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Farm life

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When my parents leave the farm my brother decides its time to make me learn the new way of farm life

My name is Sash . I’m now 18 years old . I grew up on a large farm my parents owned . It was mum , dad and my brother and me . He was 3 years older than me . We had all sorts of animals like pigs , cows , chickens , sheep and a few horses . Plus my rottweiler bruiser that my parents had got for me for my 10th birthday . My brother always worked hard on the farm . We loved being home schooled as we got to be around the animals all the time . The hardest part for me was not being around other kids all the times . Every few weekends I’d go to horse events that’s were I made a few friends . Over time I learned about sex from the girls joking around talking about it .

By the age of 13 I was getting so curious about it all . It wasn’t that long after my thirteenth birthday that it all started . It was a warmish day and I had just finished my work and was well feeling alittle horny . So I decided to go up into the hay shed . I climbed up and found a spot where i didn’t think I’d be seen . I thought everyone was either inside or still out working . I undid my pants and pulled them down . I’ll admit it wasn’t that comfortable having the hay spike me but I didn’t care at the time. I let my hand go between my legs . My middle finger running up and down my slit . Wow the girsl were right this feels so good . I could feel my pussy starting to get wet .

I move from my slit and start rubbing around my clit . I could feel my clit reacting . My pussy was getting so juiced up . As my finger started toying with the tip of my hard clit it was like Wow . I could feel a orgasm building . I started to use my thumb on my clit and my middle finger at my hole . Fuck it felt so amazing . I was moaning uncontrollably . I felt my first ever orgasm coming . I let out a few louder moans as I started to orgasm . During my orgasm is where it all went wrong . Just as my orgasm was about to finish I heard a cough and my brothers voice ” Well well well what do we have here .

Little sis is being naughty . I better go tell mum and dad ” he says . ” Please Mark no don’t tell them they would be so angry ” I say not wanting them to find out . ” Well I think we could come up with some arrangements don’t you sis ? He asks me . ” like what ” I ask . ” I won’t tell if from now on you do as I say ” he says to me . ” Fine as long as you don’t tell them ” I say back angry . ” I won’t as long as you keep up your end ” he replies . I’m thinking it means more farm work that he hates goes to me but I will soon find out I was wrong. Things for the next week don’t really change . He just acts like normal .

I’m to scared to do it again as don’t want to get caught . Then mum and dad tell us they have to go away for a week to a big horse and cattle show and sale . They are going to be taking some of the calf’s and yearlings to make some money and maybe buy a few new ones . Mark was going to be in charge . Sunday night comes and they load up and leave . It was weird them going . Monday morning comes and I wake up and go to take a shower . This is when it starts . As I finished and go to get out I see Mark standing in the doorway . I instantly yell at him to get out in shock . He just stands there looking at me and says ” remember the deal we made ” it sinks in right away . ” Well let me see that cute body off yours sis ” .

Never had a male seen me nude . I reluctantly turn around in a circle a few times . ” wow such a cute little body there sis . You better get ready for work ” . I was so embarrassed . I was hoping that was it . During the day things went as normal just getting all the daily work done . I thought maybe he just wanted to see me nude . It was 7pm when we ate dinner . I was cleaning up . I went to go and start putting the dished away . As I walked past him he tripped me and I feel hard to the ground .

Before I could get up again he had hold of me . Now yes I could of struggled but he was so much bigger than me . I feel him rip down my jeans and panties . ” WTF Mark stop it now . Let me up . Leave me alone ” I yell at him . ” Shut up and do as your told or I’ll call dad and tell him about the hay shed ” he says back to me . He forces me on all fours . I think in my head no I can’t lose my virginity to my damn brother . But that might have been better than what was to come . I next hear him whistle then all of a sudden this rough and wet thing at my pussy . I instantly realise it’s bruiser and my brother is letting him .

I soon feel his tongue lapping at my pussy . I go to get up but my brother yells at me not to . I’m mixed in my head do I get up and take what ever happens or let this happen . I don’t know why but I stayed still . His tongue now darting and spreading my lips . It touching my opening trying to get inside of me . A few more goes and his tongue is darting in and out of my pussy . The feeling of his rough tongue is making my pussy wet . I’m sobbing at this being done to me by my own dog but at the same time my body loving this feeling . His rough tongue now finds the right spot . I cant help but give out little moans as my pussy starts to react . Soon he has had enough of just licking my pussy .

Now he wants to fuck his new bitch . I feel him climbing on to my back . Then I feel his hind thrusting . He his trying to get his cock to find its spot . My brother behind me saying ” That’s it boy , you take her “. I’m more than embarrassed at this . I scream as his cock finds my hole and is thrusted right into me . He has a big cock . Its also really fat . Id seen him a few times hard and i couldnt believe a dog could have a cock so big . On his second I feel his hard cock tear right through my Hymen and I scream at the pain shooting through my body . He holds still for a minute .

He cock buried in my pussy deep . I could feel it pulsing . It was so deep inside . But then he starts . He is thrusting his big cock in and out of me like a machine . The speed and force is hurting me . I can hear him panting as he just keeps going . I can’t believe he isn’t slowing down . I can feel that knot banking against the out side of my pussy . I already know he wants that thing inside me as well . I don’t think I could even take his knot it’s to big to fit inside my little pussy . He slows down and is pushing and pushing against me trying to force it in .

I can feel my hole stretching and opening . I yelp and jump as I feel it starting to slide inside of me . He growls at me and grips me harder . I instantly know not to try and move as I’m scared he might bite me . I scream out in agony as I feel the whole knot go inside . I feel so full and like I want to pee . He gives a few more hard thrusts then I feel it . Bruiser starts to cum . I feel so much of his hot cum shooting into the depths of my pussy . His knot keeping it stuck inside of me . Soon he finishes filling me up with his cum . He wants to get out of my pussy but I’m so tiny and his knot still so swollen .

There we are stuck together . My brother laughing at me and bruiser connected like this . It seems like forever till his knot is small enough and he pulls out in one move . I cried out as his cock and knot rip out of me . I hear the slurping sounds of his cum inside of me as he does . I get up and feel some of his cum leaking down my legs . I go to go to the bathroom to shower and try and get it out of me . ” where do you think you are going sis ” my brother says . ” I’m going to take a shower and clean up this mess ” I sob . ” Nah we have work to do . Get dressed that can stay in you ” he says back . ” No way I’m taking a shower ” I yell at him .

” Go for it bit I bet mum and dad won’t let you keep bruiser when they find out ” he says with a grin . Omg he would do it I think . The rest of the day he puts me to work all over the farm . Making me do all the jobs that’s I hated to do . That night we had dinner and I had that shower . My undies were covered in cum . My pussy looked so messy . I had a long shower and then got into my night dress ready for bed . Bruiser was waiting at the end of my bed like he did every night . Soon as I got in I patted the bed and he jumped up and layed at the foot of my bed like he always did . I thought things with him had not changed but soon they would . I had not been in bed long when I felt bruiser moving around .

At first I thought he was just trying to get comftable . Then I felt he was moving under the covers . In a shot he was under and his head was trying to pry my legs open . I don’t know why but I opened them . I’ll admit I liked the feeling of him licking me . I didn’t want him to fuck me again as it hurt to much with his size but I wanted the feeling of his tongue again . Even knowing it was so wrong . I pushed his head back and he stopped . I removed my panties and just said good boy and he moved his head back between my now open legs . I nearly jumped out of the bed when his tongue touched my clit . His tongue was lapping up and down my slit . Each time hitting my clit sending waves through me .

I couldn’t believe how I was acting . I could feel my pusdy getting wet as his tongue worked my slit . His movements were opening up my slit . Soon his tongue was touching my hole . Working it’s way inside of me . The shape of his tongue made it that he was able to find the right spot with each thrust . I started moaning as his tongue was working in and out of me . Making me wetter and wetter . My moaning was a mistake . My door soon flung open and my brother walked in . I yelled at him to get out . I was in shock at being caught ” No way .

I’m going to watch and you better not stop ” . He says . He walks to the bed and pulls off the covers . Bruiser didn’t even stop . At that moment it was like that amazing feeling left . Bruiser kept fucking me with his tongue . I couldn’t help it I was soon moaning again . The touch of his tongue starting to make the feelings grow . Soon my hands were gripping the sheets . I was moaning more . My body starting to tingle . I can’t believe I’m feeling all this .

Some way he can tell and speeds up . That’s all it took . I started to feel my pussy pulsing . I was feeling weird and then I had my second ever orgasm. I was screaming for him not to stop as I cummed . My pussy was creaming like crazy . I finished and feel back on the bed trying to catch my breath . As I was trying to catch my breath my brother pulls bruiser off the bed . He grabs me and pulls me to the end of the bed . I feel him lift up my legs and hold them to his chest . ” Please leave me alone . I don’t want you to fuck me .

Please don’t ” I say to him . Him in his sarcastic voice says ” Well the dog got to so I’m going to have my fun ” . I try to fight him off but his hands are gripping my thighs so tight . I feel his cock run along my dripping pussy . I think he is about to fuck my pussy but I was so wrong . I feel his cock pushing at my ass . I scream for him to stop but he keeps pushing and pushing . His cock spreading the cheeks of my ass . ” No no stop you can’t . Please stop ” I yell as I feel the tip of his cock touch the ring of my ass . He is just laughing saying your going to take my cock up that cute ass of yours . I’m scared .

I don’t want him to hurt me . I know this is going to hurt so much . I cry as I feel the head of his cock putting pressure on my anus . Soon it’s spreading it open . The head of his cock is going into my ass . My anus is burning so much . The ring feeling like it wants to tear . He pushes more and more till his while head is inside my ass . ” wow what a tight ass ” he laughs . The burning is getting worse plus the added pain of my anus being spread . He grabs my hips tighter as he pushes and pushes adding more and more of his cock . I’m crying and screaming and he is shoving his cock into my ass .

Finally he has his whole cock in me . It’s hurting so much . I want him to take it out but I know he is going to fuck me . He only holds it still deep in my ass for a minute then he starts . He pulls it back till just the head us in then rams it back it . Every time I feel pain and burning . He is holding my hips so tight as he keeps on going . My face is covered in tears . My ass is burning . Soon he changed his style . Now he is pulling his cock all the way out and rams it all the way back in . I cam hear him groaning as he is wrecking my ass .

The pain with each in thrust is so intense . It feels like he is trying to get his cock into my tummy . He was going in so deep . Next he says ” Oh I’m going to fill your ass with my cum . You will sleep with my cum in your ass ” . Just as he says that his thrusts get harder . His fingers digging into my thighs . ” Oh I’m filling you ” he moans . I feel him push in so deep and his hot cum is shooting into my bowels . He doesn’t take long to finish . He pulls out and looks down and laughs and says ” not a bad little ass to fuck . I might need some more of it soon .

” Get the fuck out you bastard ” I scream . He leaves . I curl up into a ball and cry myself to sleep . The next morning I can hardly look at him let alone speak to him . I do my morning jobs . It was so much harder than normal as I was still hurting . My ass was still so sore . During lunch he told me he needed my help after lunch . He said he would need my help set up Elvis . Elvis was our stallion . He was such a amazing horse . I loved working with him so I couldn’t wait .

After lunch we got to the stables . He had me get two big bales of hay and sit them on top of each other . At that time I had no idea why . I helped him get Elvis all saddled up . He said Elvis was needing to be given a ride so he could get some exercise . I was so hoping it was going to be me . I was wrong . Mark looks at me and says ” get them fucking cloths off ” . I look at him and just stand there . That was a mistake . He grabs a riding crop and I feel it snmack right across my sore ass . ” Well do you want more or are you going to strip ” .

I’m so scared I can hardly move . Again he hits my ass with the crop . I get it and strip off my cloths till I’m standing there naked . What is about to happen I would never of thought could ever happen . He grabs me and throws me on my back on the hay bales . He grabs Elvis by the lead and brings him forward . Soon I am under Elvis . I know in my head what he must be thinking but he can’t be . No way would my brother have a horse fuck me . I’m all but touching underneath Elvis . Mark puts on the biggest saddle . I watch as he grabs the straps and puts them under me .

Pulling them tight and going them up . My stomach is touching Elvis fur . Mark grabs another strap and puts it around Elvis and me and does it up tight . ” can’t have you falling can we ” he says . ” What the fuck are you doing ” . ” We are going for a ride . But your ride will be more fun ” . Next thing I know he is at Elvis’s cock . He grabs it and forces nearly half of it into my pussy . I’m yelling at the top of my lungs . I’ve never felt so fucking full and the steaching was hurting me . Mark jumps on and starts to trot with Elvis .

Instantly I can feel that huge horse cock moving in and out . I can’t believe this is happening . I scream and as I do Mark rides faster . I’m screaming more as when he rides faster more of the cock is fucking me . The speed it fucks me with gets more . I think to myself that if this is going to happen I wish it felt good but it’s hurting me so bad . The size of his cock is hitting me so deep inside . The speed it’s fucking in and out of my pussy burns with the friction . More and more Mark rides Elvis . His cock is hammering my pussy . I’ve never felt something so big inside of me . I feel like it’s going to injury me it’s going in so deep .

My stomach feels like his cock is going in there . Soon I feel that huge cock pulsing inside of me . Then it happened Elvis started cumming . When I say cumming I mean it was like a river . It felt like it I was going to burst open . Soon as I felt it stop he started cumming a second time . I could feel him bucking alittle that let Mark know he was cumming in me . Soon the second load was done . Mark rode Elvis back to the stalls and took everything off Elvis . Leaving me till last . When he unattached me I feel to the ground . I couldn’t move .

I was so sore my body was numb . I could feel streams of horse cum pouring out of me . Mark just laughed and said ” Well Elvis had a fun ride today . He might need it more often ” . All I thought was how much I hated my brother . If you want a part two about the rest of the time I had to live there . The things that went on .

Please ask in comments and I’ll do a part two .

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  • Reply Nate ID:3oe16143

    Having grown up on a farm I loved this story. IRL i have had fun with my dog as a teen…

  • Reply [email protected] ID:60pe5buh20j

    Ive read this story somewhere else and so its NOT orginal 03/06/23

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7i97zrb

    The sad thing about life is we as humans are taught sex is bad and naughty from such a young age so when someone is caught masterbating people want to blackmail and control them. We live in a fucked up society of control and manipulation of our lives.
    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with masterbation or sex of any way shape or form. Sex is a natural part of human lives and should be enjoyed at any age.
    We as humans should be taught about all aspects of sex from the good to the bad at a very young age so we can make informed decisions about our bodies. This entire story or similar stories does happen and could be completely avoided in our society if we were just taught the right way as it should be. Sex is completely natural so any young girls experiencing feelings and emotions should not think twice about pleasuring herself or seeking an older male to help her in her journey.
    If you disagree well that your fucking problem not mine and just maybe you should not be on this site.
    Wanna preach your bull shit, go somewhere else fucking hypocrite’s

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrjplt0d

      PS. Yes I liked the story lol!

  • Reply Jim ID:71ou0taghl

    Perfect sister

  • Reply Lewd ID:1dlbmw0ct83k

    Such a hot story. I’d love to hear more

    Kik & Snap @ lewd1976

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1cwf80fuj2we

    Please do a part 2

    • anonymous ID:1dddcvdcgtyt

      I need a part 2