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Daddy-Daughter Pregnancy Party: Part 4

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On the third and final day of the underage daddy/daughter pregnancy party, I end up getting to fill two young girls for the price of one.

RECAP: I was attending an underage pregnancy party, where fathers from around the region met to allow their daughters to be fucked and impregnated by each other. After having fucked an 11-year-old blonde girl the first day of the pregnancy party, and needing to use a little force on a reluctant 10-year-old Lia on the second night, I didn’t know what to expect on this final pregnancy session.


Our third and final pregnancy session was this Sunday morning. Since most of us had traveled several hours or more to get here, we planned for the daughter swap to occur shortly after breakfast.

My daughter Melissa hadn’t told me too much about the first two daddies who fucked her, only that they were very nice to her and it didn’t hurt. She did ask me a number of questions about the little girls I had been with. I even told her about the teen I broke the rules with and fucked after Liu’s father left her in my room.

Speaking of Liu, I did not see her or her father at the breakfast that morning, nor did I see them when we arrived at the meeting room. I assumed this meant they decided to leave early, making me the only father who ejaculated inside of 10-year-old Liu.

Just like yesterday, fathers were given 1 hour to enjoy their little assigned companions and impregnate them. The organizer said once everyone found their match not to leave because there would be a little announcement. I had my fingers crossed that it would the 12-year-old Mexican girl Isabella, who was my second pick and the little girl who kept making eye contact with me at the pool. When I saw her from across the room look straight at me with that little match card in her hand I knew she was going to be all mine for the next hour. Isabella was pretty short, about as short as Liu, with light brown skin and long brown hair that went almost to her waist. She had on a short denim dress with a zipper right down the front and stood there looking up at me with those big brown eyes.

“Papi?” she said to me with a young and innocent Mexican accent. I would soon learn that she knew very little English, as she had only recently arrived. I am not sure but she may have been brought here specifically for this party.

“Hola, Isabella,” I replied, hoping my college Spanish would be enough this morning. She smiled at me and I took her hand as we waited for the final couples to form.

The organizer reminded us to stick around for a moment, then made a little announcement that caused quite the excitement. One of the other dads was having some mild health issues and decided to sit this round out. He asked if his daughter would be allowed to participate, as he really wanted to give her every opportunity to get pregnant.

This created some confusion at first, as none of the fathers wanted their own daughter to sit this round out, including the leader. This was the solution, the girl whose father was ill would be allowed to join another daddy/daughter pairing. Any dad who didn’t want to participate could leave the room immediately and start their pregnancy session. The girl would pick from one of the fathers who remained in the room. There was one major requirement. The daddy who got the extra girl would have double duty, which means he would have to impregnate both girls at the same time.

“How are we supposed to do that?” one of the dad’s asked.

The group leader explained the easiest and most effective way to do this would be to have one girl lie tummy to tummy on top of the other girl and have the daddy alternate penetrating each of them. This would ensure both remained wet, open, and ready to receive a share of the load. Once ejaculation began, he would need to pump a couple of shots into the first girl, then quickly pull out and enter the second child where he would release the second half of his ejaculation into her. The organizer strongly urged anyone not fully committed to the task to leave.

After a few moments, the room started to clear out. I asked Isabella if she would be okay sharing and she nodded and said, “Si!” In hindsight, I probably should have tried to ask her in Spanish because I realize now she may not have known what she was agreeing to.

Everyone left except for me, 5 other fathers, and the little girls they had been assigned. One of the fathers stepped forward and explained he was the one who would not be participating today, and that his 13-year-old daughter Grace would be the extra girl. Grace was an absolute stunner. She had natural red, shoulder-length hair, with a lightly freckled face and green eyes. She was quite fair skinned, which contrasted nicely with Isabella. I so very much wanted to see the two of them stacked on top of one another.

As the organizer began to ask Grace who she wanted to choose, she immediately cut him off and walked right up to me. “I want this one,” she boldly announced.

“Well that settled it,” he said, and the rest of us left the meeting room to return to our own rooms. It felt a little strange holding both Isabella’s and Grace’s hands as we walked down the hallway to my room. I felt like I had just won a prize I didn’t earn. Isabella was quiet but Grace told me about how she was sure she was already pregnant but she wanted to fuck today just to be certain. She was very outgoing, but shy Isabella seemed to like her.

When we got to my room Grace grabbed Isabella’s hand and guided her to the bed.

Grace explained to her new friend, “My sister is only 10 and doesn’t have her period yet but I teach her how to please Daddy. She’s pretty small, just like you Isabella.”

For a moment I thought Grace was going to steal Isabella away from me.

“Have you ever kissed a girl before?” she asked Isabella.


“Here, let me show you. It’s fun.” The two of them were sitting on the bed and Grace, sitting in her short denim shorts and green crop top, leaned forward and immediately planted her mouth on Isabella’s. I thought Isabella might be overwhelmed but she got really into it fast and soon these 12-year-old and 13-year-old girls were swapping spit as their tongues slipped and slid against each other.

“Come kiss with us, Daddy,” Grace said to me, biting her lip. I couldn’t get to the bed fast enough. Grace scooted to the center of the bed to give me room to sit next to the two girls. This is when I had my first three-way kiss with two children.

We each leaned into each other until our lips were all touching, then Grace and I opened our mouths and Isabella soon followed, with our tongues all out licking each other’s lips, teeth, and tongues. The girls’ mouths were so wet and delicious.

With our mouths still interlocked our hands were free to explore each other’s bodies. I squeezed Grace’s ass while my other hand slid up Isabella leg to her crotch. I could feel her damp, warm panties. Grace put her hand down my pants and started squeezing my rock hard cock. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Isabella squeezing one of Grace’s titties. I could not be happier with how these kids were enjoying our time together.

“Do you want to get our little girl nice and wet?” Grace asked me with a mischievous grin. “You take one titty and I’ll take the other.”

I slowly unzipped Isabella’s denim dress from the neck down to her waist. The top slid down her arms, exposing her beautiful chest. She had perfect little developing puffy nipples and was almost an A cup. Grace and I each latched our mouths onto her nipples. Isabella’s titties were so smooth and soft and I just slurped her whole pre-teen titty right up into my mouth. I grabbed a handful of Isabella’s ass and pressed my fingers into the fabric of her panties, right where the warm nectar was flowing out of her.

Grace let Isabella’s 12-year-old titty fall out of her mouth for a moment and stood up next to the bed. She slipped off her shorts and panties and exposed her young teenage cunt. It had sparse red hair and was visibly moist outside of her slit. She returned to the bed and whispered in my ear, “I want you to touch my pussy too, Daddy.” She got on all fours and positions her ass against my thigh and then resumed sucking on Isabella’s other pre-teen tit.

I slid my hand up Grace’s inner thigh until it reached her warm cunny. It was oozing her little girl juices. My fingers on my left and right hands worked in unison, with one hand fingering Isabella’s clit through the fabric of her panties, and my fingers slipping effortlessly in Grace’s crack. Young teens and pre-teen girls get drenching wet, especially ones groomed very well like these two children, when they are turned on because they don’t have all of the mental abuse projected on them by a society that says their sexuality is wrong. When given sexual pleasure like this, little girls will be dripping with vaginal secretions, just ready to be invaded by a big adult cock.

I wanted to fuck these girls so badly, but my mouth craved the taste of underage pussy. “Get on your back,” I instructed Grace, and she obediently followed my command. I spread her legs apart and as I leaned toward her crotch I could smell the delicious, fresh scent of a young teenage snatch. Her tiny toes wiggled as I trailed my fingertips up her pinkish pale inner thighs. “I love your green toenail polish,” I complimented.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she replied with an innocent, little-girl voice.

I looked closely at her 13-year-old pussy. Her labia was still developing so there was a nice open hole for me to slide my tongue into. She tasted sweet and tangy, and cream was already flowing down her taint to her asshole. I pushed her legs up, presenting her anus to me, then licked it clean.

She gasped loudly with pleasure.

As I devoured Grace’s pussy and asshole, Isabella sucked on her friend’s titties, then made out with her while my tongue flicked and licked Grace’s clit. It was not long before Grace was holding my head with both her hands, bucking her hips, and pressing her crotch into my face.

“Ahhhhh… yess…. Daddy!” she screamed, and I pushed my tongue deep into her gash just in time for her to orgasm. Her tight pussy muscles squeezed against my tongue. I could tell her little teen pussy was going to be a tight fit for my adult cock.

My desire now turned to Isabella. I unzipped her dress the rest of the way and Grace helped me remove it from her body. I gently laid her on her back, then took a similar position with my mouth drawing closer to her pre-teen pleasure zone. Her pussy was also dripping wet; her cum was whiter than Grace’s and a little thicker. A glob of it had collected at the top of her taint and i just had to slurp it up. She was sweeter than Grace and tasted faintly like pineapple.

I was on all fours, with my head buried between Isabella’s legs. As I licked and teased her clit with my tongue, Grace crawled underneath me and inserted my hard cock into her mouth.

This forced a moan out of my mouth which immediately sent a wave of pleasure though Isabella’s cunt.

“Ayyyy!” she gasped in direct response to my moan.

Hearing the sound of a 12-year-old’s pleasure come directly from my own pleasure excited me, and that combined with Grace’s little early teen mouth wrapped around my grown-up cock made me moan even loader and longer.

And that triggered another quake of pleasure in Isabella. Her legs shook and her back arched. “Ayyyyy! Papi! Uhhh!”

This continued for several minutes, with each of us moaning as Grace milked my cock with her mouth like I was dairy cow being worked by a young farm girl. I felt as if I might pour my man milk into her “bucket” at any moment, but I knew I had to save it to squirt deep inside of these two fertile cunts.

“Okay girls, it’s time for me to fuck you,” I announced, pulling out of Grace’s mouth.

“Yay!” Grace squealed.

“Si, Papi!” said Isabella.

“Grace, I want you on your back with Isabella lying on you tummy.”

Once again she followed my instructions, taking Isabella’s hands in her hers as she laid on her back again and guiding Isabella on top of her. Grace bent her legs so her knees were in the air, and Isabella opened her legs wide and straddled Grace. The two little girl’s had lined up their holes perfectly for me. I was about to become one of the few adult men to ever alternate penetrating two young minors’ pussies, and they were practically begging me to do it.

“Make us pregnant, Daddy,” Grace said, then continued making out with Isabella, her arms wrapped tightly around the pre-teen, holding her body perfectly still for me to enter.

I decided to start with Isabella, lining my cock up with her hole and pushing into her. My dick was still slick from Grace’s saliva, which helped me slide into Isabella.

“Uhhhh!” she gasped. Her moans were muffled by Grace’s mouth covering her lips.

I pumped a few times slowly, as Isabella’s pussy was so tight and felt so amazing.

“Gaaaaaa!” she called out, again muffled. Grace held her body tight, making sure she didn’t escape.

I pumped her pussy slowly at first, then a little faster, then a little faster, as her moaning continued. At this point I was unsure if the noised she was making were of pleasure or pain, but I didn’t care. I was thrusting down to the hilt every time, letting her cervix know to be ready for a massive load soon.

I started to feel my load creep up again, so I pulled out for about 30 seconds, allowing my cock a moment to recover. I felt up Isabella and Grace’s bodies, then tasted and kissed the back of Isabella’s neck. The taste of a pre-teen girl’s sweat when you’ve been fucking her is absolutely heavenly. If someone bottled it and sold it to legislators we would have legal adult-on-pubescent-girl sex laws tomorrow.

When I felt my stamina return I lowered my hips slightly and prepared to enter Grace. As I mentioned before, her labia was virtually non-existent so it was easy to find her gaping hole with my cock. As I pushed the head into her I noticed right away that she was tighter than Isabella, despite being a year older. She was slightly deeper than Isabella, but I could still easily reach the back. I was able to feel her walls squeezing my cock as I thrust into her.

“Oh Daddy yes Daddy!” she moaned in a perfect angelic little girl voice, holding onto the other girl’s body as I rammed her over and over.

“Uh-uh-uh-uh!” she moaned rhythmically.

I wasn’t going to last long in Grace’s tight cunt, so after a few minutes I pulled out to give my cock a moment to relax. Then I moved my cock back up to Isabella and invaded her pre-teen cunt again.

“Ghah!” the Mexican girl yelled.

I pumped her a few times and then pulled out, quickly found Grace’s hole, and shoved myself back into it.

“Uhhh! More Daddy!” she squealed. Even though I had just been inside of her a few moments ago, she felt wetter than before. I pumped her several times, enjoying her moans.

Then I was back inside of the pre-teen again, filling her passage with my hard rod.

I continued to switch back and forth between the two girls, dipping my cock deep inside of one before pulling out and immediately filling the other. After a few minutes I got so good at switching I was able to do it without even concentrating on what I was doing. It almost felt like I was fucking just one pussy, except for the fact that their tightness and the texture of their vaginal walls were slightly different, and of course hearing them both moaning alternately.





Their pussies were so wet that the two girls’ juices were all mixed together with my pre-cum, making each snatch a little pool of our combined sex cream. It was so warm and wet down there I finally just leaned forward on Isabella’s back and fucked the outside of their slits at the same time! With each of their little clits pressed together, my shaft rubbed both of their sensitive girl nubs simultaneously. The three of us were truly all making love together. And now instead of alternating moans, we were all moaning loudly as we all three fucked.

I do not know how many adult men get to experience this, but fucking two children simultaneously with my member drenched in their warm secretions is possibly the most incredibly feeling I have ever experienced in my life. As much as I enjoyed fucking two different little girls this weekend, nothing could come close to what I was feeling right now.

I wanted this to last forever, but after a short time of pure ecstasy I knew I was going to have to impregnate them soon. I waited until one of them sounded like she was on the verge of an orgasm. It was Isabella. Her breaths became heavy and her moans louder.

“Ah! Ah! Ahh! Ayyyyy!” she scream!

The sounds of her pleasure pushed me to my limit as well. I pulled out my two-girl vagina and thrust my cock hard and deeply into Isabella.

“GAHHHH!” she shouted, and I jammed the head of my cock directly against her cervix. A gush of my man seed splashed directly into her womb. The 12-year-old’s contracting walls milked another massive jet of cum into her.


In between ejaculations I pulled out of Isabella’s pre-teen cunt and shoved it into Grace. Her middle school cervix welcomed my hot load as a third blast, just as large as the first two, shot out of my man gun. I was impregnating two fertile children at the same time with one shared load. Grace’s tighter passage and different vaginal wall texture somehow deceived my body into thinking my orgasm had started over and I moan loudly as a massive forth ejaculation, and then a fifth, squirted directly into Grace’s tiny womb.

The orgasm was an intensity I can’t even describe, and I felt like there was no stopping it, so I pulled out of Grace and invaded Isabella once more. The girls were now making out again and I could hear Isabella’s muffled sounds coming from their joined mouths.

I pumped several more jets of semen into Isabella, then switched to Grace and pumped two more more before coming to a stop inside the 13-year-old.

We still had a few more minutes, and I was still hard, so as the children made out I took turns pushing my dick into each of them, enjoying the feeling of absolute tightness and wet warmth.

“I think we’re sister mommies now,” Grace said playfully to Isabella, who nodded.

“We have a few minutes left. Do you want to know something that might help make sure you’re both pregnant?”

“Yes! Please!” Grace shouted excitedly.

“Here, just do this.” I moved the girls into the scissor position, with their cunts together and their clits pressed against each other. “Now rub against each other’s pussies.”

I watched as two naked middle school aged newly-impregnated girls grinded their genitals together for several minutes in front of a grown man.

Sadly, I knew this moment had to end, so I let them continue until the last moment while I got dressed.

“Okay girls, quickly, put your panties and clothes back on. They both scrambled to get dressed.

“Hey, I think I’m wearing your panties,” Grace said.

“There’s no time! We have to hurry.”

Hand in hand, we made our way back to the meeting room. They each gave me a kiss before going off to find their fathers. I knew there were two little girls in that room with wombs full of my cum, and a third little girl who would be full of my cum very soon, just as soon as she got her positive pregnancy test.

Melissa found me and was as excited as can be. “I love being filled with cum, Daddy!” she said. I was a little surprised to hear her talk like this.

“You do?”

“Yes! It makes my tummy warm! How long until you can do it to me every night?”

“As soon as the pregnancy test shows positive, then I can cum inside you every night, Angel.”


Early one morning, two weeks later, Melissa raced into my bedroom with a pink and white stick in her hand.

“Cum in me, Daddy! I’m pregnant!”





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