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Southwest Exposure

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My family stayed in this Bed, and Breakfast, which was a kinda villa.

You know how Spanish style houses have those red roof tiles? Well, this one was shaped like a C, with a courtyard, and even a little bird-feeder in the center. We got rooms upstairs on one side, with a nice view over the roof across from our windows, which is why mom got dad to book this place.

I didn’t know who he was, but he was staying downstairs, across the way. Mom, and dad got the room right next to mine, but I took a shower, and I was getting ready for bed when I went to the window to look out. At the view, the lights were on in the city, and I was brushing my hair dry in a towel.

Up around my titties, and under my arms so I wasn’t really naked, but then his light came on, and he started taking off his clothes down in his room. I guess you could call it love at first sight, or at least lust when he took his shirt off. His back was turned to the window, but it looked broad, and muscular.

Tapered down to a tight waist, narrow hips, and firm looking buns when he opened up his pants, and dropped them. I couldn’t see any lower than his knees, but then he turned around, and walked over out of sight. The light went off, and I shook my head. Blinking, with my hair still stuck in the brush, I put it down feeling really horny.

Feeling my hair was dry, I turned off the light, and got in bed, but before I fell asleep. My mind went wild, filling in the gaps where I didn’t get to see. His jock, maybe a little flash of pubic hair before he walked off. Turned out the light, and presumably got in his bed. I opened up my towel, and just lay on it.

My hands exploring my body, but with my eyes closed, I imagined it was him. Feeling me up, 2 handfuls of boobs, then letting go to touch my panting tummy. Run his fingertips through my bush, and even scratched it a little. I’d scrubbed the water out with the towel before I put it on, just like I lathered up the little bar of soap that came with the room.

I had my own bathroom too, which was really nice. I mean, I have brothers, with their own room across the hall, but they probably had to fight over the bathroom they shared. Just like they made me hurry up in the morning back at home, but now I could even imagine having my own house. To myself, my own bathroom, and try to imagine sex.

With anyone, of course that guy was a complete stranger, and not the first man I’d seen naked, but maybe it was the situation. Knowing that he had no idea I was up here watching him undress, and if my brain hadn’t shut down as soon as I saw him, I might have respected his privacy.

Now, I had to think how I would feel, if somebody was watching me. Naked, right out of the shower, and getting ready for bed. I looked over at my bag, still zipped up and everything. With my sleep shorts, and night shirt still packed away with my swimsuit, and other changes of clothes. I don’t normally sleep naked, and I wasn’t sleeping now, but I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I never played with myself before, I hadn’t even tried, but I never felt like this before, and it was frustrating. At some point, I guess I passed out, but instead of dreaming, I just remembered him. Turning on the light, and taking his clothes off with his back to me. Turning to walk off, out of the frame of the window, then skipping back. On repeat, over, and over again.

“Huh!” I woke up in the middle of the night, and it was dark. I guess the moon set, or kept going behind my side of the building, but I was naked. Cold, I shivered, and peeled my back off the damp towel to kick it off the bed. Got under the covers, and snuggled up, but I guess I didn’t believe what they said about the desert.

I’m not from the southwest, that’s part of the view that mom brought us out here to look at. “Aint she a butte?” Dad joked, when we stopped by a gas-station. Lone Butte gas station, just so you know how to spell it, if your dad happens to make a bad joke. A dad joke, but mom just hugged him. Standing beside the gas station, and looking at the view.

Which just reminded me of the view I got before bed. As I nodded off again, this time he stopped before he went off to cut out the light. He turned around, and looked up. Saw me there, and I took off my towel to show him my body.

My 10 year old body, such that it is. When I say that I had 2 handfuls of boobs, I mean my own hands weren’t real big either. I was barely wearing bras, instead of training bras, so I had to put them on backwards, then pull it around to stick my arms in the shoulder straps. I never really played with them before either, but with him watching.

At least imagining him watching, and his big jock getting hard. Sticking it out the window to pump it, and shoot his nut all over the window sill until I woke up.

“Uh?” It was bright, so I let go of my boobs, and covered up my eyes. It was hot too, so I kicked off the covers, and lay naked in the morning sun. “Huh!” Mom was disappointed that she couldn’t watch the sun set, from their window. Instead, you could see the Sangre de Christos, and the shadow of the Jemez moving across the valley.

She got a map out, and pointed out the Ortiz, the Sandia over by Albuquerque, while my brothers asked her to look up where they tested the atom bombs. Mom was disappointed that the Sangre de Christos didn’t turn red, like the Blood of Jesus they’re named for, but dad had an interview at LANL.

That’s what this trip was really about, but momma really wanted to make sure we got to stop, and look at the views. I finally got sick of looking up at the logs holding the ceiling up, and got dressed. Mom had this trip down to the Hot Springs planned, but those were all the way out in Las Vegas. Not the Las Vegas Nevada, but it still looked like roadrunner country to me. The boys didn’t want to get back in the car after all day driving out here yesterday.

“Oh, mom. We have a pool, and it’s already like a hundred degrees out there.”

“Don’t be silly, it’s probably not even 70 yet.”

“Well, it’ll only get hotter, and the boys don’t want to ride in the car, so I’ll just stay here, and keep an eye on them.” So, she went off on her own, but really, I just wanted to keep an eye out for that man.

The boys burned their mouths eating chili for breakfast. Ever since we got to New Mexico, instead of “You want fries with that?” The question is always “Red or Green?” I always ordered no chile, but the boys ordered “Christmas,” which is both kinds of chile, and really hot. It ain’t even like real chile, it’s got no beans in it, and if there’s any meat, I can’t see it in the red, or green. At least they’re not weird, and put it on spaghetti like Cincinati chile.

So, it was easy to talk them into putting on their swim trunks, and cooling off in the pool. I didn’t see him, but we weren’t the only ones hanging around at the pool. The boys are still little boys, since I’m the oldest, they aren’t even interested in looking at girls, even naked. So, I changed right in front of them, as usual, because there’s no point in trying to hide what little body I got. They just pulled up their shorts, and ran out of the room with the door wide open.

“Huh!” I hadn’t even gotten the top turned around the right way, so I was standing there in the bottoms, at least half naked, but I hesitated to close the door. What if somebody just walked by, and looked in on me changing? Somehow, when I failed to get that sexy feeling back this morning, the thought of somebody peeping in on me. The way that I peeped on him last night was very attractive.

So, I just pulled the top on, like a sports bra only for swimming, and went in the boy’s bathroom to use their mirror. I tied my hair up to keep it dry, which lasted about 2 seconds before they splashed me, but I didn’t linger there. In the boys’ bathroom, because I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.

Not much to see, honestly. I barely even had hips, let alone tits, or a decent booty. I guess that’s my best side, which is sad to say honestly. So, if any dude ever did check me out, he’d be behind me, so I’d never even know it.

“Uh, guys!” I was waist deep in the water, trying to cover up my hair, but I had to push past them to get to the steps. “My hair?”

“Oh, what’s the big deal?” The older of the 2 splashed me again, so I had to push him down in the water.

“Where am I gonna find somebody to braid it out here?” I just noticed that, I hadn’t seen another black face anywhere since. I don’t know when, Texas? Too late, it was already kinking up, and the chlorine wasn’t doing me any favors. “I just washed it last night!”

“Sar, ree!” They went back to splashing each other, while I picked it out with my fingers. Found somewhere to sit in the shade, keep an eye on them so they don’t drown each other, and twist it up until I can find some rubberbands, or something.

Well, I had all day, so I started braiding it myself. I can do that, my arms get tired holding them up that long, but what else am I gonna do? That finished, some dude came over and asked me if he could get me anything?

“Yeah, some hair ties, or rubberbands, or something.”

“I mean to eat or drink.”

“No, I’m good, I just have to tie my hair up.” He’s Mexican, or New Mexican. I can’t tell the difference yet, but when we move here. Maybe, I don’t know, but either way, he managed to get a little baggy of teeny tiny rubber bands.

“Where’d you get these?”

“Oh, there’s an orthodontist staying in Casita B.” Whatever that means. “He had them for braces.”

“That’s perfect, thank you so much.”

“No problem.” He nodded, and went around to ask the couple eating and drinking across the pool from us. I took a look, because the man had one of those tans, where one arm is darker then the other from driving. A trucker tan? But with his shirt off, it didn’t leave much to the imagination. Pasty white with droopy man titties, and dark nipples pinched out into ellipses in the corners.

Ew no, but his wife lay back on a lounger, in a bikini. With fake ass titties, working on her tan, and my toes started getting hot. So, I had to get up, and scoot back out of the sun. I sure didn’t have to work on my tan, I’ll say that. Bad enough finding makeup to match my face, but then I’d have to find another, and another when I get darker, and I know I should probably start paying more attention to the way I look.

If I want to get any attention from boys, but that got me thinking about what kind of man I wanted. Smart like my dad? I don’t know, honestly bright guys go out of their way to show off how clever they are. Like my dad’s jokes, “I’m a cunning linguist!”

I’m not even supposed to know what that means. Cunnilingus, pussy licking. Momma laughed, and said he was so bad, but maybe if we are going to move out here, to the high desert. I might want to think about white, Pueblo, and latinos? I mean, that’s all I have to look at from here, but white boys like that dude over there.

He had a son, and daughters, and his son didn’t look fat. Not yet, a little older then the boys, but I can definitely see it, and if I was to go out with him, I know that I’d probably worry about the way he’d turn out, when he let himself go.

Why am I even thinking about getting married, and having kids? I’m not even in 6th grade yet, and maybe I can date before I pick one to keep until we get older. Looking at my mom, she kept it up after 3 kids, and let me say that she doesn’t need those stupid silicone balloons to fill out a bikini.

I hope she has fun sitting in hot water, when she gets there. Finally, I run out of stuff to write notes about, and switch over to the internet. They got 5G and put up a sign in the window. Proudly advertised that on the website too, but out here in public. I decided not to look up anything too NSFW.

[How To Masturbate] Finding a page without any pictures, or popups. Honestly, it’s easier to find porno to look at then useful advice, and the porno movies weren’t real helpful neither. The problem is, even if she’s masturbating with a guy over the webcam, so you know it ain’t fake, you can’t really see what she’s doing with her hand it the way.

It don’t stick out like a dick. A big hard jock, so there’s no mystery what you do with that. Boys are lucky, they can just look down, while from here. All I can see is a little hair curling up in the gap between my hip bones, and my pubic mons. “Huh!”

I really want to scratch it again, and what with all the people around. The boys can play in the pool all day, I know that, and if they do start drowning, maybe that whale with the trucker tan’ll save them. At least you know he’ll float, so there’s something to hang onto, like a life preserver.

They did say that sometimes the clitty can be too sensitive for direct stimulation, when it’s little, and the nerve endings are packed closely together, which I never even thought of. “Try not to drown each other while I go to the bathroom.” I said, and went to look for somewhere to try it.

“Excuse me, you got any restrooms I can use downstairs?”

“Sure, over by the dining room.” The lady at the towel desk handed me a bathrobe, or tried to, but I just went straight back to where she was pointing. “Huh!” They had a shower in there, too. Just in case you wanted to get your hair wet, again, and wash the pool water off, but they had a lock on the door, and a full length mirror.

It ain’t like a restaurant, or a hotel. It’s like a villa, converted over to a bed and breakfast. So, instead of having one of those big public restrooms you’d expect, it’s just like any other private bathroom you get with your room. Kinda have to wonder how many that is, but with it all to myself. I could punch up Xvideos, and look for something to watch. Pull down my bottoms, and kept my top on, because I don’t really see the point.

I ain’t getting off playing with my tittes, and I got plenty of that all night, even in my sleep. Now, I had to figure out all this stuff down there. Where the sun don’t shine, and I know I sound southern, because I’m southern. My daddy went to UNG, and stayed around for his graduate degree, he even lectured on Molecular Biology there, but that means I never really got to see much more then Dahlonega outside of summer road trips like this. I don’t really know about this whole southwest, area. It looks pretty enough, but it’s too hot during the day, and too cold at night.

“Uh!” This isn’t working, so I pull my bottoms up, and check my hair. Without a mirror, of course it came out all crooked, and I didn’t even have any yarn to box-braid it. My momma’s probably 100 miles away soaking in the hot springs.

Also, I didn’t figure out to look at the Gay side of Xvids yet. I ain’t gay, I’m a girl, but for some reason they believe that the only people who want to watch a strong muscular man jerk it through the window is another gay man? Well, I don’t guess they make porno sites for 10 year old girls any more. Even then, they shut down the ones for dirty old men that want to look at 10 year old girls, so they probably don’t want to show their bodies. I imagine they all look like that pasty white dude with the trucker tan, and the wife with fake ass titties.


So when momma got home, I got her to take me back in her room. Get out the rat-tail, and the black yarn to box-braid my hair. I just gritted my teeth, knowing it’ll stop pulling when it grows out overnight, but then I couldn’t wash it. I already got a shower yesterday, and whatever I said about the pool water, I don’t have to worry about the sweat getting stinky from the invisible bugs that live in it.

So, I skipped the bath, got ready for bed, and sat up in the window to wait for the light to come on. Down there, sure enough this time I recognized the uniform. I didn’t really get a chance last night when we got in, but all day like that dude that hit up the orthodontist in Casita B for rubber bands.

He had on black chinos, like khakis only black, but not Dockers. One of them 3 button pullover shirts, only instead of the Polo player, it had the logo of the resort on in. Well, the villa, it’s just called The Villa, but I wasn’t looking at that last night, and again he had his back turned. So, I could see his muscles stretch when he pulled his top off, and wished I had binoculars or something when he looked down to undo his pants.

Bend over, and drop his boxer briefs before he kicked them off. Then, I held my breath, my eyes locked on his hip when he turned to go cut out the light, but again. All I saw was a little bush from the side, and a nipple in the corner of his pec. His buttocks flex, and stretch, then he was gone, and turned off the light.

“Huh!” I just leaned out the window, and remembered that the walls are so thick. Another re-run, just like remembering it over and over in my sleep, but this time I had the window open. So, I could hear laughter, and catch a cigarette butt flicked off in the corner. Spanish, women. Maid outfits talking in Spanish so I don’t know what they’re saying, but I could guess what they was talking about.

Or whom, of course if he undressed like that every night. On the ground floor, right in front of the window without any blinds, or curtains or nothing. I’m not the first one that caught the show, but then I went out to the hallway, and down it to the stairs. In my slippers, and my pajamas, but it was summer.

So, we’re talking about cutoff shorts, and a shirt with the sleeves cut off to a vest. No underwear or bra, not that I needed one, but then I found the door to the courtyard. I tried it, but it was locked, a key lock instead of one of those push buttons, or the little thing you pinch and turn to lock it before you close it.

I thought about getting a butter knife from the breakfast room to jimmy it, but then the maids came out, and said “That’s off limits.”

“What for?” I don’t know if it was the same maids. Latinas, but all I saw was their hair, and the tops of their maid dresses. Same teal or turquoise as the man’s shirt, but latina hair. It’s just black, and straight.

“It’s just for the fountain,” one of them told me, in English. “We get magpies in season, and the touristas come to see them.”

“The bird feeder?” I had to put my hands up to look through the shiny glass windows in the door, but sure enough. It had one of them walls around it, so they could fill the whole thing up with water, overflowing from the bird bath like a gobblet. So, it was a fountain, and a bird bath, but I guess that bird on the logo is a magpie?

I don’t know, it looks kinda cartoony with all them white patches in the wings, spread like a black and white Phoenix, instead of a Phoenix. I guess that’d be in Arizona, but also. I saw the fence on the other side of the courtyard. So, I went out for some fresh air, took a bathrobe from the towel desk just in case it got cold, but it was still warm out.

Instead of busting the window, and trying the door knob on the outside. I’m country, but I’m not completely oblivious to breaking and entering. I figured it locked on the outside too, even though the B&B was open 24/7. Just in case you wanted something in the middle of the night, but when I got around to it.

The blue/green bathrobe came in handy to throw over the spikes, and the broken bottles in the top of the wall. Apparently, that’s old-school southwest security, better than barbed wire. The bottom of the fence was stuck in the top, and they had rocks stuck in the front of the wall, but it turned out to be all concrete with rocks in it. Made to look like a stone wall, but I climbed up over it in my slippers good enough.

It was dark, and I smelled smoke from the latinas’ cigarettes. Watching the show, but if I want a closer look. I better get those binoculars then, but how am I going to ask for that? Momma, I want to take up bird watching, but sure enough. The wall was thick, and stucko like everything else here. I’m getting so sick of stucko, but in my dream last night. He just busted his nuts all over a regular window sill like back home.

Too bad those maids are probably out here every night. So, even if I did do this tomorrow, before he finishes work, and comes out to undress in front of the window. It’s off limits, I’m not supposed to be out here, and I even prided myself a little on getting past all the security.

“Uh!” I turned out to be pretty damp, and my fingers got slippery again from the lotion soaked in from doing my knees, and elbows. That helped, but really I was this close to Him asleep in bed. I figured, since that’s what he got naked to do. Not show off that hot body to the maids, or so I thought.

So, I sat back on the edge of the fountain. Instead of broken bottles on top, it had cold slate, which warmed up under my but. Even as I was trying out what I could remember from looking up how to masturbate on the internet. “Uh!” My lips slipped out when I tried to pinch it. So, I pinched it again, “Uh!” And again, “Uh uh uh uh huh!”

I thought you’re supposed to pinch it, and pull it up and down. That’s what the girl said in the comments, where she admitted her little clitty was too sensitive to touch directly. Must’ve been a white girl, but all that pinching, and slipping out squeezed the moisture out my lips, and made my little inner lips plump up. Juicy, and pull my hard clitty through my tight hood until I couldn’t breathe no more. “Ah sht! NGH!” I tried, and I got my first O breathing out, so I couldn’t breathe in with all the muscles in places I didn’t even think about tensing up all at once.

“Oh! Oh god. Ugh, fuck. Yes, ohh!” Stupid shit like that, you say when you can finally breathe, and it don’t mean nothing, but I curled up on the floor. Saltillo tiles, I guess. That’s what they call them, just like the red clay wavy tiles they got up on the roof only flat, hard, and cool on my hot body. Curled up like a baby, and trying not to fall out.

Finally, I got up, climbed back over (Without cutting my feet in the slippers) ripped the bathrobe on the spikes trying to pull it down, but they had a million of them. Probably just a hundred, but you get my drift.

I had all week, to think of something better but that second night, it was good enough to satisfy me. At least I finally figured out how to get an O.

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