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raping girls at a party

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I was at the mall I was watching these cute girls as they got their food tight shirts no bras showed their smooth bellies and tight midriff tiny little asses I guessed between 11 and 14 they got their food and sat behind me as they talked about getting wasted tonight..
I listen intently as the older girl said they just moved and their new place was perfect secluded and has a pool they all were saying what booze they had taken from their parents..
The girl told them her new address I jotted it down she said she would be back home at 4 and her parents were leaving for the weekend around 6 I got up and went to scope out the house it was set way back off the road no cameras or animals and had a cheap security system that I easily disabled around 6:30 the girls trickled in 6 in all they wasted no time mixing drinks and slamming down the first one I saw another girl around 10 years old begging her sister for a drink she reluctantly agreed the younger girl tasted it and wanting to fit in she promptly drank it down.
After the second drink the girls decided to go for a swim a couple of them said they didn’t bring a swim suit so the girl that lived there said we can just swim naked there’s nobody around I watched as they all stripped using my camera I zoomed in filming everyone get a great shot of their developing breasts and hairless little quim my cock hardened they swam for a bit and drank more decided to go inside the youngest passed out on the lounge her sister said just leave her there and they went back into the house.
I moved quietly to her side gazing at her flat chest with tiny buds starting to grow I ran my hand down her smooth tummy and pulled her legs wide her vagina was so small I knew I had to have it I had already shucked my clothes in my hiding spot grabbing my lube..
I turned her head and opened her mouth pushing my cock into her mouth I pushed farther and pulled back gently fucking her tiny mouth while rubbing my fingers up and down her tiny sex I put lube on in and around her vaginal opening and pushing a finger into her to the first knuckle careful not to break her virgin barrier.
I pulled out and lubed my throbbing cock putting it near her pussy she looked so small next to my cock I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get inside I put the tip against her hole making sure the camera was getting it all as I pushed hard watching as my cock slowly stretched her open savoring the feeling of intense tightness as I worked my way finally getting the head in I grabbed her hips and kept pushing as hard as I could pushing against her hymen her face contorting with pain I pushed slowly stretching her barrier to its limit and pulling back doing it over and over until I jabbed forward taking her virginity once I had gotten past it I relentlessly raped her it didn’t take long and I pumped her full of her first load of sperm it squeezed out around my cock as I held deep I pulled out and my cum and her virginal blood seeped out I panned from her cute little face down to her gaping little hole trickling the mixture out ..
I heard a noise and quickly covered her sex with a towel her sister’s friend came out and sat in the lounge next to her spreading her legs wide she saw her pussy gaped with cum and blood running out I grabbed her and covered her mouth I picked up a pair of panties and shoved them into her mouth grabbing a bikini top I tied her hands behind her back whispering in her ear your next I pulled her legs wide and put my tongue to her pussy she was wet so sweet tasting devouring her nectar I found some rope and tied her legs as wide as possible I pulled the panties out of her mouth and shoved my cock into her mouth and down her throat she gagged as I forcefully pumped her throat deep tears and makeupmakeup running down her pretty face I didn’t want to waste my baby batter so I pulled out and pushed the panties back in her mouth I didn’t care if she was a virgin I drove my cock balls deep into her her muffled screams told me I was her first she couldn’t have been older than 12 I didn’t let up raping her with reckless abandon and finally overflowing her tight pussy with my semen she was hyperventilating and passed out ..
I worked my way to the back door peering inside I saw 5 girls passed out in various positions I took my time filming my cock I n each of their throats and raping their virgin cunts filling each one with a fertile load I knew I had all weekend to do whatever I wanted. … to be continued

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  • Reply Donald

    My sister had a birthday sleep over. She turn 12 im 16 . A our mom and dad when out so I was watching then. My sister come into the room with the girl in it the youngest is five. My sister say I have gift for her. I say what that she say I have her baby. She wants me to get her pregnant with my baby. She took out her clothes and mind. She play with my cock in front of the other girl .they took off their clothes to. I fuck by sister two time then the other girls and I fuck the five year old last.she was super tight. There were a total of 12 girls there at the party. Two weeks later I find out I got my sister and five or her friends pregnant. This is a true story.

  • Reply Blank

    This disgusting

  • Reply Steve

    Dam i hope at least a couple of them get pregnant

  • Reply Jeff

    It’s more fun to rape them awake.
    I picked up two 12 year olds by offering them some pot. Once I got them to my place I put a knife to one told her I cut her.
    I had them strip and told them to kiss and play with each other.
    They were scared and crying, but I could tell they did this with each other before.

    I watched a while then tied one up and then I raped the other. She screamed and cried and tried to fight me . I finally got myself into her and said see it wasn’t bad to lose your virginity.
    I then came in her.

    I untied the other and good to my word I lite up a pipe and let them take a few hits.
    I told the one girl to suck me and if she bit me I cut her friend. She got me hard and I raped the other. She was a little wildcat but I got in her and pounded her hard till I came in her.

    I told them if they tell anyone I knew where they lived.

    • aaaa

      yo what the fuck?? i hope you get fucking murdered you’re sicke, even if it’s not real that’s so messed up to fantazise about what the hell

    • Ilovesock

      Rot in hell you fucking waste of life

    • Screw you rapist

      What the fuck is wrong with you go to hell and rot there!

  • Reply Chandler Hurt

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    • Harry

      Hello what’s your snapchat address

    • Abby

      Noelleb00 my snap

    • Sluts4rape