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Growing up with a Shameless Mother

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Female growing up with a sexual mom. Child shamelessly used.

I’m Elle, I’m 19 years old and currently living in my own apartment with my best friend. I’m adjusting to my new living situation, it’s so much different than how I grew up.

My mom had me at 15, yes I know young. She stayed a single mother but brought home some men every once in a while. In between these men she was lonely, but I was always there for her.

I can’t remember when things actually started to get sexual between us. The first memory I had of being sexual with my mom brings me back to 10 years old, at the time it still seemed natural. I think my mom started me off really young.

I remember getting out of the tub. Mom went to the living room as I dried myself off with my towel. I didn’t get dressed, I remember my mom telling me it was pointless to dirty clothes if you’re just home with mommy.

I went out to the living room, mommy was watching Peter Pan, my favorite movie. She smiled when I walked in and she slipped off her pants revealing her bare pussy.

“Okay mommy” I said as soon as I saw her drop them. I sat on the floor and shoved my little face between her legs. She continued watching the movie. I can’t remember how I learned how to eat her pussy. But I was conditioned enough to know I should be doing it when mommy is naked. It was casual. She moaned and continued to watch the movie. I shoved my little hand into her and rubbed her clit with my nose as I stuck my tongue in her.

When she had orgasmed she would suffocate me in her pussy. Sometimes she would pinch my nose and push my face into her deeper as she grinded on my baby face.

This wasn’t the first or the last time.

It was always a casual thing. As I got older it became such a regular thing I still didn’t know it was abuse. I’d come home from school and mommy would be on the phone with her bra off and her hard nipples poking through her top. I’d put my bag down and stuck my head under her shirt and suck on them. She’d be sitting on the couch with the phone in her hands. I would be on her lap and sucking her nipples as she spoke to whoever was on the line.

She would lick a finger would shove her hand in my pants and just shove a finger inside me. She wouldn’t move it. It would just be inside me until she decided she wanted to be done getting sucked. Once I sat and sucked on her tits for an hour. I took a nap and latched on.

It wouldn’t be too often but she would snap her fingers if she walked into a room. She’d be fully dressed and I would have to strip down. I was laying the the floor doing homework and she snapped her fingers. I pulled off my pants and shirt and continued to write in my answers.

She would eat my ass as I did. I couldn’t be distracted or she would get upset so I had to try not to moan or stop writing. It became easier over time.

This is it for now. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed. All my stories are 100% true. Be kind. Thank you

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  • Reply Roberto

    Hey, who’s the author of this? Her name is strangely missing.

    • Psiberzerker

      It’s not me. However, sometimes authors forget to fill in our names. It’s not a required field.

  • Reply F.B.I

    bruuuuuuuuuuu fuck on outa here will ya honestly

  • Reply lesbeurk

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    • Psiberzerker

      She doesn’t have to do anything. You don’t have to have sex. I assume that her lover had some input? So, if she wants to get pounded with a dildo, she can. They’re adults, and they can afford sex toys to play with. Funny how there’s no comments about a man that’s impotent, so his wife “Has to” dress up as a girl scout to get it up. Sex can be fun, which you might find out, if you could shut up long enough to try it.

  • Reply Dad

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