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3rd time with slave

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Slave arrived at the room right on time she came in stripped and knelt down facing the floor I came over to her and put her collar on then told her she knows what I want..
She quickly undid my jeans and pulled out my cock she immediately started sucking and licking it along with my balls going as deep as she could I feel her starting to gag and grab her head forcing my cock down her throat.
I let go of her and she continued to Bob up and down keeping my cock deep inside her throat going faster and faster every time she had to swallow it milked me and I finally couldn’t hold back I grabbed her head shoved deep and pumped my seed down her throat.
I let her catch her breath and told her to suck me hard as I sucked and licked her soaking wet bald little pussy her aroma and sweet taste were intoxicating I tongued her hole as I licked from her ass to her clit she exploded hard her juices flowing I hungrily lapped them up…
I got between her legs and thrust balls deep inside her as she was in the throws of orgasms it felt amazing I continued pounding her deep fast and as hard as possible I grabbed her by the throat and started squeezing her eyes widened then flickered as she passed out..
I continued relentlessly fucking her until I full her with fertile baby batter .
She was out cold I sucked and mauled her tiny breasts biting her nipples after a while I got hard again I flipped her onto her stomach and entered her from behind until my cock was coated with her juices and my sperm I pulled out lined up on her rosebud and shoved deep her eyes flew open and she gasped as I invaded her anal cavity I fucked her ass with reckless abandon she grunted everytime I bottomed out I grabbed her throat again and squeezed till she passed out again after an hour I emptied my seed deep into her bowels..
I picked her up and took her over to the window opening the curtains pushing her against the window lifted her leg I entered her pussy from behind catching the attention of a group of guys that were at the pool.
They watched intently and came over to get a closer view she woke up and saw them I told her to tell them to come to our room she reluctantly did as she was told.
15 guys showed up just as I was filling her tunnel with hot cum .
I ordered her to answer the door my seed running down her inner thighs..
One by one they took turns fucking her holes and mouth after they all had emptied themselves into her I suggested we double penetrate her she started to pull away but I pulled her down onto my hard cock and another guy got behind her pushing against my cock and deep into her little vagina along with my cock stretching her to her limit yet another guy got in position behind him and pushed deep in her tiny ass she gasped as we triple penetrated her fucking her for all we are worth after we all flooded her battered vagina and ass three more took our place after everyone had come we decided to try the opposite..
She pleaded for us to stop but I penetrated her anal cavity another guy pushed into her very red and swollen pussy and then another guy pushed into her ass along with me we brutally fucked her as rough as possible against we all spent our seed inside her followed by 3 more until we all filled her yet again.
The guys thanked us and left I took her into the shower and cleaned her up then placed her on the bed rubbing lotion all over her body letting her drift off to sleep.. more to come

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