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We couldn’t go out for Halloween, but my sister wanted to dress up anyway. #Cosplay

I had a full costume from last year, and it still almost fit. Almost, she helped me pull the foam muscles out, so it wasn’t too tight, but all she ordered online was a belt, with a red hourglass for the buckle.

Then, she put on yoga pants, thigh high boots with wedge heels, and a zip-up jacket, all black. She zipped it up, and helped me with the eye makeup. So it was black around the holes in my cowl. Attached the cape to the velcro strips around my neck, and then she told me.

“You know why we wear black, right?”

“So, we can blend into the shadows.” I guessed.

“Exactly,” she took a nerf gun she painted black, and threw the rope ladder out the window. “Come on.”

“You think it’s safe to sneak out?”

“Of course, there’s nobody out there, and if we do see someone, we can just hide. Come on.” She climbed down first, but mom, and dad got the rope ladders in case there was a fire upstairs, in the hall. We could still get out the window before it all burned down, but we hadn’t been out of the house much, all summer.

She didn’t have a mask on, but I did. It didn’t cover up my mouth, but she looked out of the side yard, and said “Come on” again, waving the nerf gun she brought, “Follow me.” We stuck to the front yard, so any time the Security company drove bye, we could duck down behind a bush, fence, or in a side yard, where it was dark. Hidden from the street lamps, I held my cape together to cover up the big yellow oval.

No idea why Batman wore such a big bright yellow oval, except so you could see the bat symbol on it, because he’s a Ninja. The world’s greatest detective too, and that’s really why I like him, the best. Yeah, sure, he’s rich, and he’s got lots of neat gadgets, we couldn’t really afford.

Mom, and dad had plenty of money, not for a whole Batmobile, let alone the plane, but still. Dad especially didn’t see the point in spending all that money on a Utility Belt, and those gadget bracelets for Reggie’s costume, just for 1 night. He spent it on other stuff, like Martial Arts classes, until she couldn’t go to those either.

Muay Thai kickboxing, and Brazilian Jui Jitzu for grappling. Just like her hero, Gina Carano. Then, she had nobody else to practice with all summer long except me. So, she taught me a bunch of her moves, but she’s 3 years older than me.

So, she’s taller than me, even without those high heel boots, and she weighs almost 25 lbs more than me, too. “Where we going?” I asked, as soon as the coast was clear, and we could run across the street.

“In here,” the fence was unhooked in the corner, so she could pull it back, and hold it up, while I ducked in. Around the pool, that was still closed from last summer. They didn’t even bother filling it up, but there was a broken window in the office too. “Careful of the glass.” She pushed the frame over, it slides like a patio door, only smaller. She helped me up, and then climbed in after me.

“So, here’s what we’re going to do.” She picked up the nerf gun, from the window sill, and started unfolding the bipod. She painted that black too, but she didn’t bring any darts. “I came to assassinate someone, and you’re here to stop me, before I take the shot.”

“Okay,” I pulled my cape around me, and backed up in the corner, to watch her set up on the window sill. Like Dead-shot, or maybe Death-Stroke. Black Widow was an Assassin, but she never used a sniper rifle, that I knew about. She prefers to get up close, I guess.

Honestly, all I really know about the character is what I’ve seen from the movies, and her movie hadn’t come out yet, but I guess Reggie picked her, because she wears all black. So, she could sneak out, and she didn’t even put on the red wig, she got for the costume. So, her long black hair hung down, almost like a hood, and she pulled it back behind her ear. To keep it out of her eyes, looking through the scope.

“Bang! Too late.”

“Stop right there.” She looked back.

“Batman, better late than never? How did you find me?”

Ooh, good. She knows how much I like the Detective part about Batman, so I made up a story on the spot. “Well, I knew that Mr. Stark would never let you get close again, after you already infiltrated his company once. So, I just looked for the only building with a clean shot.”

“So, you let me take it, to get rid of the competition, Bruce?”

“How did you know?”

She laughed, “A little kitty told me.” She held up her glove, as if inspecting her finger nails, and brushed them on the front of her jacket. “In return for letting her go, with the jewelry she stole.”

Not a very good story, but I shrugged. It makes sense, that Black Widow knows about Cat Woman, who knows my secret identity, since we’re lovers. “So, what’s S.H.I.E.L.D. want Tony Stark dead for, anyway?”

“You come to arrest me? Batcuff me, and take me to the authorities, or do you want to talk?”

“Well, I let you take the shot, because you didn’t just shoot Tony Stark. You shot a Life Model Decoy. He wanted to test how realistic it was, and if it fooled you. One of his own team mates.”

“He’s not my team mate, he’s not a team player, he never was, and after Sokovia, he’s more of a liability than an asset.”

Good, she stalled long enough to come up with a better story, and I was a little impressed, but she wasn’t the only one that was stalling. She wants to fight, and while that’s part of the game, I know that I don’t stand a chance.

I’m 10, and she’s 13. She’s the one that’s been taking Self Defense classes, and all I know is what she taught me. So we can spar, but she always wins. She pulled back the handle, on the rifle, slowly while we’re talking. I know it’s not loaded. Hell, it’s not even a real gun, but before she could shoulder it, and aim, I flash-stepped.

Not like The Flash, it’s just like running, 2 steps, but it got me across the small lifeguard office in a second, so I could uppercut the gun, and it snapped. “Bang!” She flipped it over, to bring it down on my head, but I ducked, and whirled around. Fanning my cape so she couldn’t see me behind it.

She must’ve caught it, because next, I felt it pull me up. So, before she could pull me back, and grab me, I ripped it off my collar, and turned around, backing away. Over to the door, so she couldn’t get out that way, but she backed out of the light, from the window. The lamps over the pool, but we’re talking white walls, and a mattress?

On the floor, in the corner. I shook my head, “You brought a mattress?”

She looked back, before her heel stepped on it. In her stance, arms up, but the back one still holding the gun, with the bipod legs sticking out. Like a folding grapple, she broke character too, but held her stance.

“No, some homeless guy broke in, and slept in here until security caught him, and took him to jail.”

“Oh, too bad.”

“Why?” She shook her head.

“Well, too bad for him. His only crime is not having a place to sleep.”

“Trespassing, breaking and entering…”

“So, now he’s in jail, and I seriously doubt they have enough room, masks, and stuff to stop the spread of the virus. So if you think about it, it’s like a death sentence for just being hard on his luck.”

“You’re stalling.” She reached for her gun, or put it back up in the shooting position, and cocked it again. So, I had to duck, and roll under the desk.

“Ow!” Even unarmed, she’s got like 2″ of reach on me. Which might as well be a mile, but the tile floor is hard. Like concrete, it probably is on concrete, so the vinyl tile doesn’t pad it very much, but in a stand-up fight, her reach is an unfair advantage.

When we go down, though. It always ends up going to the ground, because as soon as I close on her, she can grapple, and she’s so much stronger than me. The problem is, wrestling in here, as opposed to in the play room, where we’ve got pads to lay out. That was bad enough on my shoulder blade, rolling to hide behind the desk, but she didn’t say Bang.

Not yet, I could see her feet, underneath the desk. Trying to sneak around, so I snuck the other way. Staying behind the desk, until she stepped up, and leaned over with the gun.


“You didn’t say bang!” I managed to get my arm up, from my hands and knees, and turn over to slap the gun away, but she let go. Grabbed my wrist, and let the plastic rifle clatter against the floor. “Ah, shit.”

I didn’t give up, even though I new it was hopeless. I wish there were a badguy that I really liked, so she could play the Hero, since she always wins, but I had to think fast. I knew I wasn’t going to break her grip, so I grabbed her arm, and pulled back. Stuck my feet up under the desk, and pulled her down.

Thinking maybe I could kick the desk over, and maybe make her let go, but with her laying on it, that was hopeless. Then, she slid across it, and landed on me.

“Oof!” Now, I really wished we hadn’t ripped all the foam muscles out, because that would have been at least a little padding, but at least she didn’t knock the wind out of me. I tried rolling over, 1 handed, with her pulling my other arm, but that just let her get her leg under me.

She threw her other leg over my back, and yanked my arm even straighter. Locked her feet together, and squeezed. At least I was on top, and up-side down so she couldn’t put me in an arm-bar, but on my hand, and knees, there wasn’t anything I could do.

Even with both arms free, there wasn’t anything to do about her legs, squeezing the breath out of me. “Uhn!”

“Give up?”

“Huh, yeah.” I tapped her neck, but she only let go of my arm, with 1 hand. “I give up, you win.” She didn’t let go with her legs, but she let me breathe. “Uh, let me go.”

Then, she unzipped her jacket, and stuck my hand in there.

“Huh?” I felt around. “You didn’t wear a bra?”

“Huh, no. Your little dick getting hard?”

“Stop this, Regina. Stop, it’s sick. You’re my sister.”

“Huh!” She pulled my side in tight with her feet, and rubbed her crotch into my other side. “I don’t care, I’m fucking horny. All the time, and there’s no other boy in the house, it’s driving me nuts.”

“But you’re talking about incest.”

“I know, but. Huh!” She let go, and dropped back down to the floor. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I’m just going nuts, cooped up in the house all day with nothing but porn, and my fingers.” I sat up, and crossed my legs, but she didn’t sip up her jacket. She zipped it down, all the way so it came open, and crossed her arms. “Huh, god that was hot though.”

“Yeah, it’s hard.”

“It is?”

“Yeah, you know how sexy you look, in those yoga pants?”


“Of course, that’s what you wore them for, isn’t it?”


“To take me out, and seduce me, you practically tried to rape me.”


“Huh!” I uncrossed my legs, and pushed my boner up, so it wasn’t sticking straight out. “I’m impressed, you really must have been planning this a long time.”

“Yeah, well. Only a couple weeks, but. It’s working?”

“Yeah, good plan, but. We can’t have sex. You know that, we can’t really go all the way.”

“Not yet, but you can’t get me pregnant.”

“I’m not even talking about pregnancy, but I have to whack off so bad now, so if you want to watch.”

“Just watch?” She pulled the jacket open, and shrugged her shoulders out. So her tits jiggled, and I started rubbing my crotch, furiously.

“Yeah, I want to watch you, finger yourself too?” I got up, and backed over to the bed, but she got up, and practically pounced on me. Topless, she pulled me in, and ripped open the back of my costume.

It’s just velcro, in the back so it’s covered up by the cape. “No, I don’t want to just watch, and you can’t stop me.” She pulled the sleeves down my arms, and pushed me. “Lay down.”

“You’re not going to rape me. Please don’t Regina. I mean it, don’t do this. It’s sick.”

“I won’t. I promise not to rape you, just lay down.” I nodded, feeling like I was about to have a heart attack, but I believed her. I trusted her, no matter how crazy she got with hormones, she wouldn’t break her promise, but.

Looking back later, after we got home. I guess, it really depends on what you call rape? Play rape, at least. She stared calling me “Bruce” again, and pretending to be Black Widow, raping Batman. She pulled her yoga pants down, and wrapped them around my hands. Held them up with her feet, so she could sit on my chest, and masturbate right in front of me.

“Huh, you want this, Bruce? Yeah, you want this pussy so bad, but think about your pussy cat. Your Selena, and what she would do to you if she ever found out.”

I just gave up, but with my hands tied up like that, and her butt humping my chest. She only had one hand back between her legs. To push my hands down with her heels, and hump up into her fingers so I could breathe. “Huh, yeah Bruce. Yeahbruce, she’ll whip the shit out of you, yeah, uh yeahUH! HUH!” She started shaking, and she couldn’t hold herself up, so all her weight was on my chest, and I couldn’t breathe. So, I managed to twist sideways. Knee her arm out of the way, and kick off of the wall.

So I could throw her off of me, and breathe. Even with my hands still tangled up in her yoga pants, she pulled her foot out of one. (She unzipped her boots, so she could pull them down to her feet.) “Ah fuck, I’m cumming. Huh, so hard. I’ve never cum so hard, god it’s amazing! HhuhH! HhuhHhuh!” She shivered on the floor, with only her hip up on the mattress, squeezing her hand between her leg, and her boob with one hand. Breathing raggedly, and moaning, but as soon as I got my hands free.

“Hhuh, watch me. Watch me beat off.” I pinched it. “See how hot, and sexy you are? See what you made me do?”

“Stop it!” She pushed my shoulder, and got on again. “You’re not the Batman, you’re a bad boy. An imposter, you don’t deserve to whack off, looking at me. Don’t even look at me.” She twisted my arm, and got up enough to turn me over. Then, she lay on me, “I don’t want to hurt you. Don’t make me hurt you.”

“Uh!” She pinned her arm under me, and humped my butt, into her fingers. “Huh, just fuck me. Uh, just fuck me hard. Yeah, faster, yeah faster yeahfaster, uhHuhuh! Snh!” I was crying, but I wanted it to be over, and I never wanted it to end at the same time. I wanted her to stop, but I wanted a dry orgasm even more. I was so close, and her boobs were so soft on my back.

I know how contradictory it is, eve before I wrote this, but I wanted her to rape me. I played hard to get, and even said “No. Don’t. Stop.” All the things a girl is supposed to say, when a man is raping her, but it wasn’t just the absurd fantasy of Black Widow raping Batman.

We weren’t even playing Bruce, and Natasha any more. I was me, and she was my teenage sister, trying to rape me. If she had a strapon, or a dick, she could have raped me in the ass like that. Brutally, and I would have loved it, I think. That’s what I imagined her doing, next time we snuck off to play together.

Out here, where I could scream, and nobody could hear me. “Uh, fuck. Huh!”

“Huh!” She stopped, humping with her hips, and just felt it. Twitch against her palm, and my balls against her fingertips. “Huh, I knew you’d like it.”

“No, I love it. Uh, I love you too. Let me turn over, and look at you.”

She smiled down at me, and leaned over to kiss me, then pulled back, biting her lip.

“Huh, I love you, Regina.”

“I love you too, little brother.”

“You’re sick, but. I think I love that even more. I always wondered what was wrong with you.”

“Nothing’s wrong with me.”

“No, of course not, but it was childish of me. I was worried that maybe you’re a lesbian, or you wanted a sex change, because I was a child, and I didn’t understand you. The way I do now.”

“Oh, so you think you’re a man now?”


“Well, if you think you understand me, then why don’t you explain it to me, because I sure don’t.”

“You’re a dominatrix.”

“Huh, yeah.”

“Maybe even a rapist, if you ever figure out how to rape a man, for real.”

“Yeah?” She looked back.

“Yeah, but you’re going to need someone to practice on, right?” I grinned.

“Yeah.” She leaned over, and kissed my cheek. “Huh, we better get dressed, and go back. I really need a shower now.”

“Yeah, I’ve got a lot to think about too.”

“Like what?”

“I need to come up with a plan. A better one, but don’t worry, you’ll like it. I promise.”

The first thing to do is figure out some way to get her a strapon, or rig one up. So, I started thinking about what we could use, around the house on the way back, but if my sister is going to rape men, she’s going to need help.

No wonder she never wanted to play the Hero. “You know,” she said, while we’re taking a break, in a side yard. “There’s a child molester in the neighborhood.”

“Oh yeah, who?”

“You’re the detective.” She rubbed my head. “I’ll let you figure it out.”

“Good,” a case. “Good.” My first real case. I guess that explains it, how she got that way. She was molested, and now she was trying to work it out. Some way to get revenge on him, instead of me. Still, she could take it out on me, until she was ready.

“Come on, the coast is clear.” We left the nerf gun, in the office, but we could go back, and get it later. If they found it first, so what? We wore gloves, and they’re probably not even going to bother handing it over to the police. To fingerprint it, for what? Breaking into the pool?

“I’m going to need a better costume, too.”

“What’s wrong with that one?”

“It’s Batman. He’s a good guy, so I need one for a Criminal Mastermind. With a face mask, like Bane’s?” I don’t want to get sick, for real. We still have to worry about that, but I never even thought about the possibilities of everything being on lockdown. Of course, that’s why neighborhood Security was driving around. That, and something to do, to earn their paychecks, but I never really thought about committing crimes before. Until my sister, forced me to commit the crime of Incest.

“You’re going to have to get pretty jacked up to look like Bane.”

“Yeah, but I’m the brains. You’re the brawn.”

“Huh!” She laughed, “Good point.”

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