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Bi mmf with wife and friend

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My wife and I had an old friend over for drinks, then our friend asked us if we ever tried meth. We had never tried it but said why not.

So he pulls out a little glass pipe and we all hit it three or four times then went out to the back yard and had another drink sitting around the hotub and my wife suggested we should get in and we agreed. She said she was going to put her suit on then we could go change, she was gone a out two minutes and she called downstairs for me to come up that she wanted to ask me something so I go up and ask what’s up she is nude trying to decide what suit to wear i said the smaller the better and she said she was really horny and she wanted me and our friend to both fuck her and I said hell yes and told her to wear her tiny suit but let me go down and get him so we can change while you fix us all a other drink. I went out a d told him to come on up and we could change. On his way in he stopped in the kitchen and yelled up so we could hit the pipe again so we took a other three or four hits my wife fixed drinks and we went to change I grabbed a suit and tossed him one then he stripped down and I noticed he was completely shaved and was getting a little hard a d I told him that my wife wanted us both to fuck her if he was in, he got a big grin on his face and his dick got really hard as he put on the suit witch was a little tight as was mine and my dick was rock hard as well.
So we went out to the hotub and my wife was already in and she looked beautiful and said I guess you told him I wanted to fuck you two as I can see you both are looking pretty hard and said why dont you go ahead and take off your trunks and show me what you have.wit that I pulled off my trunks and stroked my dick a couple of times then our friend pulled his off and he was quite a bit bigger thicker and longer we got in and she got a dick in each hand while I took her bottom off a d he removed her top her nipples were hard and we played with them as he sucked us both and we took turns fingering her wet hot pussy I sat her up on the side of the tub and licked her clit he got out and put his dick in her mouth and I watched her suck his dick while I ate her pussy she started cumming real hard and I stopped and told our friend to sit on the side of the tub and she got up and sat down on his dick facing me and I watched her ride his dick for about five minutes before I couldn’t help but lean forward and suck her clit while he slow fucked her pussy then I pulled her down and told her I wanted to suck his dick with that she reached down and pulled his dick out of her and put the head in my mouth a d he trusted it deeper into my mouth then she put his dick back in her pussy and back in my mouth I sucked him for a few minutes then he put it in her pussy and started filling her pussy his dick slipped out and I ate his cum out of her then she told.me to suck him that she wanted to watch his dick was soft and she asked him to suck me a d he sucked.me until I came in his mouth.
We spent the weekend together sucking and fucking until we could not move.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjrjq06ib

    Hot story Tina makes u turn nasty . Dirty secrets
    Being forced with girlfriend. Want more

  • Reply Heavily hung ID:5u1d7ch6id

    Wifey didn’t want a divorce after she found out your dirty little secret?

    • [email protected] ID:cau0wks8k

      Everyone had a dirty secet! I bet you too have one

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5unqd6tcd2

    Tell me more! I’m very jealous of you!!!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5unqd6tcd2

    Tell me more! Very curious!!!