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Green club

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A little background, my name is Harry. My street name is Kid Frisco, name after the city it took me to years to get my bad ass street reputation. My boss name was James Mitchell. James was a visionary he had a dream he brought his younger little brother and best friend in on his business, you see the brothers lived in Antioch, we’re the started to run home made porn out of there garage. That’s Right my boss was the one who created the p*** industry which is man called when you don’t entertainment, business got booming they needed a bigger place,so James decided to move to San Francisco you found a building called the O Farell.. it was the very first p*** studio and first strip club Jane and his business partner and brother own the whole street of clubs and all over the world. I work for James as his gopher after 6 months I was promoted to assistant and club enforcer and James’s personal body guard. James unfortunately passed away and July of 2007 leaving me in charge.

One day at the office I get a call from the green room that they were having some trouble. The green room was second to the O Farell. The O Farell was a strip club in front and p*** studio in the back.the green room was named after the old 50s song the green door.

I toad my assistant Tracy to watch the place and I hightiled it over to the Green room. I I get to the Green room and it’s not like Leo O Farell. T Farell.is built like Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace because James and Artie Mitchell were known as the princes of porn. I go to set a little table and a little black and dancer named ivory came up to me. She’s a small little black girl.

The waitress came over and asked me what I wanted to drink I said a scotch on the rocks. She leaves and comes back with scotch on the rocks. I asked her how much she says $5 I hand her a 20 and I tell her to keep the change
James and Arnie’s personal chairs in the O Farell look alike King’s thrones.

As I am sitting there the little black girl comes over nice built a true strippers body, big tits, big guitar booty. Wearing a little green halter top and matching booty shorts. Would you like a lap dance? How much? 20. I pull out a 20 and give it to her. I’m and she waves the waitress over

While she is giving me the lap, I finished it my Scotch. She finished the lap dance and sits down and said Hi. I’m ivory.
I say nice to meet you she comes over with a glass of wine and another scotch. Irene sad this is ginger I said, how much Ginger say hi that will be 15 I give her another 20 keep the change., And Ginger leaves.
Who are you really?
I’m the kid Frisco, she smiles at me are you really. Ivy.

Boo, I know the circuit and and Ivy is your stripper name, so what your real name boo? She finally tells me
,Aaliahk.ok, so who are you really? I’m guessing you are young mabee 18 or 19? 18 any family? When I said that

2 big black dudes they look like li linebackers for the 49ers walk over to the table they look PO Everything ok little sister? She looks at me you asked me about my family. These two boneheads are my brothers, Willie Boy and Brian, Willie Boy smile and shook . my hand, I did not.like the look on Brian face, I slipped my hand Into.my jacket. Brian you better be nice to our little sister and he pulls up.his she enough to see he is packing a 9. I open my jacket up and he sees the 45 in my shoulder holster. She says, Brian you don’t know who you are dealing with he’s the Kid. I stand up the kid, he looks scared, I didn’t know
u were the kid when I said that you could kill me.

Him and Ellie not leave.wllljebky is laughing white boy has got one up on you my brother.
Brain Willie Boy shut your mouth shut your dirty mouth. I look at her she’s finding her wine up. I finish my Scotch up.i look at her I know she is booked,. I asked her how .mjch? Depends on what you want.you.know of a place? Yeah my place. It just arrived the corner ok let’s blow this Popsicle stand. I get up she takes me by my arm and we leave. Iaim the gun at him and say you really don’t know how crazy black bitch! I hate pimps! He gets in is car and leaves.

I’am so sorry, she smiles at me,I have never seen anybody handle him like that. I I’m calling my gun and put it back in the shoulder holster. Is your place far or. Close? Close only one more block up. We walk 1 more block to her place. Shell leave in apt 4. She u lock the door and takes me by the hand into her bedroom.

I never had chocolate before. Once you go black you never go back you never go back. I look around her bedroom and she says what? Your. Bedroom is so exotic. She smiles at me, so what do you want to do?

1 block up in ugly color candy show up, parks And gets out grabs ber by her hair and slams her into the wall. BITCH WE’RE THE FUCK IS MY MONEY! She. Slaps him in the face. BITCH NOW I HAVE TO KICK YOUR ASS! She looks afraid I got a better idea he reached in his pocket pulls out a 32 and puts it to her head, I pull out my 45 and put it to the back of his head, she said I would do.that because I. Want you to meet the kid. I cock it you have 15 mins to get in your ugly colored caddy and get out of my city! You really are one crazy mother fucker white bread!
I want to fuck the shit out of you and your ass to.


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  • Reply BayratPirate ID:1ck77e2pmgfi

    At least let someone proof read your stories… the grammar SUCKS… misspellings and even whole words missing from sentences make this unreadable…

  • Reply Woody ID:13px3xmsfq4l

    Please, never write again. I could feel my intelligence going away whle I tried to read this collage of words.

    • Frisco Kid ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Lol so sorry but I have slot of people tell me to.ignore people like you and keep writing