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I got bored, and horny, so I checked my messages. I guess 18221 was a dating site, or hookups. 18-to-21, those awkward ages where you could buy sex toys, and perform porn, but not beer. So, not really legal, but on the low-down, you had to find college guys to party with, and buy the beer.

Then, this whole quarantine thing started, and the party scene kinda dried up. I got a webcam, and sure enough. One of the guys that messaged me was online, so I clicked him to video chat.

[Discos211: Hey, is it really you?
2001Oddity: Yeah, you like Disco?
Discos211: Not really, but you like Bowie?
2001Oddity: Yeah, too bad he’s gone.] He laughed, silently. Which kinda bugged me, then he looked down to type.
[Discos211: It’s funny, actually I got it from an old movie. It’s more of a mocumentary.
2001Oddity: Oh!] I got it, [Dis Goes to 11!] I laughed. “Ahm hn!”
[Discos211: How come you always wear that choker?
2001Oddity: I like it?
Discos211: I like it too, but how come you never use voice?
2001Oddity: I don’t have a mic, you want to switch to Voice?] He looked over, and switched to the mouse.

Clicked, “Yeah. I don’t mean to pry, but. You don’t use steroids, do you?” I shook my head, because he gave me enough hints to guess the Spinaltap joke, but he kept hinting, so I finally looked down, and typed.


“Human Growth Hormone.” I rolled my eyes, and nodded. “So, I’m guessing that means thyroid surgery, and you’re self conscious about your voice. That’s why you hide the scar.”
I pulled the choker, and slipped my fingertip behind it, to slide it back and forth. Typing with 1 hand.

[You want to see it?]

“Huh, honestly. I don’t know, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.”

[A little, but that wasn’t the question. Are you into scars?]

“Oh no. Not at all, I like you for your body. You’re broad shouldered, and you looked so tall standing up.” He shrugged, “Also, I’m taking Endocrinology, so. There’s that.”

Like the first man, that I can remember anyway, who didn’t ask me if I worked out. Of course I work out, what else is there to do, cooped up at home all day, masturbate? Well, that leaves at least 20 more hours to kill, and I can’t sleep all day either, so we got some weights, and stuff.

“Hn.” I started playing with my buttons, and typing 1 handed. I got good enough at typing 1 handed that I don’t even have to look down at the keyboard. [So, what do you want to see, instead?] Starting at my collar, and working my way down.

“Huh, honestly, I just wanted to talk to you. I’ve already seen you naked, with your whole toy collection, unless you’ve got a new one.”

I shook my head, but he’s going off script, which means I get to improvise, and it hasn’t felt this spontaneous in quite some time. He’s not much to look at, let’s be fair, but he’s a guy, and he’s interested in more than just my body. Whacking off on the internet, but he’s playing his games. Hint, hint, guess the answer, and it’s intellectually stimulating, but that’s not the kinds of games I logged on to play.

[Well, you mind if I take this off?]

“No, go right ahead, whatever makes you comfortable.”

“Huh!” I reached up, and closed my eyes. Let my head fall back, and pulled the choker down.

I cracked my eyes, but he just closed his mouth, blinked, and shook his head. “It’s not, that bad.” He lied, politely. Then, he looked up, “Who’s that?”

“What are you doing in here?”

“It’s my room, what are you doing, uh!” I felt my cheek, “You hit me?” I pushed him, “Get out! Ow!” He knocked me down.

“Stop, stop it.” Discos211 yelled from the computer.

“Shut up you sick peeper. You want to watch?” He pulled my hair.

“Ow, ow. Stop, you’re hurting me!”

“You heard her, she said stop. Or I’ll call the cops, where are you?” He got his other arm under mine, and picked me up. Through my right on my bed.

“Watch me fuck the hell out of the girl of your dreams. You like it rough?”

Think, Corinne. THINK!

“Huh, yeah.” I cleared my throat. “You know that I do.” I slipped my choker back up, over my Adam’s apple, and pulled my collar out over my bra strap.

“You didn’t tell him where we live?”

“No, MHN! Cough! Don’t choke me,” I slipped my bra-strap over my shoulder. “Do whatever else you want, but don’t. NGH!”

“You don’t tell me what to do.”

“CAGH GAH KAK!” Stupid fucking idiot. He’s too strong for me, and on my back, there’s not much I can do, with him standing over me. On top of me, and sticking his fingers in my top to rip the buttons.

Look, I just recovered from thyroid surgery, and they must have cut a nerve or something, because it doesn’t hurt. At all, I’m not a gasper, even though plenty of guys guessed, that. From the way I always wore a choker, or that I wanted to wear their collar, or whatever, but I know Jeremy.

I even knew that, he had issues, with women, that he tried to work out in bed. Yeah, I’m taking psychology, but 3rd semester. That ranks me as an amateur, but reverse psychology? “No, mr. wolf, please don’t throw me in the briar patch! Anything but that!”

~Briar Rabbit.

“Huh.” I got a bunch of breaths in, so he can choke me a little while, but he had to let go, if he’s going to do anything but dry hump me through his pants, and my underwear. “Snh, hm.”

I can’t overpower him, though. I pretty much got used to not being able to breathe, when my throat swelled up, so I could barely talk.

“Snh, hm.”

He looked up. “I’m sorry.” No, you’re not. “Let me.” He looked over at the computer screen, which was blank. Discos211 left me, all alone, so I’m going to have to diffuse the situation myself, but. “Let me,” he repeated, trying to think through the jealous rage, and lust. Fighting over pumping blood to his brain, or his dick. “Make it up to you.” He let go of my throat, and kissed me. “All right?”

“Yeah, um. Hmn ahem. Cough!”

“I’m so sorry.” Sorry he almost got caught, maybe sorry he let the nice guy mask down, so I could see who he really is deep down. A sociopath, or psychopath. Malignant narcissist, I didn’t know that when I met him, but then I started going through the Diagnostic Criteria for ASPD, and Narcissistic Personality Disorders.

He works out, of course. He went in with me on the home gym, but we met at the gym. Started working out together, going out together, sleeping together, living together, almost 2 years now, but Think. Corinne. This isn’t helping, think of something you can use, something that will help.

“Huh, I thought you wanted it rough.”

“You told me to stop, so I stopped.”

Yeah, after, what, 5 minutes of trying to choke me out? Well, it felt like even longer than that.

“Huh, you know that I can take it, Ow! Uhn, that all yoOw! KHUH KHUH!”

“You told me not to choke you. Well, choke on this bitch. If you bite me.” He stopped. “If I even feel a little bit of teeth.”

You’ll what? Beat me? Choke me? Rape me? Come on, big brain. Try to think of a decent threat. Wait, how did Discos211 hear me yell stop? He said she told you to stop, but the sound is off. I don’t even have a microphone in my room.

“Agh gugh gugh guk! Cough! Sput!” It spattered his cock, and ran down, like a dribble of cum jacking off to Forced porn.

Rape fantasy, and he bragged about that. All those girls online, that wanted to play rape, lined up for him, as soon as he can go out in a mask. They gave him permission to wear a mask, hell they required it and gloves when he went out to make sure the campus is safe. “Suck my balls.” Holding them out, so the skin stretched tight, and the veins showed through purple. Full of blood.

I shook my head, turned away, and took it on the cheek. Still red, and inflamed from the beating, I could feel the bruises on my cheekbone from his knuckles, but he doesn’t want rape, fantasy.

How could you be so stupid, Corinne? Of course, he was a nice guy at first, subtly talking about the other guys. Most guys are afraid of a woman with too many muscles, but not me.

(Please) Silently, I looked at the computer. (Don’t, do, this.) The sound is off, and his eyes are closed, but he wants me to suck his balls. (I don’t want this.) No biting, knowing that I could. Bite down hard, and shake them in my mouth like a dog with a rat by the neck until I saw through, and the blood smears all over my face.

“I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. Open up.”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, but I had to make this look good.

“Open wide, I want you. So get them both in your mouth. Just suck them. Yeah, you like it. Don’t act like you don’t want it, you fucking tease.”

“Aw mowey?”

“Sh sh. Just suck them. Gently, you know they’re sensitive, but you don’t want to hurt them.”

Is he, trying to hypnotize me? “Ihmn!”

“Don’t laugh at me, bitch!”

“Ow! I’m sorry, ugh. Guh!” Don’t gag, cough. “Cough! I thought you wanted to fuck or something.”

I turned away, from the camera so it didn’t catch that part.

“Oh, you’d like that, huh?” He pulled my skirt up, but gripped my leg. Hard. “Slut, that why you’re looking for dick online, to make me jealous?”

“No!” I turned. “Huh, they don’t mean anything to me. Not as much as you do. They’re weak, and I just laugh at them. They’re pathetic.” He thinks we’re in a relationship? Come on, man. You’re not the relationship type, and yeah, it was fun for a while. Until they pretty much forced us to stay together, but don’t lie to me, or at least make it more convincing than that.

I’m a point, maybe a point and a half to him. He’s a convenience dick, a fuckboy, a human dildo to me. So, I don’t have to fuck myself, but he’s strong enough to do the fucking. Really pound me full of dick, even if it isn’t. Above average.

He’s average, maybe half a foot long, which is enough. Not enough for him, because he’s exceptional, genius. Don’t roll your eyes, just roll over, and let him take you from behind. So I can act it up for the camera, yeah it’s rape, but he’s going to say it’s not. It’s just rough sex, rape fantasy, just like all the wannabe victims online, she wanted it.

Pull what’s left of the blouse off, and let him grip my tits, so he knows that this isn’t gay. Yeah, I’ve got broad shoulders, but I’m also a woman, and I started growing the hips, even before the hormones really started kicking in.

It’s not gay, it’s proving that he’s not afraid of a strong woman. As long as he’s stronger, “Uh!” Gritting my teeth.

(No, please.) I don’t want to seem too willing, on the video, but.


“No, UHN, NAHN! Cough! Not the ass, ahn!” Cut your nails, man!

“You want to be a man so bad?”

“No, please don’t. AHN! Fugh! Ahn! FUCK, stop, stop it. It hurts!”

“Hhhhhhhuh!” He growled by my ear. “Hurts.”

Like the Kurgan, he knows I fucking hate that. Why? Because I went to high school with a deep rough voice, and had a scar across my neck. My name’s Corinne, it didn’t take more than one guy to watch that movie, before the name stuck, so yeah. I hate it, he knows it, and that’s just adding insult to all the injuries.

Honestly, I started toning, to tone it down some. My muscles, the definition came with it, but I just looked bloated. Marbled with fat too, but that was just a foundation to slim it down, so I could wear pretty clothes again. If I could fit my shoulders in.

“Take it like a man, yeah. Faggot. YRGH!”

I, miscalculated. I’m not. “Fucking tranny.” I’m not transgender. “Shemale.” In fact, I can’t really understand, that. “Trap!” Either way, a man wanting to be a woman so bad, or a girl. Well, okay. It’s better.

For me, I know, I know. You don’t want to check your privilege, but come on, men. It doesn’t suck. Complain about it all you want, about how bitches just want to friendzone you, cock tease you, and cut your balls off. Marry you for your money, then leave you, and take half of it, but believe me.

Jeremy isn’t a MRA. He’s an Alpha, he’s the one that tells all the incels that shit, so you don’t get laid. That’s why they do it: Because they can. Girls want sex, we just don’t want to be raped. Even the rape fantasy girls online, don’t actually want to get raped, I never wanted to be raped.

“Uh, huhH!” He patted my ass. Stopped spanking it so hard, and just rubbed it, but I managed to distract myself. From the pain? Yeah, I know how to ignore pain. It’s just pain, you power through it, when you have to, and smile. Because you have to. It’s wasn’t dry, I never really enjoyed doing the dirty, but I’m in college. I tried just about everything my first year, that’s what you do as a freshman. How else do you find out what you like?

“Whew! That was amazing.”

“Uh!” When he slipped out, limp, and wrinkled. I could feel the wrinkles stretch, against my ass crack, and then it slipped out. “Uhn, fuck.”

“I’m gonna order takeout, you want anything?”

“Ughl rulgh! Spt, Hrulgh! Kah, spt!” Not the first time I threw up in that trashcan.

“Guess not.”

Am I bleeding? No, that’s just semen, but. Maybe a little, pink crack spreading across my fingertip. “Huh!” I coughed. “Snh!” he just scratched me with his nail, but at least it didn’t split, and tear open. It just felt like that.

Wiping my eyes, I felt the gritty makeup. Mascara, eyeliner, looking at the clock. I just put it on, like 40 minutes ago, and I must look like shit, but there’s nothing but an empty chair.

I killed the connection. [Save Stream?]


[Upload to your gallery?]

[N] “Huh!” [Ctrl] That’s what it’s about, Control. [S] Power. “Snh?” [Rape<<<<Backspace. Evidence<<<<<<<Backspace]

“Huh!” I can’t think of anything, clever. “Snh!”

[Discos211.mpg] “Huh!” I managed to laugh, a little. “Snh!”

“I brought you some beers.”

“Huh, thanks.” Hope it’s the last beers you ever get, you rapist fuck.

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