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My daughter the stripper

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I went to the club to relax and found my daughter stripping. Fiction, incest.

My wife was out of town for a few days, visiting her sister. I decided to have a little fun and go down to the strip club and watch a few girls take their clothes off and shake their stuff, up on the stage.

About eight-thirty I walked into the Fuzzy Bunny Club. The club was pretty busy that night and I found a seat in the third row, in an area that was quite dark. I ordered a beer for $6 and a scantily dressed young lady brought it to me. I added another $1 tip in addition to paying for the beer. Those prices explained how the club could operate without a cover charge.

The first entertainer was an attractive black woman who looked like she was in her mid-twenties. She had big tits and spent a lot of time shaking them. During her first song she danced around the pole, did squats and stripped down to where she was topless. She tweaked her nipples and made them get big and hard. She then made a tour around the audience, collecting one and five dollar bills, tucked in the top and sides of her costume bottom as tips.

She went back on stage and her second song started. By the end of that song, she was completely nude except for her mid-thigh mesh stockings and her red spiked, high heels. She was squatted down and she used her hands to spread her cunt lips. She rotated from side to side so everyone could get a good look at her freshly shaved snatch. Then she came back into the audience. Some bills were put in the tops of her stockings, some were put between her legs, and more than a couple guys managed to get fingers up inside of her, if they were showing a big enough tip. A twenty would do it. One guy had her bend over and take her tip from him by squeezing her tits together to grasp it. He used both hands to give them a nice squeeze. She gave him a little kiss on the top of his bald head. Then she was gone.

The second act was a white woman about the same age. Her tits were smaller, and she was very thin. At the end of her second song, she was on the floor, on her side with one leg raised. She rubbed herself between the legs with a vibrator and simulated an orgasm. Quite a few guys paid up enough so they could finger her and see if she was wet. She was because she had put lube inside before going on stage.

The announcer called out the third dancer. “Gentlemen and Lady, we have a special treat. We have a new performer tonight. She is a local girl. She just had her nineteenth birthday, and this is her first time on stage. Put your hands together and give a big welcome for Miss. Kandy Kane. This is one candy cane that I would enjoy licking.”

She meekly came up on stage. “She looks a little shy. Give her some encouragement. Remember that it’s her first time.” The crowd cheered, whistled and clapped. The music started and she turned to face the audience. It did not take me five seconds to realize that Kandy Kane was my nineteen-year-old daughter, Jennifer. My chin must have hit the table in front of me. I sat there transfixed.

She was dressed in a long, white formal dress with spaghetti straps, long white gloves a diamond looking neckless and silver high heels. Her long light brown hair stayed behind her and came down to the middle of her back. Her first song started. She started a little slow but quickly got into the spirit of what she was doing. She sashayed around the stage. Her long white gloved were the first things to come off. Next, she lowered the straps of her dress, reached behind her and unzipped the dress. She held her arm across her chest, so the dress did not fall down.

Then with her hands she lowered the top of the dress to show the lacy white bra she was wearing. She moved her arm and the dress fell to the floor, exposing the matching white lace thong. She stepped out of her dress and danced swayingly around the stage, to the appreciation of everyone. Her song was seconds from ending when she reached behind her, unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor with her other things. Her beautiful 32-B breasts and large, hard nipples drew applause from the audience. Kandy / Jennifer scampered off the stage and started her rounds to collect tips. She was getting good tips and more than a few feels. I quickly got up and went to the men’s room so she would not see me.

Her second song started, and I came back to my seat. Kandy put her hands on her knees and shook her breasts. Then she lowered her thong almost to her slit and pulled it back up. “Not yet, Guys. You have to wait.” She went to the pole and swung around it. She wrapped one leg around it and spun some more. She backed up to the pole, spread her legs and twerked her ass against it.

My daughter then walked up to the edge of the stage, pulled her thong panties part way down again and then back up. She shook her head no. Then she inched them back down, only this time she kept going and let them fall to the floor. She picked them back up, rubbed them against her crotch and threw them into the audience. Two men almost got into a fight over who caught them. She went back to the pole and did some more spinning moves. At one point she lifted her right leg up as high as the top of her head. That brought sheers from the crowd. Kandy went back to the edge of the stage, squatted down with her knees spread wide, giving everyone a good look at her love tunnel. She blew kisses to the crowd. Then she was down off the stage for her second round of tips with just her heels and garter belts on, and I was off to the men’s room again.

The club was known for having rooms in back where you could be with the girls, for a price. I had never gone back there. This special time with the girl was called a Meet and Greet because prostitution was against the law, but everyone knew that it was really Fuck and Suck.

As the next girl was dancing, I was thinking. I went to the bar and told the bartender that I would like to meet Kandy Kane in one of the private rooms. “That will be $100 for a half hour. This is her first time so be nice to her.” I gave him the hundred. I remember that the girl got $75, and the bar kept $25, plus the girl usually got tips at the end. She also got $100 for her act on stage, and she did the act twice during the night.

I went to the room and sat in a chair, facing away from the door. I was going to scare the hell out of her and try to stop her from doing this anymore. In a minute there was a gentle knock on the door, and it opened. Jennifer walked in. I turned around. She was wearing a sheer pink teddy. You could clearly see her breasts, nipples and the V where her legs came together thru the material. She saw that it was me and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

A couple minutes later, the door opened again, and Jennifer walked back in. She had a big, forced smile on her face. “Hello Sir, I’m delighted that you chose to spend some private time with Kandy. What is your pleasure?”

Jennifer walked over to me while I was sitting in the chair. She leaned over and gave me a kiss. It was not a father/daughter kiss or a prostitute kiss. It was more of a lover’s kiss. She took my hands and put them under her teddy and brought them up to her tits. I gave them a squeeze and she moaned. I had intended to lecture her about what she was doing, but my mind was rapidly changing.

She reached down and squeezed my crotch. “I can see that you are very interested in Kandy. Would you like me to lick your candy cane, Sir? I couldn’t say a word or do anything as she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. “Lift your ass up.” I did and she pulled my pants and underpants down to my ankles.
Jennifer dropped down and kissed the end of my erect prick, licked up and down the length of my shaft and sucked on my balls. Finally, she slid her lips down the length of my dick while holding my balls in her hand.

Her mother and I enjoyed oral sex and I was blown by other women and girls when I was younger, but I had never getting sucked as much as I was enjoying this blowjob. I still had not said a word.

She felt my ball sack tighten and knew that I was getting ready to come. She pulled off and looked up at me. “Did you like that, Sir?”

For the first time, I spoke. “Oh yes. That was wonderful.”

Kandy stood up and pulled her teddy over her head. I looked up and down my daughter’s beautiful body. I had not seen her naked since she was eight and we went skinny dipping below a waterfall because it was such a perfect place, but we did not have swimsuits with us.

She smiled at me and got on the bed. “Well, come on, big guy. Bring that thing over her and let me have it. I’m all wet waiting for it. I’ll be sure you get your money’s worth, Sir.”

Her pointing out that I was paying to be in a sexual situation with my own daughter shocked me. This was not what I had intended. I almost ended this, but my body and lust were overruling my mind. I stood up, stepped out of my pants kicked off my shoes and removed my shirt. I was going to do it. I was going to fuck my own teen aged daughter.

I got on the bed with her. She put her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips and pulled me to her. She was wet but still a snug fit. I slid in till me balls hit her ass. “Do it. Fuck me hard. Show little Kandy how good you can fuck her.”

I couldn’t resist. I started pounding her hard and fast and deep. I lasted about five minutes before I felt that I was on the edge of coming. “Ahhhh. I’m going to come.” I started to pull out, but she kept her legs tight around me and would not let me.

“Come in me, Daddy. Fill me with your cum. I’ve dreamed about having sex with you ever after the time we went swimming naked below the waterfall when I was eight. Fuck me hard till you fill me up. Then I’ll suck you clean. I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you, too, Jennifer.” I almost screamed it as I blew a big load into my daughter’s cunt. We hugged and kissed.

“You can have me any time you want me, Daddy. You’re not going to tell Mom, are you?”

“You better believe that I won’t tell your mom. Get your clothes and let’s go home.”

I can’t. I have to get cleaned up and go back to work. I have to work for three more hours.” I wondered if any other man would fuck my daughter tonight before she came home. “Mom’s still away, we can sleep together till she comes home.”

I gave ‘Kandy’ a fifty-dollar tip and we both laughed. Then I dressed and went home and waited for Jennifer to come to me.

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