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The bet

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The sex ban my wife put me on didn’t go to well……but went well for me.

I’m no author so please forgive the spelling and grammar mistakes. Thanks.

Wife is 35 and im 37, we have been married 15 years and have a 11yo only daughter.

I never had any interest or sexual thoughts towards my daughter as myself and the wife had a very healthy sex life. That was untill one night we were having a drink and jokingly said to the wife I can last longer then her with out sex so we made a deal, if she cracks first she has to live out my fantasy of me setting up a random stranger to fuck her, ive always wanted this but she’s never been keen so now was my chance to get it and she said if I cracked first she wants a whole week of no washing, tidying and cleaning in other words a week off from all adult and parental responsibilities, the ban also stretched to no mastabation either.
Now we had sex virtually every day and as little as 4 times a week so this was going to be hard.
A month down the line and im hard pretty much constantly and the wife isn’t helping leaving her worn panties laying around everywhere and dressing extra sexy, I really wanted to win as seeing my wife with some random stranger is my biggest fantasy and this was the only way I’d get it.

Later that day we received a phone call, my wife’s mum had a fall and the wife was going to go stay with her for a few days, it was Monday so I booked a emergency week off work and decided I’d stay at home with izzy as she has school and dont want her missing.

By the time izzy got home the wife had already left, her mum lives about 8hr drive away so left as soon as she got the call.
Walking out the door the wife kisses me grabs my cock and says NO wanking and who knows when I get back Friday you might win this bet, my cock swelled instantly as she walked off wiggling her butt ,  and me thinking how the fuck am I gonna last till Friday, but the thought of me getting my own way didn’t only turn me on but made me determined to win, and I will win as there’s no distractions now the wife is away just me and the kid so this will be easy.

I explained to izzy what happend when she got home, she was worried as she adors her nan but understood she has school so she’s better off staying with dad, and its only a week.

Its 11 at night now and im sitting in the front room watching football replays, something non sexy and drinking a few beers, my reasoning is to drink a few while watching sport then go pass out in bed before getting to horny and wanking.

Izzy appears at the front room door, whats up babe I ask, telling her she should be asleep already as she has school in the morning, she starts crying saying she can’t sleep as she is worried about her nanny.
I call her over to the sofa im sitting on and tell her to lay on the sofa for a little while legs on my lap and a cover over both of us, half hour passes and I notice she is still laying there wide awake, i get up telling her ill make her a hot milk to help her sleep, in the kitchen I notice my wife’s sleepers, she has a good supply as she works a mixture of nights mornings and days so uses them to keep a sleep schedule.
I cant go in there and say take these as she will mention it to her mum, so I crush 2 up and mix them into her hot milk, as I put the bottle back it says over 18 only and one tablet to be taken only, I know there strong as they really knock the wife out, I worried for a bit thinking shit I put 2 in her drink and she is only 11, but the other part of ke thinks if she don’t sleep soon she will be to tired for school in the morning.
I’d mixed some cold milk in with it as she dont like it to hot and gave it to her as i walked in telling her she can lay here for half hour more then will have to go to bed as its late and she has school,
She takes the drink and downs it all passing me the empty cup before I could even sit down, thirsty I ask her laughing,
I put the empty cup on the table and sit back down putting her legs back on my lap and cover us with the covers, sitting there slowing stroking her legs above her ankels but below her knees, nothing in it just somthing she has always liked and relaxes her, after a few mins I stop and take a mouthful of my beer when izzy in a slured voice says quietly dont stop its helping me sleep, I dont say a thing just put my hands under the covers and carry on gently rubbing her legs, after a little while she let’s out a single snore and turns on her side pulling the covers off us slightly,
I look to the side of me and notice her nighty had risen up and her cute tiny butt is right there covered only by a tiny pair of white panties, my cock twitched shocking me back to reality so I nudged her saying her name saying get to bed now babe, she didn’t move a inch she was really out of it just breathing heavy and fast asleep so I get up, pick her up into my arms to carry her to bed, as I lay her down my hand gets trapped under her butt, the heat from it was unreal and as I pulled my hand from under her her panties slid down a little, I pull them back up and pull her nighty down covering her.
I stand up noticing im rock hard, after the beers I was feeling tipsy so thought fuck it im gonna wank, the wife won’t know, I don’t know why but I just pulled my cock out and started wanking standing there a few feet away from my daughter fast asleep, I pulled her cover back off and lifted her nighty again, seeing the tight white panties tight against her little mound took me over, looking at her tiny camel toe and looking at my cock made me realise how big I am compared to her little body, im nothing special id say average size but compared to her little body I looked massive and her camel toe looked tiny and so tidy
I reach down grabbing her panties at the sides and pull them down and off, now I’m there staring at the bald tiny pussy, so clean tight smooth and neatly tucked in.
I reach down and run my finger up and down her slit while watching her breathing,  it doesn’t change so I rub up and down a few more times before bringing my fingers to my  nose, the smell was intoxicating.
I open her legs wide and her little lips pull apart slowly so I go straight down putting my nose on her little slit and sniff in deeply, this made me nearly blow my load so I then use my fingers to pull her apart seeing the light pink clean untouched pussy.
I see her virginity and my heat beats fast, I look at her again still dead to the world so while held open I slip my tongue straight to her opening and slowly lick upwards towards her virtully non existent clit, she tasted even better then she smelt, I flicked my tongue over her clit for a little while before turning her on her bed so she was laying back and her legs where hanging off the bed, I put them over my shoulders pulled her lips open again and spent a long time tongue fucking her tiny hole pushing as far as I could get it in.
During this time while on my knees with this perfect pussy in my face id pulled my cock out, it looked so hard and angry, hadn’t cum in over a month so was trying not to get to vigorous with it, but looking at it made me think there is no way its going to fit in her pussy she’s way to small so I settled for rubbing the head of my raging cock all over her saliva cover pussy, and using the tiny pussy lips to wank my cock, I was getting carried away and lent back spread her with my fingers and with the other hand put the tip of my cock to her hole, I lent forward and opend her mouth and put mine on hers, I was exploring her mouth with my tongue and as I touched her tongue I pushed hard I felt a little pop as she swallowed the head of my cock insde her, but i felt her hymen in the way so tensed up and pushed again this time the was a ripping feeling as my cock sunk all the way in, her little pussy was squeezing trying to push me out but it made me hard pushing in more.
I lent back up to see every inch of my cock buried inside her, her little lips stretched round my cock, as I slowly pulled out I notice a little bit if blood on my cock, a wierd feeling came over me and I lent back forward and I didn’t fuck her I can only describe it as made love to her,  I was kissing her again whilst gently making love to her when all of a sudden her mouth starts to kiss me back with that I swelled what felt like a 100 times and cum so so hard, im a heavy cummer at the best of times but no release in over a month I cum bucket loads I could feel ever big spurt of cum shooting from my cock as it was forced against her cervix,  it was twitching with every pulse of cum that filled her.
I started to go soft and felt her pussy pushing me out of her, I held her legs back on my shoulders as the head popped out, looking at that pussy a bit of gult hit me because her sweet little pussy looked so different surely she will notice the difference  it was red and puffy and looked well and truly fucked, no sign of cum so I just guessed it was all taken in by her cervix and as she’s not started her periods yet so I wasnt worried.
I put her panties back on her and straightened her into bed properly, one last kiss on the lips and left.
Back in my room I feel asleep instantly.

Waking up in the morning I thought it was all a dream for a second, that was until i went to the toilet and I could still smell that virgin pussy on my cock.
I knocked one out quick whilst in the bathroom thinking about last night.

I call the school telling them izzy won’t be in today as she had a rough night worried about her nan, the school understood.
1pm izzy comes out if her room looking a mess, I ask if she’s OK when she says she’s fine just come on her period then goes on to tell me its wierd tho as she is 10days early, oh I tell her, didn’t know you had started already then tells me she started earlier that year mum knows but its not somthing you talk to your dad about she chuckled.
I suddenly feel sick realising how much I usually cum and last night the feeling of how much I shot inside her.
You sure I ask, when she says well there was a little bit of blood and other stuff in my nickers this morning and my tummy and vagina feels sore and tender.
I tell her to lay  the sofa and fetch her some pain killers.
I go sit in the kitchen thinking, panicking more then thinking. The blood thats from where i took her virginity, the sore vagina and tummy was from the sex, but then it hit me, 10 days early, so 10 days till her period that means at the moment she is highly fertile. Holy fuck what have I done and what am I gonna do. Maybe its fine maybe all the fucking has made her come on early, im sure its fine.

4pm she is fully with it now pills fully worn off, shes been sleeping on and off most of the day.
She tells me she is going to have a shower and I tell her not to he long as dinner won’t be long.
She comes to the kitchen as im dishing up, tight tshirt on flat chest with these little nipples poking through and tight short shorts pulled up tight, that camel toe looks different from last night I think to my self, worrying if she noticed anything different in the shower.
False alarm dad she says breaking me, I haven’t come on yet, what do you mean i say, she explains that this morning she changed into a fresh pair of panties and when she got in the shower there was no blood, but worryingly said there was loads of other stuff in her panties tho.
Shit I think, thats my cum and it’s been inside her all night and day, and deep aswell.
Its just your body changing I say its normal, maybe talk to your mum when she gets home I tell her.

I checked in on izzy and she is fast asleep, feeling horny seeing her laying there asleep in the bed I took her virginity in, can’t do anything tho as she will wake up with out the pills in her.
I got to the bathroom dig out her panties, they are still soaking wet and take them to bed, sniff then wrap them round my cock and wank hard cumming all over my self.

Izzy comes to the front room ready for school, feeling better today i ask her. Yeah alot she says, still feel a bit funny down there but I’m OK.
All day my head was a mess thinking the worse, if she is pregnant im fucked ill lose everything and worse go to jail, even drove a hour away so I wasn’t recognised to a chemist to buy the morning after pill, thought I’d crush it into her drink with dinner. Only to get there and be told the woman has to come in to get it.
Fuck what am I going to do, please come on next Thursday izzy I pray to myself.

Friday about 5pm I go and get the wifes bottle of pills and take about 10 out, she won’t notice but they work so well they kind of brought somthing to life in me and thought if the opportunity arises with anyone ill use them.
8pm the wife gets home she goes to see izzy who is already in bed the about half hour comes to tell me she is getting in the shower and to see her in bed.
We are in bed and I am so horny and i say to her you know how badly I want to see you with a stranger but I’ve missed you so much baby and love you, I want sex.
She looks at me laughs and says you win baby, huh I manage.
She explains one night she really missed me and was turned on so made her self cum, therefore I held out longer ( I didn’t  ) meaning I win.
So you will honestly do it I ask heart beating hard, I guess so she says a bet is a bet, but I wanna set some rules first. Of course. These were the rules.
1. When izzy isn’t home
2. No anal
3. No kissing
4. Condoms for sex
5. 25 and over up to 45
6. White English only, not racist just her preference.
7. One and only time with one person, dont even ask again.
8. I am there 100% of the time.
9. No one we know.

My rules.
1. Blind folded the whole time
2. I pick the person you never see them
3. Has to be at night
4. We have sex straight after
5. I get to film it

After some back and forth we both agree on the rules and I ask when, she says next week its half term so no school so ill ask my sister to have izzy for the night on Wednesday, shouldn’t be a problem.
With that I dived on my wife fucking her all night till eventually made slow love to her then fell asleep.


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    What’s an arousing thought?

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    I got my daughter pregnant at 14.
    Luckily she didn’t tell anyone who the father was

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      She’s lucky to have you as a father!

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    Would love to hear more Jane!

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      You can look up “Grandpa takes my virginity” on the search, you can read and jerk off about it. However many times!

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    I wish I could fuck my daughter

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      Why can’t you???

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      My grandpa fucked me, and I loved it later as I grew up. What made me who I am today.

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      How old when it started and how?

    • Jane

      Can’t remember, probably younger but when I turned 12. It got serious and he started to fuck me!

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      Nice Jane eould live to hear more about it

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      I have fucked my great granddaughter after waking up and found her nine year old mouth wrapped around my dick sucking for dear life.
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      That is a very arousing thought.