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Angela’s pleasure!

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Angela loves pleasure from both man and beast!

John made his way down to the stable. He had watched his daughter, Angelina head out this way a little over thirty minutes before and he knew what that meant. John knew that his daughter Angelina wasn’t into riding horses, or grooming them, he knew how she preferred to spend time with them in the stable… Angelina liked to fuck ponies or to be more accurate, she liked to be
fucked by ponies.

John knew this, he knew it because it was he who had first introduced her to beastiality, as a thirteenth birthday present, with the family dog, allowing her to move through the range of animals on the family ranch until, as a sixteenth birthday present he allowed her to take a horse’s cock for the first time. Angelina had been hooked ever since.

As John headed down to the stables, he felt a little disappointed that Angelina no longer asked him to join her with the horses, she was a big girl now and she could rig up the ‘sex-saddle’ all by herself, she didn’t need his help. He sometimes wondered if she cared about him or not, or whether her visits to the ranch were purely to see the horses, goats, dogs and sometimes, the bull for sex.

As he approached the stable he could hear them going at it, already, the horse whinnying, Angelina moaning, the sound of hooves shuffling on concrete and straw, heavy breathing of both horse and woman. He arrived at the stable and swung the upper half of the door open, then leaned up against the lower half of the gate, which was still bolted closed. He stood there and looked into the stable, seeing his daughter in action with his prize stallion, Romeo.

Angelina has a fantastic body. It doesn’t matter who you are, when you look at it you have to be impressed – even if you are her father… And John had been impressed by the sight of his girl in the nude, since she was thirteen, especially when she was in the ‘sex-saddle’.

The ‘sex-saddle’ was a special saddle John had had made for Angelina, an inverted saddle which fastened under the horse’s belly, leaving a gap of about a foot between the saddle and the belly. It was strapped over the horses back and behind his thighs, and when used correctly it allowed a woman,usually Angelina, to ‘ride’ under the horse, directly in front of his cock, which when erect could be eased right into the ‘rider’, either her pussy or her ass. It protected Angelina from harm, made sex more comfortable for her, and was no harder for the horse than carrying someone on his back, a great solution all round.

The design of the saddle meant that Angelina could ‘ride’ either facing up towards the horse’s chest, or facing down towards the floor. In other words, she could have sex in either the front or rear entry position. Today, John noted, she was taking it from behind. He guessed, from the look on her face, that she was taking it in her pussy. when she took the horse up her ass the look on her face used to frighten John, he didn’t like seeing his daughter in so much pain ,even if she did love it.

He watched as his daughter, hung under the horse, her legs outside the horse’s thighs, her arms hanging down almost touching the floor with her fingertips, her large breasts swinging free. She was smiling, an open mouthed smile, with a long line of saliva hanging from her full, erotic lower lip. Her eyes were closed, her head raised slightly, her dark hair hanging down loose and sweaty. Sweat dripped from her naked flesh. Jon felt his cock hardening.

Angelica rode the horse, she loved the feeling of such a huge cock, up inside her. She had some big dildos back, but nothing like a horse cock, nothing that could feel this good, this alive. She loved to be ridden like this. She guessed that she had fucked maybe a dozen horses since she turned sixteen, and there was no doubt that horses were the best, far better than all the dogs, goats, eels, even bulls, that she had had the pleasure of fucking.

She reached down, her fingers almost touching the floor as she tried to steady herself, seeking purchase to push herself back hard against her equine lover’s massive member. There was already a good fifteen inches of forearm thick horse-cock buried inside her pussy, but she wanted more… She wanted it harder, longer and faster. She wanted to feel it exploding inside her.

As the horse bucked into her, it’s huge cock sliding a couple of inches in and out of her, her pussy stretching to accommodate the extra girth of each stroke, which in turn made Angelina moan, like a bitch in heat. She squeezed the muscles of her pussy, trying to clamp down on the huge cock inside her. The horse stumbled a little as it tried to move towards her, not fully understanding the saddle that it was wearing, this caused Angelina a moment of panic, she opened her eyes to see what was going on and saw her dad standing in the doorway of the barn. She didn’t panic, she smiled.

Jon watched as the horse stumbled forward, then saw his daughter open her eyes. She saw him, her eyes opened wide, a smile crossed her face, a smirk.

She reached up with one hand toward him, beckoned him in with her finger, “Daddy, can you come in and rock me?” She asked, like a child wanting a ride on a swing, Jon thought.

He smiled, then opened the door of the stable and entered. Jon stood beside his daughter, still impaled on the horse’s massive cock, and reached down to fondle her perfect breasts, then slid one of his hands down to her thigh. He gripped the back of her thigh with one hand, her shoulder with the other, and then started rocking her back toward the horse’s cock, harder and harder. He was leaning into each thrust, pushing his daughter hard onto the cock, pushing the massive, hot, slimy cock deep into her slut pussy.

Angelina gasped, eyes wide, mouth hanging open, half smiling, half screaming, as her daddy rocked her hard back onto the horse’s cock. An extra six inches of cock that she hadn’t been able to get at without her daddy’s help was now slamming in and out of her. She looked up and back over her shoulder so she could see her dad’s face, a scowl, teeth bared, sweat on his forehead, as he drove her hard on and off the cock. She could tell from the angle of his head that he was concentrating on the sight of her pussy lips stretched around the horse’s cock.

He was doing a great job for her, he deserved a reward. She reached up, twisting around slightly in the saddle, and unfastened the belt on his jeans. He didn’t stop, but a smile crossed his face briefly, then he started ramming her even harder onto the horse’s penis. Somehow with that going on, she unzipped his jeans, pulled them down at the front and released his erect cock. She held it in one hand, licked her lips, and still looking up at him, she began to suck on her daddy’s cock, it tasted good, he probably hadn’t cleaned it since he fucked her last night, it had that special flavour of her cunt-juices.

Jon breathed hard and tried to concentrate on riding his girl onto the horse, rather than the thought of his daughter sucking his cock, or the feeling of her huge pouting lips around his meat.
He was struggling to keep himself from exploding in her mouth, he always did struggle with that, every since the very first time when she only thirteen.

He felt her reaching between his thighs with her other hand, slipping it under his balls and then starting to finger his butt hole. He stumbled a little, spreading his feet slightly to give her better access, all the time pushing her hard onto the horse’s cock and watching as it’s fat shaft stretched her pussy to what looked like tearing point, he had been present when Angelina was born and her mother’s cunt hadn’t stretched like that when she came out.

Angelina felt the head of Romeo’s horse-cock flaring inside her and she prepared herself. The best part of any day in her life was that moment just before her horse ejaculated inside her. The flaring of the head of the penis. The swelling feeling inside her cunt. Which would be followed by an explosion of sticky, wet, heat inside her. Always followed by her own orgasm. All of suddenly the horse blew. A huge wad of cum splatting right through her cervix and into her womb. She could feel the horse’s cock shiver as the second load blasted up it and slammed out into her cunt. Then she climaxed.

The feeling of his daughter’s mouth around his cock became too much for John. Angelina knew how to suck cock all right, but she should, he’d been training and coaching her since she was thirteen, ever since he’d noticed just how fat her lips were. All of a sudden she was moaning as she sucked him.

“Yesssssss” she gasped, “I’m cumming” muffled by her dad’s cock. Then he lost it, and shot his hot spunk into her mouth.

Angelina opened wide, using her tongue to keep daddy happy, pushing his cock against the roof of her mouth to provide friction for him. Her open mouth allowed the cum to spill out and run over her chin. She loved the feeling. All the time the horse was still plugging more loads of jism into her wrecked pussy and shivers of pleasure were running up and down her spine, a fire burning in her heart and her pussy. She continued to work one finger in her dad’s ass, her other hand now off his cock was smearing his cum over her face as she looked up into his eyes and smiled.

“There’s a good girl… Daddy loves you very much…” Said John, catching his breath and staggering backwards.

Angelina took the finger that had been up her father’s ass and sucked on it like an innocent schoolgirl, smiling all the time, her face glistening from the cum that was smeared all over it.

She could still feel the horse’s cock inside her, even though it was beginning to shrink now that Romeo had cum. His sticky thick cum was still warm inside her, it felt good. When his cock had shrunk enough Angelina eased herself forward so that it flopped out, a waterfall of horse-cum poured from her pussy. Her father stood back and watched his daughter’s cunt empty, his cock hanging limply infront of him, and smiled.

Angelina slipped backwards out from between the saddle and the horse’s belly, the semi erect and still dribbling cock running along the crack of her ass, smearing more cum on her. She edged out from under the horse on shaking legs, her thighs having no strength left in them. She stumbled over to her father, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gave him a big kiss, passing much of his own cum back into his mouth.

“I love you Daddy…” She said.

“And Daddy loves you too, Angel” Replied John, squeezing her asscheeks hard.

Angelina turned away from her father and approached the horse, placed her hands on either side of his head and kissed him on the nose, slowly and with her tongue.

“And Angelina loves you too, Romeo.” She said

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