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Uncle JOI

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I know it’s boring, but I have to get some family history out of the way first…

Just so you know how this happened, my mom was “Pushing Thirty” when I first started high school. Which means she pushed a little past it, but to be polite, she was “Pushing thirty” instead of in her early 30 for a few years, but if you do the math.

That ment that she got married right out of high school, and she was already pregnant, but she wasn’t showing in the wedding photos, or anything. Grandpa didn’t have a shotgun across his lap, he liked my dad.

He’s an over achiever, and a workaholic. Always was, and back in the day, you would have called him a “Nerd.” He didn’t play football or anything, so he had to earn his scholarship the hard way, with grades. He was Valedictorian, and got into the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton. Which was a great Business school in the 90, and 00s, from what I hear.

So anyway, he made good money, and mom had 2 middle brothers? They’re just getting out of college, and starting community college respectively, but this isn’t really about them. Being the oldest of 3 kids, my aunt Kelsea was more like my big sister. She was just finishing high school when I was a freshman. So, we rode the same busses until she started driving to drop us off on the way.

Oh yeah, and she lived with us. Since dad was so successful, and she got a kinda rocky start. So, she made a little money watching us as kids until she got married, and moved out. Well, she dated for a long time, and moved in with Joey before they got married. I guess, thinking back, the first things I knew about sex, and relationships, I learned from aunt Kelsey.

First, she used to invite her boyfriends over when she was supposed to be watching us, and made out on the couch. She dated a lot, but she didn’t make good grades, and got held back until finally, she had to drop out. I knew what sex was, but I wasn’t really all that interested before that. “Maybe when I’m older” kind of thing, so I took my brother, and little sister back to watch them myself.

She gave me the money, and thanked me for looking out for her, but there was this unspoken agreement that I wasn’t going to say anything about her having boys over, or in her room. She had her own room, over the garage. Dad hired some remodelers from work to put up stairs, and walls, and insulation, and stuff.

I barely even remember that, I was so young, my little brother probably wasn’t even born yet, but this isn’t about them, either. She told me about Joey, though. Well, all the boys she dated, because she needed someone to talk to, and we’re so close. Like best friends, even though she was my aunt, because we lived together.

So, whenever she got to 2nd base, I was usually the first one to hear about it, even before she called her friends. Then, she got her first blowjobs, and finger-bangs. This one boy, he tried to eat her out, but he wasn’t very good at it. So she had to fake an orgasm to make him stop. “It was just awkward, and felt kinda gross.” So, it wasn’t just the good stuff, I knew why she broke up with each one, or just didn’t go out on a second date.

Joey was different, though. She actually wondered when he’d make a move, and she knew he liked her, but he was just so nervous, it took them a while to get going. She had to make the first move, but once she did, they started doing it on a regular basis, but they didn’t go all the way.

She told me that’s how she knew he’s “The one,” for her. The one she wanted to marry, because he didn’t mind waiting, and she wanted to make sure they could afford a baby even after that. My dad, and her dad (My grandpa) thought that was very mature. Thinking that far ahead, but I was starting to get a little curious.

About boys, making out, and even having sex, when I was a little older. It didn’t take long to figure out when Joey was coming over, even without her telling me. By then, dad had a little kitchenette, and bathroom setup in the garage, but just a half bath. No shower, just a sink, and toilet underneath the stairs, but it was almost like having her own house to herself. More then just a “Mother in Law Apartment,” but dad had made most of his money on the housing market. Before that bubble burst, he was one of the few that was smart enough to see that coming. So, he got out, and kept most of his money to invest.

I guess Uncle Joey was the first guy I ever saw naked, or with a boner, but aunt Kelsey didn’t even think it was kinky. What he liked to do was masturbate, but together with her. When she turned 18, he even took photos of her nude to jack off to when he went home without her. He didn’t show his friends, or even brag about it, but she said he got really good at fingerbanging her too, just from watching her.

I guess I learned how to play with myself watching her too, but I mostly kept an eye on Joey. He’s not like most guys, that girls dream about. He’s skinny, and kinda short. He sure didn’t have any pornstar cock, but I’d heard so much about him, from Kelsey. I guess that’s how I decided that I wanted a boyfriend like that.

I remember how exciting it was whenever I heard the garage door open, at night. She took the trash out, and the recycling. That was another one of the chores she did to get out of paying rent, but it was just as good an excuse as any to sneak boys in. Even though my dad wasn’t her real father, she didn’t have to remind him too many times.

He tried to talk to her about going out, dressed like that, and dating so young. Huh, I hadn’t thought about it before, but I guess when she was about my age. One of the nice things about writing all this out over, and over again is that each and every time, I realize something that I hadn’t before.

She was my role-model, especially when it came to boys. I don’t know what her secret was, because it’s not like she had bigger boobs, or anything. She was a late bloomer too, just like me, and my mom, their mom, and practically all the women in our family. I guess it’s a blessing, and a curse, because that’s how mom got to be “Pushing 30” for more than 5 years, even after having 4 kids.

Her light shined over the roof, and on our window. So, then I figured out that I could look in her window after dark. It was on the side, so she had a good view of the roof, which also ment you could get a good view of her room from our roof, too. One night, Janey woke up, and said “Joy?” By the way, I’m Joyce, but most people call me Joy. “What are you looking at?”

I froze, and then I stopped rubbing my chest through my sweatshirt. “Nothing, go back to sleep.” I stood back up, and closed the window from leaning out, but I already saw more than enough. Kelsey did a sexy dance, strip teasing while Joey sat in a chair across the room. In the corner, where I couldn’t see him leaned out the window, but he had to walk across the room to get to her desk, and vanity mirror.

That’s where she did her homework, makeup, and hair all rolled into one. So, I didn’t get to see him with a boner, but she lay back, and felt up her little boobies on the bed. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but Janey woke up before she even got down between her legs.

“Huh!” I took my sweatshirt off, and got in bed. Shivering, since I let all the hot air out of the room, but my covers warmed up real quick. Because I was hot, and I didn’t have to imagine him looking at her. With his boner bulging in his pants, watching her take off her clothes, but slowly. Dancing to music I couldn’t hear neither, but she told me later his favorite song was “Closer” by Nine inch Nails?

You know that “I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal,” song? Yeah, but his favorite part was the verse in between the choruses.

“You can have my isolation.
You can have the hate that it brings.
You can have my absence of faith,
You can have my everything.

Help me,
You tear down my reason.
Help me,
It’s your sex I can smell.
Help me,
You make me perfect!
Help me become somebody else.

I wanna fuck you like an animal.
I want to feel you from the inside.
I wanna fuck you like an Animal!
My whole existence is flawed.
You get me closer to God!”

I had to cover my mouth, “MHN!” Eyes wide open, I could see the light slanting across the ceiling. I tried to hold my breath, but it took too long. “SNH!” I could smell my sex on my fingers. “Huh!” I had to breathe, “Huh, huh! HhuhHhuhH!”

“Joy!” My sister jumped up, “Joyce, wake up.” She shook me, “You’re having a bad dream!”

“Huh? No, I’m not. I’m fine.” I pushed her off. “Let me breathe, I just have to breathe.” I was burning up, but as soon as I got out of bed, I decided to grab my robe, and put it on to go take a cold shower.

“HhuhHhuh!” I shivered until the hot water kicked in, and then I waited to turn on the cold water until it was almost scalding. “Huh!” I stuck my head under it, and ran my fingers up through my hair. Trying to wash the intense images out of my head, but they weren’t even anything she did with Joey.

I started flashing back to her other boyfriends, and her talking about him. How it felt to have his fingers comb through her hair, holding her head. With his dick in her mouth, and how loud he groaned when he shot his wad, right in her mouth.

“Whew!” I didn’t even bother with soap, or shampoo. I just cupped some water to splash in my crotch, once the super sensitivity died down, but that’s how I got my first orgasm, and what I did after. I had to go to bed with wet hair, and that ment waking up with it wrecked. Which just reminded me of what had happened last night, as soon as I felt the towel under my ear.

Janey was already up, so I just rolled over on my back, and explored my thoughts. My feelings, and of course my body until she came in from the shower. Took the towel off her hair, and got dressed. Then, she said “You better get up, it’s a school day.”

Of course it was, a Wednesday. Hump day, and the trash cans were out next to the driveway when we got out there. I couldn’t look at her, or my sister, I was so embarrassed, and it was awkward. Then, we dropped off Janey at the elementary school, since she was in 6th grade, and just barely got her period.

I wasn’t thinking about that, but that reminds me. I didn’t get mine until I was eleven, neither. I got made fun of for that, mostly by the other girls, because the boys wouldn’t talk to me. Even in 9th grade, they barely payed any attention to me, but that’s what “When you’re older” ment to me.

Old enough to have something to show for it, other than a few spots in my panties every other month. Well, more like 6 weeks, but “That time of the month” wasn’t every month. It was barely every 6 weeks, which I was greatfull for. I still am, but that was just a side effect of not being hormonal, or as hormonal, as most girls my age.

“You’re acting weird.” She said, as soon as we got out of the school zone, so she could speed up.

“Huh, well I just got my first orgasm last night, but I didn’t want to say anything in front of Janey.”

“Congratulations.” She giggled, and shook her head. “So, that’s why you’re so quiet, but how come you’ve been avoiding me too this morning?”

“I wasn’t avoiding you, I was just running a little late because I slept in, and. Huh, I guess, it’s because I saw you, and Joey last night. Well, mostly just you with Joey in the corner, but you know I can see your bed from the window?”

“Joyce, you’re not feeling, homosexual feelings towards me, are you?”

“No, oh god no, not at all. I like boys, I just don’t have a boyfriend of my own, and I’m a little jealous of what you and Joey have, but I was just a little frustrated because I couldn’t see him better. Sitting back in the corner like that.”

“Oh, well.” She thought, and shook her head, but I watched her eyebrows go from up, to down, and almost touching in the middle from frowning. “I don’t think I want you looking at him like that.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, and I wasn’t. Not really, I just saw that he had come over, and then I went to bed, but not before you got undressed, and lay down on the bed, naked.”

“You didn’t see anything else?” Of course, me seeing her naked is no big deal. She used to take baths together, because mom was scared that I could drown taking a bath by myself, and I took baths with Janey too when I was old enough, and she was still too young to by herself, but there wasn’t never anything sexual about it.

“Well, good. Huh!” She let out a sigh of relief, and got in line for the senior lot. “I’m glad we had this talk,” or something like that, but I saw one of my friends, so I got out. We got a good giggle in the girl’s room, talking about watching Joey beat off with his girlfriend. Since I couldn’t really talk to her about it, he was her boyfriend after all. So, I turned to my friends for the first time, and we got lots of dirty giggles before the bell rang, so we had to get to class.

It didn’t end there, though. Of course, he kept coming over on Tuesday, and Thursday nights. Since the trash truck was also the recycling truck, they came to take the trash out on Tuesday, then came back Thursday to get the recycling bins. That gave me 2 nights a week to sneak out, and watch them on the roof, but Janey knew something was up right away.

I don’t remember exactly how long that went on, before I looked out the window, and caught her leaning out. Just like she saw me doing, to watch aunt Kelsey and her boyfriend in her room over the garage. “Huh!” I was getting horny, so I had to go in, and get in bed. To masturbate, since it was still too cold to really do it out on the roof.

My hands were too cold, and I’m not really an Exhibitionist. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was more of a Voyeur. I guess watching her make out with boys when I was a lot younger than Janey got me hooked, but again. Kelsey was about my age, 13, or 14, but being one of the girls in the family, it’s kinda hard to tell.

I still have my gym shoes from freshman year, and they still fit. Because I finished puberty, what little I got, before I turned 15. So did Kelsey, mom, grandma, and also Janey when it was her turn. Speaking of which, she waited until I got back in the room, and shut the window before she said anything.

“I know what you’re doing in bed at night.” It turns out that she had started pretending to be asleep, so she could listen to me masturbate. Every night, I just had plenty to diddle off to from Monday, and Wednesday nights.

Wednesday was “Hump day,” I giggled, talking to her about it. Honestly, I feel a little guilty that I didn’t think about her, because she was my little sister. So, I still thought of her as my “Little sister” until I found out that she did it too. Not with boys, or other girls yet, but that didn’t come out until a little later.

Sorry, Wednesday was the best, because we had Monday night fresh in our heads, and Wedesday night to look forward to. When she put the recycling out, so she could let her boyfriend in, and masturbate watching him whack off. She started keeping her covers on. Over her, and kicking her panties out from under them. Dropping her bra off the side with the blanket up over her chest, because she knew I might be watching.

Not to see her naked, or even playing with herself, I didn’t really want to see that. I had already learned all I could about playing with myself from watching her, but then Janey started asking me questions.

Like “How do you do it?” I said something like “I don’t know, I don’t really think about it,” so she asked “What do you think about,” then covered her mouth, and whispered ‘penises?’ With a dirty little giggle, but then it didn’t take long for her to pull the covers back, and turn sideways on the bed.

She got crafty, because she was only 11, or 12. She couldn’t get her hands on the real thing, and me neither, but I was amazed how quickly she got ahead of me there. She took candles out of the sideboard, in the dining room. That’s where mom set aside the candlesticks, so she kept the candles in a drawer instead of silverware. That’s what the drawer was for, but we didn’t have any silverware handed down, nor even any dishes. She bought the candlesticks herself, for special occasions, and started collecting dishes on her own.

So anyway, that’s what she used as dildos, but then she started taking lighters, and melting the wax. Carving the fat end so it had a dick head, and melting it so the wax got soft, and shiny again. Giggling when it ran down, like jizm, and getting us both hot enough to lose my inhibitions.

Mostly about my body, it took years to get over that, and that’s why I was always more voyeuristic than an exhibitionist. Honestly, I found it a little hard to believe that anybody wanted to see my body naked, or in underwear, because I didn’t have that much to show. I wore A cups, but I had to pad those with foam inserts, because I barely had more than little cones up front.

By the time I turned 14, they just barely sagged to teardrops? Still cones on top, but a little round on the bottom. I still couldn’t press them together to make cleavage, until I got pregnant, and then I was delighted to be able to wrap them around my husband’s dick for tit jobs. I guess that’s when I finally started to appreciate my body: Not when I got a boyfriend, moved in with him, and got married, but like every other woman in my family. I didn’t really get any tits, or hips you’d notice until I got pregnant, and even then, it took the first 2 trimesters to start getting a mommy body.

Janey helped, especially after Joey got a job, and moved out to his own apartment. Kelsey moved in with him right after, but Janey had to show me how they could afford it. She got a computer from a friend, who turned out to be her girlfriend later when they started middle school. So they could come out as bisexual girlfriends, and start sharing boys in threesomes.

She asked me if I could keep a secret first, so I said “Of course.” So she would show me the website, Coed Cucks, on the internet. It advertised hot college girls getting fucked, while their boyfriends watched. Even though neither one of them went to college. She could have, my dad even offered to pay her way through whatever school she got into, but she failed, and dropped out, instead.

To start her career as a stripper, and doing amateur porn for her boyfriend, Joey. He was behind the camera, but it was a PoV thing. At least, that’s what it always said on their videos, but he always looked down right before the money shot. “Uh uhH!” Moaning loud, and blowing his load all over his tummy, then panting, and rubbing it around when he finished. Watching aunt Kelsey do it with real porn stars. Real college guys, and even doing gangbangs, because he was always a voyeur too.

He liked to watch, even better than fucking, and he got her pregnant in the first place by fingering her with his cummy fingers after whacking off, watching her masturbate. That was all they did for a while. Probably the first year and a half, so it’s hard to tell which one got her pregnant, but that didn’t stop them.

Then, they just added Pregnant to the title, or the keywords you could search. In case you wanted to watch a pregnant teenager get gangbanged while her husband whacked off watching them, even after she was in her 20s.

“Pushing 20,” you know? “Barely legal,” which is why she didn’t never get no tattoos. She didn’t look 20, even after she had the baby. She still looked like a Teenager, and they got more hits from that. [Teen] in the title, even if it wasn’t true. Some of them said [Step Brother] even though they were actually married.

I guess [Step brother watches petite Sister Anal Virgin…] Even though it wasn’t true, what does that matter? People don’t look for porn for the truth, they want a fantasy. Just like you were when you came here to read this.

So, I’m not going to add [True Story] to this one. It doesn’t matter either way. If I tell you it’s true, that won’t stop somebody saying it’s “Fake” in the comments. If I tell you it’s a fantasy, would it stop you from taking it seriously, and asking for pictures?

Well, we don’t have any. Me, and my sister were too young to take them, without it being child porn, so don’t ask. Look for pregnant college coed cuck movies on Pornohub, Xvideos, or XNXX. See if you can guess which ones star my aunt Kelsey, and her husband, Joey.

Those aren’t even their real names, neither.

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