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Amy Tale/s – Hey You? Pt. 2 (Us Two.)

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Janet stood, and she walked over to one of the candles watching me the whole time, and she leaned down and blew it out, racy, if you know what I mean.

I got off work Friday (the day Janet and I agreed on), and I went to Ken’s apartment and I showered and put on a jean skirt and shirt (no panties and no bra); and I had a bag with some clothes. I told Ken, I am going out, and I do not know when I will be back; and he said, okay. I drove about 15 minutes to Janet’s for our date. I rang the doorbell, and Janet opened the door, and Janet posed with one hand high on the door, and one knee slightly bent in front of the other – and she looked sexy hot.

Janet was wearing a lace bra and thong, and thigh high stockings with lacy tops, and high heel platforms. It was all white, even the platforms, and see through. She had fixed her hair real nice and it was straight and all laying inside one shoulder down to the top of her breast. She had small silver dangle earrings, and I know there were diamonds in them, and a matching necklace. Her makeup was awesome, pale pink eyeshadow, black lashes, and her lips were sparling pink. There is not a man in this world who could have withstood such a temptation, and very few women. I felt outclassed as a woman.

Janet said, come in Amy, but she said it sexy like. I went in, she shut the door, and she walked in front of me and said, this way, motioning curling her finger at her shoulder as she looked back at me. Janet walked slow, with one foot over the other in line again like she did in the store that day. I had to look at her perfect ass because she was moving it so nicely. We got to the living room, and it was dim with candles going, and she gently pushed me down on the couch. She straddled my lap and pulled my chin up softly, and she kissed me slow, and deep, and her lips tasted like bubblegum. She stopped kissing me, and she put her head on my shoulder, and she embraced and pulled me in tight to her body.

I put my arms around her and rubbed down the small of her back and her bare ass. Janet sat back up in my lap, and she said, did you miss me? What was I going to say? I am a woman, but she was making me feel less than feminine. I do this to guys, I do, and she was doing it to me. She is so young, such a nice body. I said, yes, you are becoming a tasty flavor. Janet got euphoric and kissed me again, but with more force, and her hands became more active on my arms and back. Janet stood, and she walked over to one of the candles watching me the whole time, and she leaned down and blew it out, racy, if you know what I mean. She did the same thing five more times to the other candles.

Janet took my hand, and she led me upstairs with her slow sensual walk. We went all the way down the hall, to the master bedroom, and it was clean and in order and the bed was made, and she had placed rose petals on the comforter. Her platforms made her about 5 inches taller than me as she stood, and she slowly removed my top facing me. She gently rubbed my breasts and up and down my arms and back, and she kissed me again. She unbuttoned and pushed my skirt down until it fell, and she took hold of my hands, and she pulled me forward and I stepped out of it.

Janet stood with her feet and legs together and she swiveled on her toes and knelt and rubbed from my breasts to my stomach, across the hair of my pussy, down my thighs and the back of my knees and calves and back around to my feet, and she slid my sandals off. I was getting so wet, and I was getting seduced. It felt like the first time of any first time I had experienced, but better. I did not say or do anything to her because of my feeling of being overpowered. She swiveled again while bent down and slowly stood rubbing her way back up my naked body.

Janet moved to one side of me and took my hand and led me onto the bed, while she walked down the side of the bed. I was on my knees and she leaned over and made me lie back on the pillows. My foot farthest from her was flat on the bed (by me) with my knee up and leg bent slightly in her direction. She never stopped looking at my eyes, and she stepped back from the bed and lifted her leg behind her, and she removed one shoe, real sensually, and then the other. She put one foot up on the bed on her toes, and she rolled her stocking down, and at her foot, she pointed her toes, and pushed the stocking off, and she had pretty pink toenails (I wanted to kiss them). She unrolled the stocking and draped it over the headboard, and then she repeated this for her other stocking.

Janet reached behind her and undid her lacy bra, and removed it, and draped it too. I looked at her firm breasts and lovely nipples. She never touched her own breasts. She slowly removed her thong, and she put one knee up on the bed, and she rubbed me from my toes all the way up my body, shoulder, neck, lips, and nose with her thong, and then laid it on the nightstand. Never once did she turn from looking at my eyes. Janet scooped some of the rose petals on the bed and dropped them on my breasts, and stomach, on my waist, and my thighs and nether regions. She took some petals and rubbed my body, and my breasts, up my shoulder and neck, and across my forehead and down across my eyes as I closed them, and my lips. I could smell them, and it was invigorating, and my breathing shuttered with excitement.

There were no words spoken, and she pulled the leg I had raised flat, and this is the first time she looked away. At my feet, she held both feet and leaned over and kissed my toes, and up my foot, and leg, thighs, so slow, across my most sensitives, my stomach, my breasts, tenderly, my shoulder, my neck, my ear lobe, cheek, eye lids which I closed when she began kissing my toes, my forehead, and down to my lips, and she kissed me so sweetly. She made her way back down, and she spread my legs apart, and kissed my inner thighs, and beside my pleasure point, and on top of it, and it was so wet, and my pussy lips had swollen and spread. She licked it, and again, and again, never getting frantic, delicately, and her tongue found the spot.

Janet would kiss my pussy with her whole mouth closing her lips upon it, very softly, and never shook her head trying to excite my clit; she used her tongue, and it did not take me long to erupt. It was so intimate, that I gently squeezed my legs together careful to tenderly hold her head as I shook and trembled. I pulled Janet up by her hand, and we kissed. I was feeling so good, who is this young thing, I could be her mom (that is what was going through my head). We continued to kiss, and I rolled her over, so I was on top. I kissed down her neck and shoulder to her perky firm C’s, and I licked and sucked her nipples. I continued down and kissed everywhere, until I found myself at her toes. I sucked them, and I kissed on the top of her feet as I rubbed them with my hands.

I eased my way back up kissing and rubbing, and I pushed her legs wide, and I spent time on her thighs, and into her smoothed shaved pussy, and I kissed it, then licked it, but I was conquered by desire and tried to swallow her up in my mouth. I moved my tongue and lips, all over and focused on the area that I knew felt the best. Contrary to Janet, I wanted to eat her violently, and I did, and she exploded and grabbed my head, and rolled to her side, trembling throughout, and her thighs quivered. I kept going, and forced in harder and my head was shaking, and my lips and tongue were pressed in vigorously, and she started to moan and squeal louder, and she shook again. I sustained my efforts until she finally stopped me.

Janet pulled me up and she held me tightly and we kissed, it wasn’t late, but it was late enough that Janet pulled the covers back, and we got underneath. We laid face to face on our sides and she held me like she was in love with me. I had nothing to compare this night to. It was a first among firsts, we settled back, and the first words were spoken since entering the bedroom. Janet said, I think I love you. I did not know what to say, I am selfish, just after pleasure, but I wanted her to feel as good as she made me feel, so I said, I love you too. Did I mean it, maybe, I wanted her, but there is so many things to consider in love, or lust. It was lust, because it was conditioned on what just happened, I loved how Janet made me feel, not from some forfeiture of my desire to benefit someone else. Yet, I had said it, I told her what she wanted to hear.

We fell asleep. I awoke early to the feeling of Janet kissing on my pussy again. Her pussy was near me, and after I was surely awake, I spread for her and grabbed her, and we mutually brought each other to pleasure again. Janet wanted me to stay, and she put a t-shirt on and went downstairs and made us something to eat, it was a little after 6am. I came down naked, my bag still downstairs, and I grabbed my nightie and put it on. We ate, and she said, do you want to get in the jacuzzi? I said, yes. We went out the sliding glass backdoor and the jacuzzi was to the side, she uncovered it, and she had some towels, and she took her shirt off and got in naked, and I followed.

Janet was all over me, kissing me, and we fingered each other and licked and rubbed each other’s breasts. We fingered each other into orgasms, and she just hung around my neck for a while. I started getting dizzy, and we got out. We continued until lunch time taking turns or doing each other at the same time having sex. Then we dressed and went out to eat. We got back to her house, and she did not want me to leave. I told her I must, and Janet said, no other girl makes me feel like you do. I said, it was good, but it will subside, we can do it again. She said, I will see you soon, if I have to, I will come and stay with you. I grabbed my things and started toward the door, and Janet stopped me and kissed me, and looked like she was going to cry.

Janet said it again, I love you, and I said, okay, I will see you soon. I went back to Ken’s apartment, and I showered and collapsed on the bed. Ken was not there, but he came in about an hour later. He laid next to me in the bed and said, did you have fun. I said, yes, but I am not sure about what just happened. Ken did not ask, and I am not sure I wanted to tell. Where does Janet fall in my sex circle of friends?

I went to work Monday, and I could not quit thinking about Janet. She had burrowed her way into my consciousness. It was about 4:40pm, I was about to get off work at 5pm, and I was walking around the store. Then, I saw a girl in a yellow floral midthigh sundress, high heeled sandals, a sunhat and her blonde pretty hair was down and below both shoulders. She was wearing sunglasses looking at clothing in the women’s department. I thought to myself, that is Janet. I moved closer, and she had noticed me long before I noticed her, but she was not looking to see, but to be seen. I knew it was Janet, the sunglasses and hat were not enough to fool me. See Amy Tale/s – Hey You? Pt. 3 (It’s Me!) for what happens next.

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