said, “No, why? Want to be the first, or something?” Audrey became very flustered and couldn’t stop stammering. “Well, no, I-well, it’s just-I was only wondering-didn’t mean anything by it-sorry I asked.” Cassie put her hand on Audrey’s thigh. “It’s fine if you do. I mean, we definitely won’t mind.” I shook my head no to signify that I was perfectly fine with it. “See?” Cassie leaned closer to Audrey, and put her hand around her neck. “It’s fine. It’s natural to experiment like this.” Audrey didn’t necessarily know what to say, so Cassie helped her. She pulled Audrey close with her hand, and put their lips together. Audrey looked surprised at first, but soon caved in to Cassie’s seduction. I could see Cassie’s tongue moving in Audrey’s mouth. It was bulging against her cheeks as Cassie moved it about. As Audrey was in bliss, Cassie moved around and whispered in her ear. I couldn’t hear what they said, but Audrey giggled and nodded. Cassie then turned to me and said, “Go wait in your bedroom. We’ll be there soon.” I wasted no time and went straight to my room. I tore my clothes off except for my underwear, once again, and waited.

It was a couple minutes later when they both walked into my room. They had both completely changed clothes. They were now wearing their bridesmaids dresses. They were sparkle-satin dark purple mermaid dresses. They perfectly accentuated their beauty and waistlines. Both of them gave me a little modeling show before the second show began. Cassie put her velvet-soft hands in Audrey’s brunette hair. She played with the blonde highlights before moving in to put her tongue back in each other’s mouths. I could once again see her tongue moving around in Audrey’s mouth. Apparently, Audrey thought it was only right to pay it back. This took Cassie by quite a big surprise, as her eyes widened immediately, and she looked down. This didn’t last long as she closed them soon after and returned to her blissful state.

Eventually they moved to my bed where Cassie wasted no time pulling my boxers off. Audrey decided she wanted a piece of me however. She moved up close to me, and I pulled her in for a hot make-out session. I could now feel my penis being unsheathed and exposed to the cold air from my ceiling fan, but that didn’t last long. Eventually, a warm wetness washed over my cock as Cassie wrapped her lipstick coated mouth around it. She decided she was going to take it all the way into her throat. I could feel this, as could Audrey, since I was now moaning. I moved my hands further down her body and my fingers landed on the dimples above her waistline. The soft satin felt incredible on my fingers, as I’m sure it did on their bodies. Soon, Audrey broke away from our embrace and swapped places with Cassie. Cassie moved up to me and I pulled her in for a long, deeply passionate kiss.

Once Audrey had her fun, it was time for the main course. I sat up, flipped Audrey over and lifted her dress up. She didn’t have panties on. I teased her entrance with my cock while Cassie licked her. I began to push slightly with my penis, and Cassie moved to whisper to me. “She’s a virgin.” I smiled as I felt the hymen giving me resistance to my actions. I pushed even harder and broke it, while Audrey was letting forth a plethora of screams and moans. “OH MY GOD. HOLY SHIT. IT’S SO BIG” I rammed her tight pussy with as much force as I felt like exerting. She kept moaning and telling me not to stop. I could feel a different sensation when I thrusted a couple times, and it hit me. She was a squirter. I told Cassie not to let a drop hit the floor, and she moved under me to catch it all. I rammed her once more, and I immediately pulled out so she could squirt. She screamed as she did it, and Cassie caught all of it. I also noticed that Cassie had fully stripped off her dress.

Once Audrey had calmed down and finished, she swapped places with Cassie, as it was now her turn. Before I began however, she sat up and told me, “I’m on my period right now. I want you to impregnate me.” I gave her a small salute and kiss, and rammed her harder than I did Audrey. I kept thrusting as hard as I could, trying to comply with her request. Audrey had fully stripped herself as well, and began to make out with Cassie as I rammed her. I could feel myself about to cum, so I said to Cassie, “Get ready. I’m about to make you a mom.” Audrey heard this too, and got super horny because of it. She straddled Cassie and kept making out with her, while also giving me the view of that amazing ass. I felt the rumbling in my cock, and Cassie did too. Next thing I knew, I had busted a giant load all inside of Cassandra’s gorgeous pink vagina.

Me and Cassie were both breathing quite hard, but I wasn’t done. I wasn’t going to let that sexy ass go to waste. I pulled Audrey back slightly, readjusted my positioning, and teased her second entrance with the head of my cock. She went wide eyed and was about to protest, but Cassie stopped her and pulled her back in for another hot make-out session. I took my chance and slid my dick in her asshole. At first she started to scream, but it soon turned to moans as I stretched her tight little asshole with my penis. I kept ramming her, making her ass bounce back from the recoil and force. Cassie put her hands on her ass cheeks and met mine. We interlocked our fingers as I fucked her friend’s ass. I soon felt another rumble coming on, and I wasn’t sure if Audrey did. I leaned forward and said “I’m about to turn your ass into a yogurt dispenser.” This made her start going back and forth on my dick, which made her ass bounce all the more, which made me hornier. Before I knew it, I had blown a big load inside Audrey’s ass. I pulled my dick out, and cum started to drip out. Cassie quickly slid down and cleaned it all up.

Once we had all had enough fun, we laid down on my bed and took a nap together. We had woken up about 30 minutes later and still, no one was here. I woke up both Cassie and Audrey and told them that they should clean themselves up. They looked at each other and began to smile. They turned to me and, in unison, said, “Shower round two?” I just smiled and waved them into the bathroom. As we were walking, Cassie leaned over and said, “Happy Birthday, Deacon. Happy Birthday, babe.”

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd99

    hahaha! I fucked a catchup factory many a time and have Master Red Wings to boot.lol! Nothing better then being fucked up as chuck on mushrooms fucking some girl on her period. When we got through it looked like we were in a train wreck with blood splattered on the walls, sheets, floor along with our cum. I think were laughed for a half day on that one.

    Nope, no mother today not even a tubular baby lol!

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

    You clearly don’t know what a period is at all 🤣 you made no one a mum that day