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I guess it was just another boring summer morning, but it wasn’t that hot, yet. #Toy

The box-fan was loud, but not too loud to hear “Lookit!” out front. Our air condition went out, so we had to do this thing where we put the fans on one side of the house, then switched over to the other, when the sun moved.

So anyway, it was summer, school was out, and in the morning, the fans were in front, where the shade was. I heard “Lookit!” and giggling, but then by the time I stood up, the little girl down the street was running out in front of my house. Waving a big pinkish dong around until her friend took it, and stuck it under her arm.

“Hey,” I snapped my fingers, “Justin.”

“What? Gimme a minute.” He didn’t even look up from the TV, taking his turn on the Play Station. Gran Tourismo 2.

“You better come quick.” But by the time he finished the race, the girls had already wandered off.

“What?” He hit my arm, “You made me mess up!”

“Never mind that, come on.”

“What gives?” He followed me down to the sidewalk, but the girls were already gone.

“You know that little blonde girl, that lives down the street?” I pointed back at her house.

“How little?” He shook his head.

I held my hand out, “About yay high. Bangs, cut off at the shoulder?”

He laughed, “Her bangs are cut off at the shoulder?”

“Sh!” I heard giggles, and looked over between the houses. At the other end of the block, right before the street turned, there was a house on the corner, but their fence didn’t come all the way over to the fence next door.

‘she back there?’ He whispered, and I just nodded. Ducking down, I looked back, but Justin was ducked down too. We snuck along the fence, but the giggles got louder on the other side.

“So, I get to be the boy this time.” She had a really high pitched voice, but then again. She couldn’t have been in middle school, or she would have rode the bus with me, and Justin. Oh yeah, that was my best friend, he came over that morning to play video games, and now we’re right by the gate at the end of the fence. Next to a garage, but it was more like a shed, with a garage door, and a dirt driveway out to the curb. No ramp or anything, just the sidewalk, and a little strip of grass, with 2 tire tracks across it. “Besides, it’s too big, so it’ll never fit.”

Justin was already rubbing his crotch, looking between the boards, bent over. So, I tried to see them too, but they weren’t close enough, so I moved over.

“Okay, but take off your pants, you got stickers all over, and where’d you get that?”

“My aunt’s girlfriend came over last night, but they’re sleeping in.”

“She’s such a lesbo.”

“Hhuhm!” Justin covered his mouth before he moaned out loud, and stopped rubbing his crotch, but then he felt up to the zipper.

“This one’s got no buzzer.”

“Huh!” The older girl sounded annoyed, “That’s because it’s a dildo, instead of a vibrator.”

“See if it goes in your mouth. See how much you can get in your mouth. Yeah, is that it?”

“Spah! Huh!” The older girl sounded out of breath, from sucking the dildo. “Huh, it’s like 16 inches long!”

“Nu uh. It’s only 14, it said so on the box, and it’s brand new.” The little girl lectured. “I wonder which end was in aunt Mel, and which was in her girlfriend.”

She must have stepped back, because then I saw her shoulder, and then her hands, flopping it around. It was real loose and floppy, but then she tried to stick it in her mouth. She could barely even get her hands around it, and she almost dropped it, it was so thick.

“Who cares?” Then, the bigger girl’s hands reached out, and took it. “Oomph!” She smacked her lips, and the blonde one let go, so it flopped down, and I couldn’t see it. Hanging out, like a big plastic dick. All I could see was elbows, but I could hear her smacking her lips, and trying to suck more of it.

“Uh, huh!” The little girl looked down, so her hair hung in front of her face, pulling open the front of her pants, and sticking one hand in her panties.

“Bah! Huh!” The other girl let her arms down, holding it, and panting for breath. Then, i saw her nipple, and the rest of her boob sticking out. Through the crack between the gate, and the post, she looked down. “Huh, you getting wet yet?”

The blonde giggled, shaking her head. “No, and I’m supposed to be the boy, remember? Why don’t you bend over, and give me that back.” She took it, holding it over her shoulders. “Yeah, bend over, and pull your undies down. You’re gonna get it. Uh!” She squirmed, holding it between her legs, and trying to pull her pants up. “Nh,” grunting, and gripping the corners hard, until she finally managed to bring them together. Push the button through with her thumb, but the thick pinkish plastic dong stretched them out, and she looked so rediculous, I couldn’t help laughing.

“Wh, sh!” I heard rustling, and saw the blue skirt flop out. “You hear that?”

“What? Is somebody out there?” Blonde bangs, and a big green eye looked through the gap in the fence. “Boys!” She squealed, and looked down.

“Sh! You want the whole neighborhood to hear you?” I covered up my boner, before she looked, and started pulling up my pants, but then I heard how excited she was to see me. Then, I heard the gate latch. “Oh, it’s you.”

I didn’t even know her name, but I guess I’d seen her, coming out of her house. Just around the corner, and running to catch up to the bus, but a couple years ago, so she must be in high school now.

“Well, don’t just stand there in the alley,” she waved, “Get in here before somebody sees you!”

“Yeah,” Justin pushed me “Out of the way. Jesus.”

She was holding the front of her blue jeans dress up, but as soon as we got in her yard, she let go, and pushed the gate shut. “Sh, keep your voices down!” The little blond giggled, with both hands over her mouth, but she still had the fly stretched tight around the dong, bulging between her legs.

“Hhnhm! You gonna do it, with him?” She pointed, “or Him?” Back, and forth.

“Hi, I’m Justin.” He wiped his hand on his pants, and held it up.

She was already blushing, but she shook her head, and then she smiled. “Rachael.” Looking over at me, “And what is it with you, Bradley?”


“How come you never even said one word to me, the whole time you’ve been living down the street?”

“Uh,” I looked down, until she pulled up the bib, to cover her tits.

“Huh!” She rolled her eyes, “Never mind.”

“It’s okay, I can play with Brad.” The little blonde piped up, and grabbed my hand. This was getting weird, especially the way she looked with the dong hanging out of her baggy jeans, and her friend wore a matching dress. Like overalls with a skirt on the bottom instead of pants, but she stepped back, holding Justin’s hand, and they kept their voices down. Then, she disappeared around the corner, and he put his arm up. Unzipping his pants, and fishing around in the fly again.

“You’re gay, huh Brad?”

“No? Uh, what makes you think that? Did somebody tell you that I’m gay, and who was it?”

“Nobody, but I only see you with boys, and you never even talk to the girls, or look at them.”

“So? That doesn’t mean I’m gay.”

“Hihmn!” She covered her mouth, and giggled again, so I looked back, and saw Rachael’s face. Appearing around the corner of the garage, with Justin feeling her hair, and his dick in her mouth.

“Hihihn! You want to try that? Yeah, hold up.” She grunted, picking at the button, and trying to grab the dong again. One handed, but her little fingers couldn’t really grip it, and the slipped on her girlfriend’s spit. “Ngh!”

“Here, let me help you.”

She slapped my hands, “I got it! Why don’t you help yourself out of those pants. Jeeze, just because I’m little, you think you can boss me around?”

“Sorry, sorry. You do it, but. I don’t want you trying to put that big thing in my butt, or anything.”

She giggled, shaking her head so her hair swung around her face. “No, but you can suck it. It’s not real, just pretend.” She held it up, in both hands, and stuck her hips out.

“Uh,” I looked back, but Justin was oblivious. “This is weird, and kinda freaking me out.” She pouted. “I’m sorry, but. You just look weird.”

“I know, but I’m just sick of it!” She stomped, “Everybody treats me like a stupid girl, and I hate it!” Then, we heard a thump, and Rachael grabbed Justin by the pants.

“My mom, Sh!” She pulled him back behind the garage, and I ducked down, but the way they had the yard set up. The garage took up most of it, and the fence came up almost to the back porch. I ducked down as soon as I heard the door thump, then it swung open, and a little hand grabbed my arm. She didn’t say anything, but pulled me under the house. Behind the concrete porch, but at least it was cool under there.

“Girls, what’s going on out here?”

“Nothing mom.”

“What are you doing back there?”

“Just peeing? God, mom. You want to yell a little louder? I’m not sure the whole neighborhood heard you.”

Then, we all heard the door close, and I let out the breath I was holding, before I heard a giggle next to me.

“That was close, but you want to hear a secret?” She got up, over my shoulder, and the moist rubbery dong hit the back of my arm. ‘i’m gonna be a boy when i grow up.’ she nodded, seriously. Backing up, she barely had to bend over, she was so tiny. “I’m gonna get a sex change, and do steroids, so I get big, and strong, and grow a mustache!” She giggled, feeling her lip, and I just sat there, shaking my head.

“Oh, so you’re like, a man, trapped in a girl’s body?”

“Uh huh. Yeah, but I’m gonna be gay, and get a gay boyfriend, to be gay with. Like you?”

“I’m not gay, Jeeze, why do you keep saying that?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, huh!” She shrugged, and sat down. “Just wishful thinking I guess, but. You wouldn’t happen to know any, gay boys, like me?”

“I’m sure, they wouldn’t tell me if they were, but how old are you?”

“Thirteen?” She looked up, with just her eyes, to check, and see if I believed her. I must have frowned or something. “Well okay, I’m 10, so what?”

“It’s no big deal, I’m sure you’ll be thirteen in a couple years, but. Huh, if you want to be a boy so bad, then, why don’t you come over, and play with us, some time? Nothing gay, I mean, I’m not a child molester either, but you know. Normal kid’s stuff, like video games, and. Stuff.”

“Yeah, that’d be great.”

“You better take that.” I pointed, “Thing back, before your Aunt finds it missing.”

“Yeah, uh!” She had to lay back, so the button wasn’t even tighter, hunched over like that.

“Here, let me help you.”

“Huh!’ She just let go, and let me unbutton her jeans, so we could get the big double header out. Then, she zipped them back up.

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