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Beginning of Swapping (Son fucked mom) Part-I

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In the mom and son sex story that due to the fight between mom and dad, I felt that mom was not happy with dad. Once I went with my mom to every party of her friend. What happened there? Friends, this is not a sex story but a true incident of my life.
My name is Prince there are 5 people in my family, my dad Vicky age 44 years.He works in Private farm with very good salary..My mom Emily, age 40, is a house wife.My elder brother David is 23 years old, fair handsome boy.Then I am Prince, I am 21 years old. I am black in complexion and strong in body..After me there is my younger sister Nicole. She is 19 years old and her complexion is milky fair.This incident happened when I failed again in 12th.
My brothers and sisters were all good in studies, but I don’t know why I was always behind them.In the eyes of my family, I was completely useless.They used to taunt me all the time.And I was failing everywhere in my life; In studies, in making girlfriend.Because due to my dark complexion and weakness in studies, no girl in my school would give me a line.I also started running my work with my own hands.I started masturbating every day.had thought that I was never going to get a pussy, so why not do it with my hands.I started masturbating secretly.
But now something new started happening in our house.Whenever my dad came from work, my mom would start fighting with him.I thought, I don’t know, there might be some mutual issue between them.One day mom told me that it was her friend’s marriage anniversary and she had to go there.
The place where mom had to go was in a nearby city. Had to stay there for one night and return in the morning.I said- Mom, you take brother or dad.But mom said – Your dad is not at home and your brother also has some work. If either of them had gone, I would not have spoken to you. No more excuses and get ready quietly!Now it had become my compulsion to go.
Mom and I got ready and left the house.After some time, both of us reached mom’s friend’s party.The party was in a banquet hall.When we reached there, I greeted aunty and joined the party.Aunty had given rooms to all the guests who came there.We were also given a room and after some time we both came to the party.
My mom started talking to aunty and her friends but I started wandering here and there like a mad person.I met a man there and he gave me a card.He said to me- Give this card to her.She was a 32 year old woman.I thought this man might be his acquaintance.I went and gave that card to that woman.
The lady looked at me and while taking the card she said to me – Listen, how much do you charge? I don’t feel like it today, but I will arrange for you somewhere.Saying this she left from there but I did not understand anything.Then I started searching for the man with that card.I thought I would ask what was written in that card.Then after roaming around for some time, I could not find the man but found the lady.
She came to me and said – Listen, your work is done but keep whatever money you get. Don’t be too disapproving.I was looking at her pussy.She gave back a big scarf and said – You have to go to room number 32 on the second floor with this cloth tied over your face… and listen, give good service. If she like the service, you will get more customers next time.Just saying this she left from there.
I couldn’t understand what was the matter.Then after some time I thought that I should at least go and see what the matter was.With my mouth closed, I reached outside the room and knocked on the door..A wheezing voice came from inside – It is open…come.When I went inside, the room was dark.Then a shadow closed the door and held my hand and placed money on it.She said in a hushed voice – These are 5 thousand… you can count if you want.
Then she put her hand on my pants and felt my penis and started caressing it with her hand.I enjoyed it so much that I started pressing her hand on my penis.Then she started taking off my clothes.After some time, she made me completely naked, grabbed my penis, put it in her mouth and started sucking it.Now I started enjoying heaven and started moving back and forth in her mouth.Then she coughed and took my penis out of her mouth and stood in front of me and whispered in my ear – Yours is very big…now your turn.He held my hand and placed it on his body.I thought she was asking me to remove her clothes..I removed her clothes.Then she lay down on the bed.I climbed on top of her and placed her legs on my shoulders and started rubbing my penis bulbous head against her pulips.
On this she held my penis and placed it on her pussy and patted it and said yes.Then as soon as I pushed, she uttered the sound of ‘AhI will die, Put your cock in my vagina slowly, slowly…’.I was starting to enjoy it so I didn’t even listen to her voice and in the second push I pushed my entire penis into her pussy.She screamed – Ah momfucker… will you tear my pussy? Ah do it slowly… yours is so big, perhaps 9 inch and my man’s cock is only 6 inch and not so fatter like you..Now I started fucking her comfortably.with full sex command. She raised her ass in fun to meet the thrust of penis in her vagina and started enjoying getting fucked by me.She kept making intoxicating sounds of ‘ah ah more fast… ah more fast…’.I also started fucking her fast.
After about 25 minutes she said – Have you taken any medicine? It is so late, your sex water has not come out?I didn’t say anything and kept fucking her.She said – Friend, tell me one thing, I am speaking here as a girl and you are feeling shy even though you are a man. This time that voice seemed familiar to me.The very next moment I became nervous.I thought whether she was my mom… and as soon as this thought came to my mind, I quickly increased my speed and started trying to ejaculate my jism as soon as possible.
She kept saying ‘Now comfortably… comfortably…’.Now, without listening to her, I started fucking her faster.Then after about 10 minutes I ejaculated my sperms in her vagina and I fell on that lady.I started panting and she started caressing my back lovingly… started kissing me.When I regained some consciousness, I quickly got up and started looking for my clothes.She said- What happened friend… where did you go?Then when I started wearing clothes.
Then she said – Listen, my friend had told me 5 thousand Dollars for the whole night… and you are leaving right now? On hearing this, I handed over the money to him.She said- Friend, what happened to you? Why are you doing this? Forgive me if I have offended you… but why are you going? If you don’t feel like it anymore, at least we can talk for a while.But I did not listen to him and walked towards the door.
She suddenly came behind me and started taking me back to the room, saying – Listen, if you want more money, I will give it, but don’t go yet.I suddenly changed my voice and said in his ear – Listen, there is no question of money. Why are you insisting now madam? If you need someone for the whole night, look for someone else.She said – Listen, let’s not stay the whole night… you can do it once more… and I will do as you say.
I said- Okay then listen, I don’t like to talk… and I will do it only one more time. There should be no more drama after that.She said- Okay.And she started kissing me again.I thought that whatever was to happen has already happened. But let me do it one more time. What will go wrong with that?Then if I go away like this, I don’t know what she will do.I lay down in 69 position and started licking her pussy and she started sucking my penis.Then after about 20 minutes, her pussy released sex water and I got up and signaled her to become like a bitch.She understood that she had to be fucked like a bitch.And when I went back and placed my penis there and tried to push, she said – Wait, this is the wrong hole.She held my penis and placed it on her pussy and said – do it now.
As I pushed, shefirst screamed then started moaning.But I started fucking her pussy without stopping.She kept saying ‘Ah ah aah aayi…’.After some time she ejaculated and said – Now will you wait for a while?Lying down straight, I said – Listen, it was because of this drama that I was leaving.She said- Come on, don’t wait, do whatever you have to do.I said- I don’t want to do it… now you have to do it.I lay down on the bed and said – Now you come on top of me and do it.
She climbed on top of me, held my penis with her hand, put it in her pussy and started jumping on me like a cowgirl and started kissing me.Then she started murmuring – Aah aah… why didn’t you meet me earlier… you are giving a lot of fun.I thought I should hurry now.I removed her from me and came between her legs.I spread her legs and placed them on my shoulders and inserted my penis completely into her pussy in one stroke, inserted the penis and started fucking her.and started fondlng her big breasts with sucking of nipples and she started screaming.
After about 15-20 minutes, I released my semen into her pussy and fell on her.She said- Ah, it was fun… Listen, when will we meet again?I said- I never meet anyone again after once.I got up and started wearing my clothes and the lady asked me – How much money should I give you?I said- Whatever you want to give, give it.While searching for her purse she said – please turn on the light, I have to find my purse.
Hearing this, I quickly opened the door of the room and came out immediately so that the secret of mom and son’s sex would not be revealed.Friends, after that I came to my room, lay down and slept.After about two hours my mom Emily came into the room and I asked her where were you?So Emily said- where you were.I said- what do you mean? Mom put my mobile phone in my hand and said – Do you know where I got this?
I said- I don’t know, it was lost somewhere in the party.. Mom gave me a sweet smile and kissed and told hury up otherwise we will be tto late. After that no money only an incest relation between mom and son in home and in absence of dad I became the husband of my mom for fucking purpose only and my mom became happy and all the

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