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My dad molests me

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I remember the first time I got to see my dad in a while I was 10 and bummed out while it was raining hard, my mom was making me leave my cousins sleepover to see a special someone.

I had my raincoat on with matching rain boots with a pink nightgown and my favorite panties with hello kitty on them, when we pulled up it was a large building.

I’ll skip towards meeting him I first walked in and hugged him I was told he was my dad we talked with him. mom for a minute before I was sent to the couch.

It was modern and nice a big tv and couch with a glass coffee table the kitchen was big but open and there was a hallway.

I git curious and walked down the hallway 4doors one rolled like an office the other looked to be an office, a bedroom, and some room that was being painted pink.

“That’s gonna be your room but for now you sleep with daddy” I nodded and he picked me I said bye to my mom and he sat me in front of the tv.

Idk how long before he came to get me for a bath I told him I didn’t need one but he insisted the bedroom had one with a large tub and glass shower.

I let him strip me and I remember giggling when his hands tickled my chest and stomach I didn’t notice how he rubbed my nipples and kissed them.

When my panties were off it was a laughing fit he put my panties on his face like a mask sniffing where my privates would be.

He then patted my private and stripped himself he has an average body I felt uncomfortable when he moved my hand to rub his hard pp.

I moved away but he told me it was fine and the only dads and daughter would touch each other privates and kiss each other.

I pecked his lips and blushed at the time I was too innocent to know that my dad was a pedophile but mater I was gonna learn the hard way.

The bath went good besides me getting his pp and kissing his chest as he asked once dried off he put me in a nightgown with no panties and since I had eaten already he laid naked with me on the bed we were close and I was on his chest his pp cuddling between my lips.

The next day it gets unsettling after breakfast we played a game of kisses n licks he gets to kiss and lick on my body and I can to on his.

He licked my pussy and my ass my chest and nipples my armpits feet and lips and I gave my dad a rimjob this was our favorite game until I knew better we plaid horsey I had my first sexual awakening humping my dads cock it felt so good I remember telling him while he wipes us down.

The next day was our last day until my mom picked me up night he laid me down and got his tip in me much to my protests and tried to stretch me but stopped.

But I did get to suck my dad’s cock.

Over the week I got needy for the games my mom said I would get naked and hump things or ask to see daddy or even finger myself.

She thought it was uncle seeing as he had a past so I was banned from seeing him.

I got older I’ll skip to age 12 I was finally able to take my dad’s cock it hurt and felt good I remember being so needy for it cock warming him flashing him and he loved it.

I got distant from my mom and I screamed and fought her I was groomed and I only liked my dad so I went to stay with him for a while.

We were like newlyweds sex all the time until. I got lets to say 14 or 13 I was aware and drained but I still fucked my dad it had been so long where I would feel attached one moment and in love then I hated him and cried but I always found myself crawling in my dad’s bed with only his shirt and no panties.

I was still being groomed until I stayed with him full time and at the age of 17 I was about to submit and accept it the sex started feeling good and I didn’t cry much until something went off in me.

I ran away told my mom everything and the price we’re able to find files on too of files of me you could guess what.

He was put away but I still feel sometimes attached but my girlfriend helps with that much.

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    I’m glad you got out of that situation. Cheers to new lives.