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Why we took our teen daughter to a swingers club

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I don’t want to think our daughter is weird or disabled , her autism manifests itself in emotional detachment and people anxiety . Her interest in sex has just become apparent , so we have helped her in a manner of detachment and in a manner to desensitise her social anxiety and expand her comfort zone , taking a 16 year old to a swingers club may sound wrong , but as parents we thought that in a controlled environment where people where just meeting for sex she would be safe from predators .
After taking her to the club , her mum chatted to her the next day , Clare described what she had been doing and with who in great detail , her mind and memory are excellent , she could even tell her mum who said what to who , when it was said and where . She said that sex was just exercising for adults . And that she would like to do it some more .
Mum asked her how her boobs and pussy where , after they’d been used so much , I thought you’d change your mind when you got there or only go with one man at most , Clare told us that her jaw was sore from kissing and sucking , her boobs where sore from being sucked and that her pussy was sore from being used . We told her she should of used condoms , but Clare said she felt it would be impolite to stop someone to get them to put it on , and she would get to play with their sticky stuff if it was in a bag . We arranged to get Clare on the pill before her next visit to the club , my mrs thought we should teach some appropriate language too , if you see some one you would like , then ask them if they’d like to fuck you , what a blow job was and we explained about anal and swallowing , and if a man asks you where he can cum you tell him. Clare and mum went lingerie shopping I have to get some new knickers that old mine pinched mine said Clare , they found Clare a nice body stocking if you wear this it will knock them out , an all in one body stocking with an open crotch , Clare excitedly told me no one can pinch my knickers next time , it’s red to match my hair , and a red mask with cat ears on top . I listened as my 16 year old got ready , I heard mum say go show your dad , she walked in stood in front of me , dad do you think everyone will like me , yes you look lovely , the body stocking clinging to her small body , her perfectly smooth mound pussy peeping through the crotch and her nipples pushing through the stocking fabric , she put a long coat over the top . And the taxi drove us across town , when we went in she put her mask on and coat in the locker , there’s that old man who pinched my knickers she said , she stomped over to him you pinched my knickers last time , yes he said and I didn’t even come back for a shag like I said I would , he put his hand in between her legs and played with her lips , that’s nice I will get you wet for all those cocks
He was knuckle deep inside her pussy Clare looked at him you can’t steal my knickers this time it’s an all over stocking , he pulled his fingers out and licked them your pussy juice tastes divine darling , I heard my wife say to him if you want to get in her first tonight he better be quick because Clare was feeling greedy we followed Clare and him to a private room , and I heard him asking if she wanted a fuck , yes please she said she lay down opened her legs and asked him to fuck her

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  • Reply DoC c ID:c1es4r5xib

    Such a pathetic story using someones “issues” to write a sick fantasy
    Maybe be do some research on Autism before writing such crap. 04/03/24

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Autism makes Clare very sexy. She’s direct about what she wants, so it’s good sucking and fucking without the emotions. Just what so many guys want!