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My hot cousins!

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Well I always heard closer kin deeper in!

My name is Dave and when I was 12 my father and uncle were killed in a mining accident! My sister, Angie, was 10 and my mom, Grace, and her older sister Melody who also lost her husband decided to move in together to save money. They both had jobs and after mourning they went back to work. My cousin, Josh, was 4 years older than me and was gay. He was a nice looking guy with long hair and a nice 7” cock! His sister, Amy, was a little older than me and a stone cold fox! Blond hair blue eyes and gorgeous! My sister Angie was hot too but just the opposite with dark hair and green eyes! When I was 13 Josh and I were playing basketball and when we got tired we went home to clean up. Our Mom’s were working and the girls at a cheerleading camp so we were all alone! Like I said Josh was about 17 and when we got home he said we should really shower together to save money. Now I was 13 and didn’t really know much about sex at all. It sounded like a good idea so I said sure! We got into the shower and started washing when Josh looked down and said “for 13 you got a nice one” and started washing his groin vigorously! I looked and saw his cock was real hard and he started stroking it! “Have you jerked yours off yet?” I said yes a few times and he said show me! Luckily I hit life’s lottery and have a nice fat cock with a big head and about 9 inches long! It wasn’t quite that big then but it was respectable for a 13 year old and watching him made it hard as hell! So I took my soap and started stroking with him. In a bit he moaned and said “dam Dave you got a nice cock! Can I suck it?” I was confused because I’d never heard about blow jobs before but I was horny, my cock was hard and leaking juices, and I needed to cum so I said yes! Bent down and swallowed my young dick all the way down in one shot! It felt like my cock exploded as I had the best orgasm in my young life! He kinda gagged a little and rose up but I was still cumming and shot some on his chest! I was feeling a little weak in the knees and my legs were shaking some so he dried me off and helped me to his bed! He asked “do you want to play some more? I haven’t cum yet” and I looked to see his cock stiff and the head all red! Well he was my cousin and my best friend so I couldn’t leave him in that shape so I agreed. He taught me to suck cock and deep throat that day and I enjoyed it immensely. I kept gagging but he was patient and after a while he laid me down and got between my legs. He rubbed some vasoline on his cock and mine and then got on top of me and rubbed his dick between my balls and my leg. That position also put my cock between his balls and leg and with all the vasoline and precum my cock swelled up again and we humped like crazy until he came all over my stomach and chest! He rose up and took my steel hard cock, straddle me, and sank down on it taking it all in his ass! Just about then I looked up and saw Amy standing at the door with just a skimpy halter top on and her fingers rubbing her pussy! She saw me looking and said “does it feel good?” And I said yes so she walked over and “said dam he’s got your whole cock in his ass” Josh was riding me hard then and I was trying to get even deeper! Amy took off her top and I saw the prettiest little titties! About a B cup with little nipples that were hard and pink she grabbed my hand and said “finger me while he fucks you!” I rubbed her little pussy and she was dripping wet! She said watching you guys has made me so horny! Finger me!” So I stuck my middle finger in and she started shaking and making sexy little sounds! Meanwhile Josh has me deep in his ass and started squirming! Amy said put two fingers in me so I stuck them both in her pussy as far as I could! She spread her legs out a little and started humping my fingers and I felt her juices run down my hand and wrist! I couldn’t stand it anymore and shot my hot wad up Josh’s ass about the same time Amy came all over my hand! Josh was hard again and Amy bent over in front of him and said fuck my ass Josh. Apparently they had done it before and he took her like a stallion takes a mare but up her ass. She said they do it that way because she doesn’t want to get pregnant! Josh grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard! I had to pee so I went to the bathroom, peed, and washed my groin then went back to see he was still fucking her ass! “Fuck me big brother fuck me” she said! Josh said “I already cum once so it might take a while” and Amy just bent over a little farther and moaned! She gave out a little scream and came once and a few seconds later she came again! Her legs were wobbly so Josh put her on the bed on her hands and knees and rammed his hard cock in her ass again! She came a third time and saw my cock was hard again so she pulled me in and took me in her mouth! She licked and nibbles on it then took a breath and swallowed it down her throat! Then the girl really started shaking, moaning, and wiggling her ass while have orgasm after orgasm! Josh stiffened and came in her ass and a few seconds later I started cumming. She took my cock out of her mouth and let me cum all over her face! Josh said “I don’t really like sex with girls but she’s my sister and lives her ass fucked! He told me that he would like to fuck my ass but I was a little small so we should wait a while” Amy said “you’re going to love it Dave” but that’s a story for another time!

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:n4zovf6q9de

    Cousins always explore each other I think my cousin and I checked each other out

    • Ricky Sloan ID:1dofw0n8wlt4

      I sex with mine when I was 15.He was 24 and amazing

  • Reply paufox ID:7gmuvthl