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my little black desire

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he put out his cock not all of my ass and again with power inside me

In my village we welcome a group of refugees most of them families but and some unaccompanied minors and then some families like my take decision to take one to our house mayor hasnt problem with this so the same day mom and dad return to house with a little black boy with very short hair and blue eyes his name atem he was at my age 10yearsold i also have a sister kristy 8yearsold we welcome them at door little boy suprice us talking english dad explain us in his country before war he was learning foreign langueges and he is very good at them lets go inside kids.
Mom help him to bath to changing clothes in the dinner he was funny because he eat like it was his first dinner he wasnt talking too mush until bed time atem wiil sleep with me when we get in my bedroom atem asked me this is your bedroom yes what you havent ever bedroom atem of course i had but not so big i laugh and i open closet to find him pyjamas to wear but he stoped me tell me that its not so hot like his country but he will sleep half nude wearing only his white underpant that give him my mother he continue if i want i can also sleep with my underpant he hasnt problem all summer i sleep nude but first like now i lock my door because my sister like to come in my bedroom she had see me with underpants many times but now we have a second boy and this boy taking a better look in him had a nice body and a bulge in his underpant that canot left in your fantasy many things .
I was going to fell to my bed when atem please me if i can sleep with him to feel safe so i say yes and i go to his bed where i could see his bulge in underpant become bigger he chooses wall side while i take beds outside you are better now i asked him yes thanks we close eyes to sleep all was calm until while i was sleeping with belly i feel atem come above me without warning atem what are you doing he whispere in my ear that he couldnt hold anymore i had doing him had a big erection something that i understood very well when he take a better position above me and i could feel a erected cock above my ass atem stop i am not gay why you do this because you are a nice white boy and in my country white boys like you we black boys we fuck them so open your legs to have fun and he start rub his cock over my ass i had newer take a cock again but the rub of his erected cock over my ass had result of a unexpected erection of my cock and i think he is a 10yearsold boy how bad and painfull can be atem i will let you fuck me but slowly i am virgin dont worry you arent my first virgin white boy.
I open my legs a little but atem with his legs open them wide and he put down my underpant nice ass i will enjoy it too much and he was some meters over me when he put his cock in my assentrance but the feeling of his hard cock in my entrance scare me and i tell him i chance mind take it out of my ass dont worry first time is painfull then you will enjoy it and he start push i could feel my assentrance to break in doing me feel incredible pain and to want to scream but i didnt want my family hear for this reason i put my face in pillow until i feel atem again over me and his balls hit my ass is all in boy now its come fun and he start moving again this time with his cock inside me i had my face inside pilow to cover my screams while atem moaning his cock balls hitting my ass with power doing noises soon pain gone and i start enjoy it i put out my face of pillow and tell atem he was right and he put his mounth in my mounth and we start kissing while he continue to fuck me.
After tenminutes atem break in my ass i hear him that he is ready to cum and he put out his cock not all of my ass and again with power inside me then i feel hot liguids fell inside me this with his cock still inside me and above me atem told me that he realy enjoy it and had pass eight months of when he left his country i had to fuck for this reason sorry if i was violent no you was good i was virgin and you first my first cock for this reason i was scared in the end we fall asleep in this position until morning where mom hit door to wake for breakfast thanks god i have locking door because i didnt know my mom reaction if she had see and two us nude in this position we wear again our underpant but before i see atem cock not erected but in a pretty size and i asked him how much white boys he have fuck i dont know because most times it was same boy and i forget to tell you that sometimes i fuck some white girls but dont worry your sister is safe i found you for fun and we go to kitchen but i had a little pain in my ass but no problem to sit.This was my story how i become gay and slut of my little black lover more adventures is coming.

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    Gross 🤢

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    Fuck if thats a true story super hot. Ten and he already knew to pound white ass when i was 12 id jerk off in the showers at my campsite waiting for a sexy daddy to walk in and use me

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    My first time fucked in ass by male was by four men. Hurt at first but then I enjoy.

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