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Grandpa takes my virginity

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In my last story I have told you about a brief summary of my childhood, about being molested by my grandfather. I don’t remember exactly when or how it all began, but lets talk about my childhood. Most of it was sex with my grandpa, he would pick me up from school, and as we drove off back home. On the way I give him road head, he never forced me
against my will, at this point I enjoyed servicing him! Letting me suck on his penis and fingering my pussy this day was special he gets to take my virginity, since I no longer was on my period! I sucked on his penis vigorously getting it nice, wet, and hard for him to put it in me when we got home! I released his penis, and licked along his shaft down to his balls! He lets out moans as I lick his balls and put it in my mouth! Still licking it in my mouth, I stopped playing with them, and went to lick up some pre cum from the head and put it all in my mouth again! He lets out more moans and he started to put his hand on my head to push my head so I can take more of it into my throat! I gagged a little but still I couldn’t take it any deeper, as we arrived at home I began to undress and we kissed each other. Long and passionate after that I got on all fours, and my grandpa puts it in it hurts but eventually everything became nice and pleasant! He pounds my pussy slow and then he begins to pick up his paste. I moan as he pounds me faster and faster, and I began to match his rhythm, I began to cum first because it was my first time having vaginal sex! I was in escasty and then he pulls it out and he begins to jerk himself off to cum on my ass! Instead, I volunteered to help him finish I turned around and jerked him off I feel his hard penis full of my saliva and cum. Made me so turned on! At last my Grandpa cums on my face like he did many times. This time I wrap my mouth around his penis and drink his semen it tasted salty but still so good! My first time swallowing too, but then the door opens. My little sister who is barely a toddler walks in and was playing with a toy. She looks at us; her older sister covered in cum from face to chest and her naked grandpa with his penis out! She never said a word, until our grandfather began to shoo her away! She knew what that meant and left the room. Luckily, when she got older I asked her that if she remembered anything about what she saw in our parent’s bedroom? The only thing she said that grandpa was shooing her away that was that! I made her pinkie promise me that whatever happened back then stays between her and me.

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