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Amy Tale/s – BBC Weekend Pt. 3 (Conclusion)

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His friend eased that big black cock into my white pussy, and I looked back and told my husband, go ahead, stick your dick in too.

This is the story of a weekend I spent with my husband and his thick 10 inch plus big cock black friend. My husband and his friend were on a two-day pass from their Army training school, and the pass ends Sunday night. We had just got back to the hotel after eating, and it was a little after 9pm on a Saturday. We came in and my husband change into shorts and a t-shirt and sat on the bed and turned the TV on. His friend sat on his bed and started fiddling with his phone. I sat down on the couch and watched TV and checked my phone, but I was distracted by my husband’s attitude.

I know my husband, and after he gets bored with something, he doesn’t want it anymore and it is hard to get him excited with the same thing again without effort. His friend got up and went and took a shower. While he was in there, I asked my husband, are you alright? He just smirked, and said, I’m fine, but I could tell he was upset. I said, are you jealous? He said, well, with the way you have been acting, it seems like you are done with me. I said, I am just having fun, you started this. We went back and forth until the shower stopped, and then I just let my husband pout. His friend came out in just a pair of shorts and sat down on his bed, and went through his lotion routine, and I got to thinking of that big black cock, and rubbing lotion on him personally. My husband was being a prick to us now, and it was pissing me off.

We sat there until around 10:30pm not talking, and I got up and took all my clothes off and sat down next to my husband on the bed. He said, what are you doing? I said, this is our last night, don’t you want to do something? He said, I am not really in the mood anymore. I stayed like that for about 10 minutes conjuring up stuff in my head. Then I got up, and I said, be that way, and I walked over and got in bed with his friend. My husband said, what are you doing? I said, I want to sleep over here tonight since you are mad. I had placed his friend in an awkward position, and he was making gestures to my husband like he did not know what was going on.

My husband fussed with me for a bit, and I reminded him that he started this. Finally, after some more exchanges, my husband just said, suit yourself. His friend asked my husband, what do you want me to do? My husband replied, do whatever you want. I asked my husband, do you want him to sleep with you instead? He said, no. Now both of them were on the aisle side of the beds, and they were sitting with their backs against the headboards. I was totally naked, and I slid down and laid my leg across his friend and started rubbing his chest. My sexy soft white skin against the black complexion of my husband’s friend, looked fucking hot as hell to me.

I was watching my husband, and he was watching me. I could tell this was getting my husband excited, because he started rubbing at his shorts. I slowly moved my hand down his friend’s chest and stomach, and then I reached into his shorts, and I started rubbing his cock. While I was doing this, I was starring directly at my husband, and he was getting turned on. My husband was playing with his own cock inside his shorts. I said to my husband, are you getting in the mood now? He rolled his eyes and said, you know that is turning me own.

I pulled his black friend’s shorts off, and I sat on top of his cock, and started rubbing my pussy on it. He was not hard, but he was getting there. He was still sitting with his back against the headboard, and I leaned into him and started kissing him. He kissed back, but it wasn’t what I would call deep and passionate. I sat back up, and just plainly asked him if he was gay or bisexual? He said, I am gay, but I am enjoying what we have been doing this weekend. I was rubbing my pussy on his cock and I said, are you gay in that you like other men fucking you in the ass? He looked at me and my husband, and said, yes, I like anal sex. I said, would you like my husband to fuck you in the ass? He looked over at my husband inquisitively, then back at me, and he said, if he wants to, he can.

I kept rubbing my pussy on his cock and I was getting wet, and that black cock was getting hard (probably from the talk). I looked over at my husband, and he had slid his shorts down, and was stroking his cock even more now; and I said, do you want to fuck your friend? He looked at me and turned his head shaking it, and said, I don’t know if I want to do that. I asked his friend, does your dick get hard when you are getting fucked in the ass? He said, yes, I especially get hard when I am getting fucked. I looked at my husband, and with the most desirous and wishful voice said, please fuck him? My pussy is all stretched out from his big cock, I can barely feel you, I bet his ass is tight, you’ll get excited watching him fuck me while you fuck him. My husband said, I have never done that. I pressed some more, and my husband said, I will think about it. I said, do want to come over here and eat my pussy? He got up, took the rest of his clothes off, and came over.

Now, I made my husband lay down flat, and I straddled his face and made his friend straddle my husband’s midsection and we were facing each other. I started rubbing my pussy on my husband’s mouth as he ate, and rubbing my clit with his friend’s big ass cock. His friend reached behind himself and was rubbing on my husband’s dick. I put my free hand around his friend, and I pulled him into me, and I closed my eyes while my husband licked my pussy, and I rubbed my clit with that big cock. This lasted for about 10 minutes, and finally, I got off. We repositioned, but his friend kept rubbing on my husband’s cock. I asked his friend, what do you want to do? He glanced at us both, and said, I want to suck your husband’s dick. I said, is that all? He wanted to say something, but he was real hesitant, I pressed him, and I said, tell me, what do you want? He said, I want your husband to suck me too.

I looked at my husband and said, will you suck his cock, and get it hard for me? He was shaking his head and not answering, so I embraced my husband, and I kissed him, and I said please, this is really turning me on. Finally, he agreed, and they laid down beside each other and they both started sucking each other’s cocks. I got below his friend, and I was licking his balls. I grabbed his cock and was jacking on it and making my husband suck it hard, and sometimes, we would take turns sucking that big cock. His dick was hard as shit. I could tell his friend was getting really excited, so I stopped my husband. I wanted that big cock to cum inside of me not from our sucking it. So, I compelled my husband spiritedly in order to get him to fuck his friend in the ass. He eventually agreed but said, only if I could find a condom. I don’t use condoms, don’t need to, so I did not know what to do. His friend got up and went to his bag, and pulled out some condoms and lube, I guess he was prepared.

My husband put the condom on, and I bent over and told his friend to come into me from behind. My husband got behind him. His friend eased that big black cock into my white pussy, and I looked back and told my husband, go ahead, stick your dick in too. Now his friend was in me, but not really moving in me. I assumed my husband was trying to start. Pretty soon, my husband’s friend starting making pleasure noises, and I could feel my husband pushing back and forth on his friend. We all started rocking, and it took us a bit to get a rhythm going together, but it was different. His friend was jerking more from the excitement of having his ass fucked than fucking me, and I could feel it. His friend reached forward and started rubbing my breasts, and I was so glad, I wanted to feel him touching me.

After a bit, he pushed me down flat, and spread his legs to the outside of mine, and was laying on me. His big black cock was so deep inside me, and I could feel my husband getting pretty fast in his friend’s ass. I was grunting and moaning, and I said pantingly to his friend, can you cum? He said, yes. I asked my husband, can you cum too, and he said, I am almost ready. The first one to get off was my husband’s friend, and when he did, he just laid deep into me throbbing. As he was shaking, my husband was still pounding hard and fast, and then I felt that all too familiar shaking when a man gets off, and I knew my husband just came.

My husband pulled right out and went to the bathroom, and his friend rolled off me and we were both catching our breath. I rolled over on top of his friend, and I kissed him, and rubbed up and down his body. My husband came out of the bathroom and put his shorts back on. I got up, and I took his friend by the hand, and I led him to the shower and we both got in. I took my time in the shower and I washed him all over. He washed me too, but I had to lead him to wash the areas I really wanted him to touch.

We got out and dried off, and his friend grabbed his lotion bottle and was starting to rub some on, and I stopped him. My husband was back in our bed watching TV, and I made his friend lie down on his own bed, and I rubbed lotion all over him. We were both still naked. It was really late now, and I looked over at my husband, and I said, I am going to sleep over here tonight, okay. He had this pissy look on his face, but he was tired of arguing, and he said, do whatever you want. I made his friend stay naked too, and we got under the covers, and I put my leg and arm around him, and I rubbed on him, and rubbed on that cock, until we fell asleep.

We woke up the in the morning and I realized that I had just had the best weekend of fucking I had ever had. Everyone got dressed, we checked out, went to get something to eat, and I drove them back to the base. Me and my husband argued over what happened, but I assured him it was just for that weekend, and that I would not go out and cheat on him like that behind his back, I was just having fun with him and trying to excite him with the fantasy that was his own idea. He was only at that base for a few more months while he completed his training. He never invited anyone else after that weekend, and I was so disappointed. Soon we would have to move to my husband’s first duty station. There are more tales mixed in from before we moved and after, I will save those stories for another time.

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