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Cum Quick

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“Cum quick!” Bobby waved me over to the window, “There at it again!”

These teenagers pulled up in the alley, again. So, I told “Mom, were going out for a walk.”

“Okay, be back before dinner.”

“Oh, we will.” Bobby giggled, but he was staying for dinner, well mostly. He was my best friend, and I don’t know why he got up from homework to go look out the window.

Lucky me, we had these 2 alleys where the teenagers liked to go. My building was up on the top part, while the next building had a basement door, and stairs down, but if you went all the way around the corner, then you could get in at the bottom of the hill, and drive over to where the trash truck picked the dumpster up.

I guess the boy had the car, this little convertible, with no back seat, which was lucky for us. Because that ment they had to get out, and hide behind the stairs up to our side of the ally. By the time we snuck out, and over to the railing, he already had his dick out. His girlfriend pulled open a rubber, and popped it in her mouth like a piece of candy.

She got down, and stuck his dick in her mouth. Slowly, but then when she pulled it back out, it was already covered, and wet from being in her mouth. That was a neat trick, me and Bobby could practice. Whenever we got rubbers, but I looked over, and he already had his pants open. Bent over, with his hand between his legs, stroking it.

I got mine out too, but when I looked back over the side. “Uh!” The boy picked her right up, with a grunt, and held her up against the back of the stairs. They’re concrete, with a little landing, but then she wrapped her legs around him, and he held them while she reached down between her legs.

“Uh, huh! Yeah, fuck me, yeah!”

Just like that, but I barely even got a look at his butt, before her feet covered it up. She pulled his shirt up, though, and dug her nails into his chest. He had big strong arms too, and a pretty big cock. Bigger’n either one of us, but we’re barely even thirteen, and gay.

Don’t tell anybody I said that, we could get beat up if anyone found out, especially my dad. He’d probably throw me out to live on the streets, and I doubt his mom, and dad would let me go live with them, once they found out what we’d been doing together.

Yeah, we’re best friends too, but that ain’t all. “UH UH AH HUH!”

We didn’t have very long, it’s always a quicky back there, but then Bobby put his hand up. His pants fell down, but he walked on his knees over to the pipes. That’s what they used for a railing, big water pipes, welded together so nobody stole them. I guess to keep cars from falling down, if they weren’t careful, but I can’t believe what he did next.

“Hn, snh!” He smiled, closed his eyes, then he cracked them, to peek. Just holding it down with his thumb, he gave it a little rub with his fingers, and held his breath. Started shaking, and shooting all over her hair.

“Huh!” I got up, so excited, because his head was right there, I even got started before I got my dick close enough, to crack my eyes, and aim. “Ngh!” I couldn’t hold my breath, but sure enough, the next shot hit him right on top of the head.

“The fuck?” He looked up, and I shot him right in the face.

“Ow, fuck!” He dropped that slut. “Jesus, Kenny!”

“You little shits, you’re dead!”

“Kenny, don’t leave me like this! Uh, uhuhuh!” I thought she was crying, but I looked back down before he got around to the bottom of the stairs. He was busy zipping up his pants, before he came after us.

“We better run.” Bobby was holding his pants up.

She wasn’t crying, she was trying to stuff as many fingers in there as she could, and I shook my head.

“Yeah, you better run!” Kenny came up the stairs, but then my pants fell down, and Bobby finished buttoning his pants.

“No!” he turned around, and pushed him, “Don’t come near him!” Kenny almost fell, until Bobby kicked him, and I never saw him stand up to a high school boy like that before. Not even for himself, let alone me, but he kicked him right down the stairs!

I guess it wasn’t really a fair fight, it wasn’t even really a fight, at all. The girl started screaming, and stopped playing with herself. “Oh, my god, are you all right?”

Finally, I got my pants up, and buttoned up.

“Yeah, we better run now!” I grabbed him, and pulled him, we didn’t run very far, but as soon as I got the door open, I grabbed him again. Right there in the doors, between the inside, and outside, it was kinda like an airlock.

So, I could turn him around, push him back, and kiss him so hard. “Oh my god, that was amazing!”

“Yeah, I can’t believe that worked!”

I laughed, “Yeah, and I gave him a facial!”

“Yeah, I saw that, and the look on his face!”

“Yeah, we huh!” I caught my breath, so I just had to kiss him. “We better go back up, before mom finishes cooking.”

“Yeah, but wait. I love you.” He kissed me.

“Yeah, I love you too. Let’s go.”

And that was the awesomest thing we’d ever done.

The end.

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