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Little Savanah Part 4: Madison and Savanah

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From Part 3:

“Do you like your birthday gift?”, Savanah asked.

“I love it.”, I said

“It gets even better.”, Savanah said.

Part 4:

Whatever she meant by that Jake didn’t find out that night. Their parents came home from bowling and they had to cut their little threesome short. They all got dressed quickly and the girls went to Savanah’s room and Jake went to the living room.

“Whoa!!! What is this? You usually have an 11yo hanging off you.”, his dad joked.

“Losing my touch dad”, He joked back.

Jake’s dad took Madison home. When he got back Jake’s stepmom and his dad went to bed. The kids had the upstairs while the master bedroom was in the basement. Jake snuck over to Savanah’s room.

“What Jake?”, she said a little annoyed at being woken up. He gave her a line about enjoying their alone time and stuff. Basically looking for a blowjob. “What the heck is wrong with you? We gave you a blowjob. I let you do my best friend and you still want more? Tomorrow ok? Go to sleep!”, she said

“Oh but it is perfectly ok for you to wake me up with squirt guns and feathers and anything else that sinister little mind can think of.”, he said

She grinned, “That is different. Go to bed!”

He left disappointed. But Savanah hated telling him “no”. Within 10 minutes she came into his room. “The things I have to do for you! I couldn’t get a stepsister. Nooooo. Take it out.”, she said and grinned. He laughed and messed her hair.

“I love you too sis!”, he said.

“I hate boys!”, she said sarcastically.

“Yeah I can tell. Especially with you and the Madison thing.”, he said

“Oh that is just for fun! Besides I like your sausage.”, she said. She started blowing him. In her sleepy state her thoughts drifted off to thoughts of Madison and of the last few days.

A few days ago Savanah and Madison were talking at Madison’s house. Madison asked Savanah, “Can I ask you something personal?”

Savanah answered, “Yeah”

“Have you ever kissed a girl?”, Madison asked and smiled.

She said, “Um…no I…I’ve only kissed Jake.”

“Do you want to kiss me?”, Madison asked

“I…I…um..I…I am not gay.”, Savanah said nervously

Madison laughed. Madison put her hand on Savanah’s face. “Relax. Just try it. I can make you feel better than your stepbrother can. Girls know girls.”, she said and laid a kiss on Savanah’s hesitant lips. Madison laughed. “Open your mouth silly! I don’t bite!”, Madison said. Savanah opened her mouth. Savanah was a little repulsed by the whole idea until their tongues touched. Savanah started getting into it. “You like it?”, Madison asked. Savanah didn’t answer but leaned in and kissed her some more. Madison reached down her shorts and grabbed a handful of ass.

“OMG! You are as bad as Jake! He is constantly grabbing my butt!”, Savanah said

“Well then, does he do this?”, she asked and moved her hand down the front of her pants. They made out while Madison played with Savanah’s pussy.

Their tongues battled together fiercely as Savanah spread her legs slightly so Madison could get to work.

“Uh uh dang Maddy!”, She said. Madison moved her finger back and found her hole. Her eyes got wide as Madison finger was moving inside her and her thumb played with her clit.

“Why don’t we take our clothes off?”, Madison said. Savanah smiled and nodded excitedly.

“Where did you learn all this?”, Savanah asked.

“Uh…Long story. I got a fucked up family. Don’t worry about it.”, Madison said

She went down on Savanah. Savanah was totally getting into this type of sex. She learned from being with her that thing were different with Madison not just the same sex thing but Madison was right. Girls know girls. Madison had Savanah spread her pussy lips. She shoved two fingers into Savanah’s pussy.

“Uh! Dang Maddy. Gentle.”, she said and giggled.

Madison locked her lips to her pussy lips. Madison sucked as hard as she could and flicked her tongue against her clit as she sucked.

Savanah’s eyes grew wide and she sat up a little. “Maddy! What the…. Oh my god!”, she said. Madison giggled. Madison did it again and again. Madison jammed her fingers in and out of her friend. Savanah squealed loudly. Her legs tightened around Madison’s head.

To Savanah, her sucking and flicking seemed to get more and more intense as she neared orgasm. “Ahhhhh Maddy!”, she said as she grabbed Maddy’s head and held it in place. Her legs locked around her Maddy’s head as she went into an intense orgasm. Madison felt Savanah’s pussy juice fly out all over hand as her friend came. Her pussy was slick as ice now. Madison giggled and just continued what she was doing. Savanah was fighting it. “Mads! That tickles! Maddy stop! Ohhhhh!!!!”, she said as her legs locked again. Madison giggled.

“Can Jake do that?”, she said.

Madison tried to coax Savanah into licking her pussy but Savanah quickly shook her head. She was grossed out by it. Madison chuckled and rolled her eyes and shook her head. Savanah fingered her BFF with one hand and rubbed her clit between two fingers with the other.

Savanah sat up and kissed Madison. They made out while Savanah’s fingers were sliding in and out of Madison. Her thumb toying with her clit.

“Keep it up baby.”, Madison said. “Keep doing that!”. Their kissing became hard and passionate as Savanah worked her friend into an orgasm. Savanah jammed her fingers in and out of her.

Madison’s legs squeezed around Savanah’s hand. Her legs crossed and her body twisted. “Oh Savanah dammit!”, Savanah kept hearing.

“Savanah, Savanah. Hey kid wake up.”, Jake said. She woke with Jake’s dick in her mouth. She got up real quick.

“Jake what the fuck? What are you doing to me?”, she said

“What am I doing? You fell asleep!”, Jake said

She became more alert. “Oh yeah. You woke me up. Yeah. Yeah Jake. I am sorry.”, she said

“It is ok.”, he said and laughed.

“What were you dreaming about?”, he asked

“I don’t know. Let me finish this. Maybe I can get some stupid sleep.”, she said all crabby

She continued what she was doing. She knew how to get him off quick. Her lips surrounded his cock. She sucked as hard as she could on the way back up. She circled the head of his cock with her tongue and went back down. After about 3 minutes he felt his orgasm coming on. “Savanah.”, he said. His dick erupted and she felt his warm cum shooting into her mouth. She waited until he was done and swallowed his load. She cleaned his dick off with her tongue.

She kissed his cheek. “Happy now? Can I sleep.”, she said.

“If that is what you want to do. I won’t stop you.”, he said and chuckled. She hit him.

“I need a stepsister.”, she said shaking her head.

She cuddled with him and they slept together in his bed. They set an alarm for an hour before their parents got up to switch beds.

“I love you Jake.”, she said

“I love you too. What did you mean it gets better?”, he asked

“It means go to sleep. Boys are a pain!”, she said and giggled

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