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My cousin are sexy and I wish we can fuck but Ik it won’t happen, also this is just how the dress and how I get hard every time I see them

So 2 girl cousin of mine are both at the age of the body is hitting the mature changes. So the first cousin is the oldest sister out of their family, she is in high school ( I think she is a junior idk) she is also a cheerleader so you know how the dress. She doesn’t have big tits but they are nice A or b cups and she has a nice small round ass. She like to wear clothes to wear you can see every curve of her body, the tights she wears show off her ass, but ever time I see her she never wears a bra, so her little tits are poking out and sometimes you can get a nice view of what they look like.

The second cousin is her younger sister, she is either in high school or already going to high school. She has a nice pair a tits also like her sisters, she dress a lot like her sister cause she want to look sexy also, but her ass is a little bit bigger than her sister, it’s a nice round shape and she also like to wear tight pants and short shorts, I remember couple years back I seen her cameltoe while we went swimming. It’s was nice and tight. Just liked her sister see sometimes wears a bra and you can also see them through her shirt, but unlike her sister she doesn’t cheer but her body is a nices slim thicc type, but she doesn’t show it on social media

That’s the story for now if you want to hear more let me know in the comments:))

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    It’s ok to fuck cousins, but no babies. That would be awkward at family reunions.