No one believes you

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No one believed me that I was forced to have sex.

At 19 I was a single mom and high school dropout working as a stripper to make money. I worked from 6 at night till 2 in the morning I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time all the guy’s I was meeting were perverted old men at the club where I worked. I did learn quickly the more flirting you did the more guy’s wanted lap dances and that’s where the money was.
These old men would always talk shit. I could feel their hard on when I give a private dance. I did tease I would get on my knees and make sure my mouth was right by their dick or my nibbles touched their lips. I put on a good show to make sure I got a good tip. But I could care less about them I just wanted their money nothing else.
Anyway you get regulars so you always be nice to them especially the ones who pay your rent. And you make them think they’re more than just money so they keep giving you money. But not all men know the difference between fantasy and reality.
After work I would stop at waffle house and eat with some of the girls. And we would often see guy’s we just saw at the club. I would always get my food paid for by some stupid guy. One time some guy paid for my food and walked me to my car he was a lot older so I didn’t feel unsafe with him. He was talking to me at my car but I told him I needed to go I needed to stop and get gas and pick up my son from my mom’s house before she goes to work. He told me ok but he had something for me in his truck a surprise. He parked behind waffle house in a closed store lot. I got in his truck he tried to kiss me I told him no he pulled me to him told me I made him so fucking hard he wanted to fuck me. I told him no he told me he would give me 100 dollars. I told him no I was not a hooker. He forced me on my back told me I was going to fuck him it was just a matter of if I was going to do it for free or take the 100 dollars. I told him I would scream and he hit me in the stomach I couldn’t breathe. He them pulled my shorts and panties off. Took my shirt off. Then forced himself between my legs. I felt him getting inside me nothing I could do to stop him. He was fucking me and talking very dirty to me. As I got my breath back I was scared but knew it was going to happen now I just didn’t want to get hurt after he was done. So I told it was ok just we shouldn’t take to long or someone would see us. I ask him if we could use a condom I was not on birth control. He told me he wasn’t using a condom but that he had a vasectomy. It didn’t last very long until he said he was going to cum. I felt him start to nut inside me. I was relieved it was over but still afraid he might hurt me. But he got out of the truck pulled his pants up and handed me a 100 dollar bill told me there would be a lot more of them coming my way. I didn’t said anything just got dressed. Two men whistle at us as I was getting dressed they didn’t realize I was just forced to have sex. As I walked back to my car one of them ask me how much. I started to cry I went and got my son then to my apartment took a shower and went to bed.
I quit my job there and started dancing at a different place. I missed my period hoped I was just late. But soon found out he lied I was pregnant. When I tried to tell even my mom what happened she didn’t believe me. She just said how could I not be more careful. She said she could see how I got pregnant at 16 I was young and stupid. But by now I should no how babies are made and use protection. So now I have two children to take care of.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    I don’t find this that hard to believe. If it is a fantasy, it’s a well thought out one. Sex workers are among the highest risk, ironically enough.

  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

    i feel sorry for you, i was raped at age 9 but never told anyone because since age 7 i was taugh man do not cry, get emotional, etc… so i let my rapist go free and shut my mouth.

  • Reply After work ID:fzq35kt0d

    Steve why are you asking this. That shouldn’t matter

  • Reply Steve ID:fzq35kt0d

    Have you ever had sex for $$$ before or after this happened to you?

  • Reply After work ID:vzg6b544

    I still dance just more careful now.

  • Reply Steve ID:vzg6b544

    So you still dance and tease men?

  • Reply Devin ID:ffh2uw0hm

    That’s karma for you. Maybe you should take food and money from people. That makes you a whore

    • After work ID:7ylvmikv9b

      What? Do you get paid to work?

  • Reply Bill w ID:61jyxovzm

    That was very hot. I began to cum when the other guys asked how much. You must have been humiliated

    • After work ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Yes it was very embarrassing. And I felt stupid to have gotten myself into the situation. He asked me how many men I had fucked from the club. He really thought I was a hooker.

  • Reply Joe ID:7zv3fpx49i

    Girl I would of fucked you also. You got what you deserved.

    • After ID:fzq364km2


  • Reply Sweet ID:fzq364oia

    I love that this. You gave the guy a good memory.

  • Reply Natasha m. ID:fx7ita98j

    I read your story close,I do disagree with ass hole Doug’s comment,he has comments for alot of people,these guys are paying your meal and your calling them stupid,you know this type of work brings low life pervs,your story could be made up and your not getting the hype response your looking for,the good rape response that these losers like reading.and maybe your just being judged for being a slut dancer,alot of girls in this business do sexual favors for money,alot of them,I hope my response helped you.

  • Reply Dave ID:7zv1l2am9j

    At first I thought you were forced. But then I realized you took the hundred dollars. So now I realize you were just working another job as a cum dump. And your mom was right if you’re going to be the town’s cum dump use protection. Or are you trying to have a baby with all the men in your city?.

  • Reply After work ID:7zv1l2am9j

    I am not sure what my race has to do with this. I was still forced to have sex. Don’t matter what I do to make money.

    • Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

      Hello I am really sorry what happened to you that’s an old man raped you and got you pregnant I would really love to find myself a real stripper to get involved with I would really like to hear from you

    • Happy ID:fzq364oia

      Timothy Copenhaver
      I don’t know you. And I am not looking for a boyfriend.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fx7i916ii

    The minute you said all they do is talk shit,your black,what do you think you guys do all day on your cell phones,your fucking glued to them worst than white people,and all you do is talk shit.

    • Jake ID:5srcti158k

      Please I can I contant you

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oozrj

    think about the price you pay before you act not after!

    • After work ID:7zv1l2am9j

      What did I do wrong? I went to work and then got something to eat.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fx7i916ik

    I just love being the smartest in the room,and steps ahead of the next person.ive been saying for years how you guys butter up to people for their money,the minute their out the door,you guys pull the same shit on the next group,all night long.you know the game I can tell,I just watched the players club again the other night,good classic,this sounds like a true story,nothing highly great but true details

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4k0d

    You sound black,I believe the story,I got out of going to strip clubs in my early 20s exactly because of the reasons you described,im 48 now.you guys tease us and take our money.no fool here.when you do that for a job what do you expect.good story though.