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My brother and I…

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…Didn’t have what you would call a traditional childhood. We had a single professional mom, and she was extremely practical when it came to kids…

…She just didn’t bother with all the usual courtship, marriage, and wasting time. That’s what she called it, “A waste of time,” because her career came first.

We weren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination, but she made enough with her Graphics Design, and got lucky with the timing. She worked through the best of the .com boom, and while she didn’t make a fortune, she had enough left over from buying a condo to go see the doctor.

First she had Mandel, which is short for Mandelbrot. She named us both after Fractal sets, and then she had me, exactly 18 months later. In Vitro fertilization, so she could pick the donors from the sperm bank, the due dates, and even the sex of little swimmers.

She even picked Boy first, knowing that girls start a little earlier on average. So, it wasn’t a big surprise when we both went through puberty together. It was planned, my big brother went first, and he was so proud when he found a little white spot in his sheet that he came right in my room to show me, as soon as he put some clothes on. I found out at the same time that he sleeps in the nude. I didn’t know that before, because we had our own rooms, on either side of mom’s sleeping loft.

That’s what they called the condos where we lived, “Lofts.” Or “The Lofts,” but anyway, she got in at the start, so they could make her a 2 bedroom, before she ever even talked to the doctor. My bedroom on 1 side, right in front of the bathroom. Mandel’s right at the top of the stairs, so he had to go downstairs to use the bathroom behind the kitchen.

Mom didn’t have a door at all, to her bedroom. Just a railing, and glass under it, so she had a view under the vaulted ceiling to the door. Just the one door, unless you counted the one out to the patio downstairs. A pretty nice view over the buildings, and even a rope ladder you could drop down the alley, in case of fire. It just wasn’t like your typical fireplace, the whole thing just rolled up on a spool at the end of the balcony. Like a security door at the mall, or some of the shops had them down on the street.

Uptown, ish, but not like any of the top 5 big name cities like New York, Chicago, LA, San Fran, or Seattle. Liberal enough to have a trendy upscale neighborhood, with gay bars, book stores, and so forth. Rainbow flags hanging out front, the Pride parade went right by there on their way downtown, so we could watch it from the balcony when it went down the street, at the end of the alley.

So anyway, it didn’t take long for us to find out that she made porno. Not like a porn star, or anything, I mean she rendered it, in 3D, but for fantasies that you couldn’t exactly do in real life. Other people’s fantasies, like Monsters were really popular. Especially Werewolves, and Vampires, I guess you could do with a lot of makeup, and fake blood, but you know.

Okay, maybe you don’t, so for example, one of her customers was 5arah, with a 5. Some kind of Industrial DJ, she had a website called Altered Beats, which was some kind of reference to a video game, where you could play a werewolf. She was really into that, so mom took some selfies she sent, and rendered a transformation of her. Hulking out, and ripping through her clothes when she transformed. Into a giant wolf eventually, but before that, she was naked, and still had breasts.

Big ones too, with that balloonish cartoony bounce like water balloons. She breathed too, so you could stop it wherever you wanted between a dressed up kinda chubby lady with goggles on her forehead to a full fledged grey wolf, or stop it somewhere in between. For instance on a naked lady with a big panting dog head, and bushy tail, but bare boobs shaking when she breathed.

We watched this from the floor of her sleeping loft, foreheads pressed to the glass, when we’re supposed to be in bed, and then she got up, so Manny ran off to his room before she got up the stairs. Then I asked her what that was all about when she saw I was still up, so she told me that she had a job, for some furry who wanted to be a werewolf named “Sarah with a 5.”

Mandel overheard that, but then she sent me to bed, cracked her neck, and got in the shower before bed. Like the very next day, I caught him on the computer, and since the work folder was in alphabetical order, 5arah was right on top. Of course, he had his fly open, and his penis out, to play with it, standing right in front of her work station.

This had 3 screens, a big one in the middle, and 2 more on the side, but these were half the size, and turned up so they were tall, and narrow. They folded over the main screen when she shut it down, like a Triptych. You know that Garden of Earthly Delights painting, by Heironymous Bosch? Well, that’s actually 3 paintings, a triptych.

Like that, only computer monitors, so she could have half a chat on one side. Type her replies on the other side, and work on something in the middle at the same time. Then, she could send media one way or the other. For example, if she was working with more than one person, or just split her work between 3 desktops at a time with 2 folders open, and pick files from both of them. She had a keyboard, trackball, and a touchpad she could draw on with a pen that had buttons so she could click, and backclick on it to erase, or change colors.

So, when I caught him masturbating to 5arah’s Transformation, Manny ran up to his room. Holding the corners of his pants, but he didn’t close the screens to shut it down. So, i looked at her where he stopped it, ran it back and forth with the slider, but he stopped when she was barely even sprouting fur. Before the tail burst out the back of her pants, and her feet grew too long for her high heeled boots. Right after the bra snapped, and disappeared, so her big bare boobs bounced with her breathing, but her face was still basically human. Just starting to go grey, the points of her ears hadn’t even appeared from under her hair.

So, there was another one she got a lot of request for, just scrolling through the folder open on 1 side. Down to the Es, where there was page after page starting with Elf, then Elves. ElvenOrgy.vef wasn’t animated, but I used the scroll hat on the trackball, and my finger on the touch pad to just move around the room.

It was a whole 3D environment, the walls looked like they were sculpted out of ivory, or alabaster with gold trim, but if the name didn’t give it away, there was also all kinds of beautiful people, with pointy ears, doing just about any kind of sex you could imagine, or mom could, with the help from whomever she made it for.

It was a lot to take in, more than I could in 1 sitting, and I was afraid to ask how long it took, but it quickly became my favorite. I don’t remember when, but I saw her working sometimes, when she got a massager out of the drawer. You know the back massager, that’s a vibrator, but it’s too big to stick inside anywhere? Hitachi Power Wand is one brand name you might know, but this was a different one, with a rainbow of clear jelly things you could stretch over the head, to tickle, or focus on specific spots, including dildos, and a butt-plug, if you needed it.

I didn’t, so I didn’t bother going upstairs, for the box of adapters. I just unrolled the chord, and plugged it into the power strip, like she did when she was working. Hands free, all you had to do was clamp it between your legs, and it did all the work, even through your clothes. Well, I had a skirt on, and just held it right up against the front of my panties, so it buzzed them against my pubic hair.

I don’t know, I had to be about 13, give or take a year. Old enough to start having to shave my legs, and trim around the edges of my underwear, so nothing got long enough to curl out. Then, I just looked around the party to take it all in, but again, you get someone like mom to render stuff you can’t really do with live actors, unless you have a big enough special effects budget to do it all with CGI anyway. She didn’t do it for Hollywood movies, she did it for small companies that want to jazz up their multimedia powerpoints, and also other people with enough money to blow on making their wierdest fantasies into an animation, or a 3D render.

Even a whole environment like this, but I knew all about bisexuals by then. So, there was lots of men with men, if Elven men are men, instead of, mer, or whatever they call it there. I didn’t see any Bosmer, or Dunmer, but they all could have been Altmer, if it was an Elder Scrolls thing, set somewhere in Tamriel. Kinda looked like an Aleid temple, or palace, or the White-Gold Tower in Cyrodiil, if you asked me.

That wasn’t it, what got me was the King, or Queen? I’m not sure which is which, but they had 2 thrones on 1 end, and a dias, or stage with stairs all the way around, where they could watch over the whole court, going at it. The thing is, one of them was standing up, and turned around, with one foot up on tippy toes, and flexing impossible muscles. The other one was sitting down, with the toes between their legs, but the thing is, they had a big erection, and that was curved up, with a graceful taper, and the slightest lavender tint to the almost pointed heart shaped head with a hole in the tip dripping fluid like a poisoned dagger. And also cute, perky little boobies, with the same lavender tint, and nipples almost like points, except for they weren’t leaking milk or anything.

On the same person, like a transgender woman, who took hormones, but didn’t have a full sex change, and kept her beautiful penis. The queen, I’m guessing. I just always thought of her as the Queen. She was the one standing up, with her impossibly broad back spread to show the muscles, and practically stuffed into a tiny waist, 2 perfect, hard looking ivory muscular buttocks, with big shallow saucers scooped out of the sides. Calf muscles, powerful looking thighs that looked like they belonged on a horse, no tail, or hoofs, nothing really animal at all, a flat chest with triangular pecs, rippling trapeziod abs, obliques like cables pointing down to a groin, and ending in thin labia, with just the slightest shadow of a crack between them.

The queen, looked like she could grab the king by the ankles, and make a wish. Whichever side the most beautiful penis I have ever seen wound up on would win, when she split him in half.

I just grabbed the handle on the massager, and blindly hit buttons at random to surprise me. Switching between speeds, pulses, patterns, and oscillations? I think it had 3 gyroscopes or something, because it could vibrate around X, Y, or Z axises. Axese? Any 1, 2, or all 3, but when my teeth, knees, and eyes clenched shut, i just filled in the rest. For some reason, I didn’t even imagine any blood.

Just the Queen, ripping the king in half, by the legs, all the way up to the neck. One of the weirdest things I ever imagined, while having an orgasm, but It was one of those you can’t breathe for, let alone let any sound out.

“A!” That’s about it. Then, I shut everything down, caught my breath wrapping up the chord again, put it back, and took my clothes off on my way up to take a shower.

Just for one example, of what I grew up with…


Mandelbrot (PoV Change)

So then, I guess the next big thing was when we got a boyfriend. I guess it’s no surprise that I found another guy, that was into some pretty kinky stuff, but he got bullied at school, because somebody spotted his underwear. Not in gym class, he wasn’t that stupid, he just went to play basketball after school, and while he was blocking a taller boy’s shot, his shirt rode up, and his pants slipped down, just enough to see the rolled up edge of stretch lace around the waistband.

I knew that stretch lace tends to roll up from Julia complaining about it, when she had to pick at it discretely, so she asked me to cover for her. So, the boys on both sides started picking on him, and called it a tutu, him everything from drag queen to ladyboy, and asked him if he wanted a sex-change. “No? They’re just my girlfriend’s panties, and she let me borrow them, so I can keep her pussy close to my nuts.”

“Well, that’s fucking weird.”

“Yeah, you’re a freak, and your girlfriend must be a kinky freak too for even thinking of that.”

Game over, they kicked him off the court, which left them a man down, but I ran after him when he wandered off. “Hey, uh.” I didn’t know his name.

“What do you want?”

“I’m Mandy, and I couldn’t help, overhearing all that.” I just stuck my thumb over my shoulder, “Fucked up stuff. Don’t listen to them, it’s not that weird.”

“Well okay, Andy.”

“No, Mandel. Mandelbrot, like the fractal set?”

“You go by Mandy, like Amanda?”

“I don’t care, really. I mean, I guess, I’ve been called that before, and I didn’t really think about it, but most people call me Mandel, for short.” I offered my hand.

“Well, I’m Remy. That’s not sort for anything. Well, it’s really Remy Lee.” He held up a Vm with his fingers, “With 2 Es. Remy Lee Beaufort, I’m named after Remy Lebeau, from the Xmen?”

“Oh, which one is that?” I shook my head.


“Oh.” I kept shaking my head. “Not really into that cartoon, or the comic books, but he’s not in any of the movies?”

“Yeah, the Wolverine one. I mean, the origin story movie, but it’s not a real good version of him.”

“Oh, I didn’t watch that. Isn’t that the one where they fucked up Deadpool?”

“Yeah…” So, that’s how I met him, we became friends, and hung out for a while, but I just dropped the subject of him wearing his girlfriend’s underwear to school, to keep her pussy close to his balls.

That just wasn’t that weird to me, all things considered, but I guess it was a few weeks before we got around to talking about that kind of thing, again. Turns out it was just a fling, more than a long-term thing, but he kept a pair of her underwear. She didn’t ask for it back, and according to him, they just called it quits.

“I didn’t dump her, and she didn’t dump me, we just got kinda bored with it, and moved on. We still have each other’s numbers, if we want to booty call, but we’re letting it cool down for a while, first.”

“So, I have to ask, but.”

“The underwear thing?” He rolled his eyes, “Well, I really appreciate you being so cool about it, and all, but the truth is, I just like them. They’re sexy.”

“Panties?” I nodded.

“Yeah, not like, smelling dirty panties, maybe when she just took them off, and it was fresh, from her getting hot, and wet, but. They also kinda,” he shrugged, “Felt sexy, and I feel pretty sexy when I wear them, too. Honestly, that’s why we hooked up in the first place.”

“Because she wanted you to wear her panties?”

“Well, yes, and no. We met online, in this chatroom for, stuff I’m too young to legally go online, and look for women to, chat with. About.”

“Yeah, i get it, you must be at least 18, just like the porno sites.”

“So, she was looking for a young crossdresser, and I was in search of a woman, or girl. Honestly, I didn’t care if she was old enough to drink, she didn’t buy me beer, or anything, but I saw her measurements in her profile.”

“Oh!” I got it, “So you wanted a woman that wore the same size!”

“Yeah, so we could play dressup, like kids, and she liked to pretend we’re sisters. I didn’t have a sister, so I had to try to find them in stores.”

“What size do you wear?”

“Well, that’s the problem, I’m a 36 inch waist, but women’s sizes, they’re not like. Anything sensible like I have a 36 inch waist, so I buy them in a 36, like pants, and stuff. They’ve got different sizes, and none of them mean the same thing, so if you order from Torrid, the waist might fit, but then the leg holes are too loose, while another store, it might be the other way around. Honestly, I don’t know how they do it, but I can really appreciate why shopping is such an art form, for them. You need a guidebook or something, is all I’m saying.”

“Wow, that’s really fascinating.” I nodded. “I’m bisexual. I guess, in theory, it’s not like. Oh, I’m bi-curious, or you know those annoying middle school girls that tell everyone, because it’s cool, and edgy, or whatever.”

“Well, you never mentioned it before.”

“Exactly, event though I knew you’re cool, because of what you’re wearing when we met, but you have to be careful what guys you come out to, because they don’t know the difference between that, and gay.”

“Oh, tell me about it.” He changed his voice to sound stupid, and super manly. “Oh, he’s wearing panties, so he must be a drag queen, or something.”

“Yeah, huh! You’d think that everyone knew that transvesties are all straight.”

“Well, I don’t know about, all straight. Maybe, I mean. Most of them, I mean, we. Well I guess, uh!”

“So,” I just changed the subject, “What kinda porn do you like to look at?”

“Huh! Fetish, I guess.”

“Well, yeah. I guessed that too, since crossdressing is kind of a fetish, but what else?”

“Huh, well. Pegging, rimming, femdom, forced feminization, reverse gangbangs, and. Uh!” He thought for a minute. “That’s about it, I guess.”

I thought maybe he was feeling at least a little curious, but I took it slow. I was down, if he wanted to, and I really wanted to see him in a pair of sexy panties, but the truth is, I’m mostly auto-erotic, like mom. “I like Futanari.” I tried instead.

“What’s that?”

“Well, I can show you in the library.” Since we’re hanging around after school, we just started heading that way.

“How do you get around the filters?”

“Oh, well they’re set to keywords, but you know Rule #34?”

“Of course.” No big surprise, he’s into enough porn, far enough out of the mainstream that he’s heard of it.

“Well, there’s just so many different kinds, that they can’t come up with a list that eliminates all of the keywords, just the ones they can think of.”

“Well, I never heard of. Futa?”

“Futanari, it’s Japanese.”

“Oh, of course.”

“Yeah, so I guess another thing is, they can’t eliminate all the keywords, in every language.”

“But I bet half of them are in Japanese.”

“Yeah, that would be a pretty safe bet…” We kept playing 20 questions, it turns out his favorite porn star is Lance hart, who I’d never heard of. Fair enough, because he’d never heard of Autumn Raby, or Buck Angel, either.

Then, we had to cool it, and lower our voices, going past the checkout desk. He went right to the ones in back. There’s two of them, facing each other, but one of them is almost backed into a corner. He sat down, and cleared the book catalog right away, since that’s the first thing that automatically popped up.

I stood back in the corner, so I could keep an eye out, the other way. Just in case someone came out, from between the book cases. “Try Dmitrys, Peach. That’s D, M, I, T, R, Y, S.”

“They’re all blocked out.” On Image search.

“Yeah, you have to scroll down, but there’s usually one on a forum page, that doesn’t have one of the keywords on it.” Like cock, cunt, tits, fuck…

“Ohh!” He leaned over, and clicked on one.

[This site is blocked.]

“Just [x] out that tab, and go back. Backclick on the thumbnail, and view the Image in a new tab , by itself.”

“I knew there had to be some way around it, on school computers.”


“Huh, she’s hot. She is a she, right?”

“That’s the point, does it really matter?”

“Is that a cock, or does she have something stuffed down her shorts, to make it look like she’s got balls?”

“No, she’s got the whole package. The best of both worlds, if you ask me.”

“Yeah, I guess, it’s not, completely gay, if she’s got. She’s hot enough, that I wouldn’t mind, if I ran into her, in the locker room.”

“Yeah, but you can’t really get to the best stuff online. We better go, before somebody shows up, but that should give you some idea what Futanari are.” He shut it down, but we left before anybody had a chance to check the history.

“So, I guess they’re like, transexuals?”

“I guess they can be like whatever you want to imagine.”

“Well, what do you imagine?”

“Well, i can imagine a lot. That was just the tip of the ice-berg, but in my wildest dreams? Huh, there’s movies too. Japanese ones, where they’re girls, usually the only girl in an all girl school that’s got this secret, and the secret is, that she’s got a dick, inside her. You can’t tell, even when she’s naked. You could even give her a superficial exam, but I guess a gynecologist would spot it right away.”

“So, it comes out of her, vagina?”

“You can’t really tell, honestly, they’re all censored anyway, but I can just imagine that. When she first found out, she went to the gynecologist, because she was late getting her period. Not like she was pregnant, she was a virgin, and she never felt around in there too much. Of course, she had to wipe it when she peed, like any girl, but then she got to the doctor’s office, and put on the hospital smock, like she’s supposed to. Then, she gets her feet up in the sturrups, and then the gynecologist gets down between her legs to check her for an imperforate hymen.”

“That’s her cherry?”

“Well, yeahbut most of them have at least one hole, some of them have a lot like swiss cheese, but very few really have just like a sheet of skin over it, completely.”

“Or it breaks a little from excercise…”

“Yeah, and some of them aren’t born with one at all, or at least it’s so little, it’s just like, a little ring around it, but not enough to get in the way.”

“Okay, but if it isn’t perforated.”

“Hang on.” I stopped by the pay phones, and fished a couple quarters out of my pocket.

“That might explain why she got her period, but nothing came out.” He finished while I typed in the number.

It rang for a little while. “Yeah, but instead of that, all she saw was the urethra peeking out, like an eye, with a little crease for the frenulum.”


“What’s that?”

“Hey, Julie.” I held my hand up. “Mom home?”

“Oh, no. She had to go out. She took the virtual scanner with her.”

“The panoramic, one?”

“Yeah, obviously not the whole head one, the one with the tripod? She’s got a gig with some interior designer, to set up a virtual space to demo decorating options.”

“Oh, how long she gonna be gone?”

“Well, she just left, not even an hour ago. Why?”

“Well, I just wanted to bring a friend over, and show him some stuff, on the computer.”

“What kind of friend?”

“The boy kind? If you’re lucky.”

“Well, what’re you still talking on the phone for, hurry up?”

I hung up, “My sister,” pointed my thumb at the receiver, and checked the coin slot, just in case. No free call, sometimes they don’t check, and the machine rejects their quarters, for whatever reason. They still spend just fine at the store, but no luck.

“So, your sister doesn’t mind if we look at the boy kinda stuff on the computer?”

“Oh, no. Of course not, but she wasn’t asking what kinda stuff we’re going over to look at. She asked me what kind of friend was coming over.”

“Wait, the boy kind, as in a boyfriend?”

“Yeah, she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet, but I bet she’d love to see you, in her underwear.” Me too, of course…


Remy Lee (mmf CD)

“That’s 1 M.” I stuck out another finger, “And 2 Es in Lee.”

She shook my other hand, “Julia.”

“Like the other Fractal Set,” I nodded. Her brother told me, and even showed me pictures in high enough resolution that you could zoom in, and see it repeating for several layers, or levels?

Look, I didn’t have a choice, whether or not to be a nerd. My dad’s a comic book nerd, at least I wasn’t named Rogue like my sister, but If they’re trying to weird me out, they’re going to have to come up with something better than Dmitrys’ Peach.

That just made me want to grow out my hair, so I can put it up in pigtails. My mom, and dad won’t let me, but I figure all I have to do is wear metal shirts, and nobody’ll ever even think to ask. In case you’re still wondering, let me try to explain it as simply as I can:

Girls are sexy, so they get all the sexy clothes.

Even my ass looks, and feels pretty damned sexy, in a sexy enough pair of underpants.

I sure as hell can’t get it up wearing a jock strap, or assless chaps. It’s not my thing, some guys are into it, and more power to them, but I like a nice frilly satin pear of panties, in some matching pastel colors, and no, that’s not gay.

It might be bisexual, though. I’m not sure about that, yet.

“So, what did you want to look at on the computer?”

“Wow, that’s. One hell of a setup.” She swung the screens open, like a giant laptop. 3 of them.
“Whatever he wanted to show me, I don’t know. He said it’s a surprise, so.” I turned to Mandelbrot, “Surprise me.”

it didn’t take long for him to surprise me. Yeah, I’ve looked at tentacon, lolicon, and even shotacon, but that was all pretty basic Japanese Hentai. Now, I’d seen just one glimpse of Futanari, and I liked it.

“Elf Queen?” He bent over the keyboard, and looked over his shoulder at his sister.

“Elf Queen.” She nodded.

“Oh, wow. Is that in 3D?”

“Yeah, my mom’s a graphics designer, but she does some work on the side. This is the piece de resistance.”

“Yeah, holy shit. Her cock is. So.” What’s the word? I just gave up, and shook my head, but I didn’t take my eyes off it. “Fantastic?”

“Oh, no. That’s the king. This is the Queen.” He turned it, so the camera panned across the scene, and then all the other elves, blending together in a jumbles of arms, legs, hair, pointy ears, and random genitalia stuck together were dominated by the massive powerful figure standing over. Everything. Everyone, even looking down at the screen over his shoulder, I almost felt myself shrink back, and tiny.

“Huh! Fuck, she’s. Amazing, your mom.” That came out wrong, “Created, that?”

“Well, that’s what the customer wanted, but yeah. Took her more than 2 years, almost 3, and she burned out a vibrator before it was finished. That’s like 12 grand right there.”

“Twelve. Thousand. Dollars?”


“She got ripped off!”

“Yeah, totally.”

“Well,” his sister laughed. “It was a labor of love,” then sighed.


Julia (fm Dom Forcefem, Pegging…)

“Huh!” I didn’t even know what that was, when he saw Her, but he almost shrank back? Not in horror, I just never seen a real submissive, in real life before, but then Mandy went out on the balcony. “I’m just going to watch the street.” He took a pack from the carton in the kitchen drawer on the way, and smoked.

He doesn’t smoke much, but he played with it, nervously. He watched, but he didn’t look like he was watching. I guessed there was some sexuality issues in their relationship, but I didn’t know that they came out to each other yet. Bisexual, and transvestite, respectively. Look, we talk. My brother and I hare things that I can’t even talk to my girlfriends about, because they’re cool and all, but they’re not into anything, that weird, you know?

“Huh, so, you’re. Not like. Uhhhhhh.” …

I just wanted him to pick the right word, but I grew up with that, from mom. She doesn’t um, she just thinks, and trying to guess is just a waste of time.

“A dominatrix, at all?”

“Uph, huh! Yeah, I don’t know, I never tried, well anything. With anyone else, really. I’m mostly autoerotic, with a rich fantasy life.” It runs in the family. “So, you want me to tie you up, and beat you?”

“Oh no, I don’t know if I can trust you to do that yet, I just. Huh!” He took a deep breath, and muttered, “This is embarrassing,” to himself. “Look, I don’t want to be a lesbian. I don’t even like watching lesbian porn, because I just feel kinda, left out?”

I nodded, “Like a girl watching gay porn. It’s kinda hard to imagine what it must be like, having a dick, and jacking off. Let alone sticking it inside someone. So, it helps to at least have one girl, or close enough to put myself in the picture.”

“Exactly, but some of the more. Serious lesbians, they’re not like manhaters, I know that, but at least the TERFs are more than a little transphobic.”

“Oh, so you’re transgender.”

“No, just a transvestite. I think.” he glanced nervously over at the patio door, but Mandy looked away, and fliddled with the filter, nervously.

“So, what are we talking about, exactly?”

“Well, you’re. Your mom, I guess.” You or, not you are, i just heard that wrong. “She wouldn’t happen to have, a strapon?”

“No, but I guess she has the next best thing.” I ran up to her loft, but he followed me, a little slower, and only got to the top of the stairs. Peering around the corner, by Mandy’s room, I started thinking right away, and remembering some of the stories I read. On sites I’m legally way too young to be reading stories on, but. “You better go wait in my room,” I hooked my thumb over my shoulder, and brushed past him on my way back to the stairs.

Almost forgot the motor, but he kinda gasped, quietly. “Huh!” When he saw what I got in my hands, but he didn’t even ask.

“Is that a butplug?”

“Yup, 100% pure high grade silicone!” Not solid, it’s hollow in the bottom, to fit the head of the massager in, but. Butt, I haven’t tried it, myself. I have no idea if it’ll fit him, but he did mention being a transvestite, so I just bet I’d find him going through my clothing when I got back.

Sure enough, “What do you think you’re doing in my underwear drawer?”

“Uh!” I thought he was fixing his pants, but when he turned around, I saw a bulge in one of his pockets. “Nothing, I just.” He went for the door, when I stepped aside, but I slammed it before he got away.

“Oh, no.” I brandished the massager like a club, “You’re not getting away that easy. What did I tell you about beating off in my underwear?”

“Uh,” he grinned, “If I ever catch you in my panties again, your ass is mine?”

“Uh!” I couldn’t have written it better myself! “Well, you asked for it, turn around, and bent over.” I pushed him up to my bed. The side of my day-bed, it’s got 3 more sides, with nice graceful curves of bent tubing. Probably too light to hold him, I mean if you feel around the back, or pull it out, you’d see that they’re not even whole pipes, but actually rolled out of sheet metal, and the edges aren’t even welded together, but don’t think that i wasn’t thinking about the possibility of using it for bondage, when i picked it out.

I just thought that I was going to be the first one to get my wrists, and ankles tied to it, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. “Huh!” I pulled the lube out of my bedside drawer, but I’m already on the pill. For controlling my heavy flows to a more manageable level, and it helped with the cramps, but also, the main reason for that prescription is birth control.

So anyway, I didn’t warm it up or anything, so it was cold when it dribbled out on his coccyx, and ran down to stick to the edges of his ass crack. “Huh!” I shook my head, and remembered that safe sex is best sex, so I had to stop, and pull a rubber glove on.

What? It’s for masturbation! Everyone does it, well. At least anybody old enough, and not so sexually repressed that they have some moral objection to it, but at least my mom was cool enough to realize that it’s nice to have cut, and abrasion resistant nitrile gloves to use, if you happen to have long nails. Which I do.

“Huh, you’re not hairy, at all. You don’t shave, your ass crack?”

He nodded, “My legs, too.”

“Oh!” I felt them with my dry hand. I didn’t need the glove for that. “Oh god. I had no idea, how sexy. Jesus, you know how sexy this feels?”

“You bet I do, especially with pantie hose on.”

“Oh, my god. Hang on.” I went back to the dresser, and pulled out the L’eggs egg. It’s a handmedown, mom had like, 8 of them? left over from whenever they used to sell pantie hose, in giant plastic Easter eggs, but they’re pretty handy for that, so. Good marketing, Hanes!

“You’re really a transvestite, bottom, huh?”

“Well, I don’t know about, getting banged by a dude. Not yet, but.”

“You’re willing to entertain the thought?”

“Huh, yeah. Uh, your brother, he might’ve mentioned that he’s a little bisexual.”

“No, he’s a big old bisexual, pretty sure.”

“How big?”

“I don’t know? Honestly, I haven’t seen his dick, with a hardon in years, but you’ll have to ask him yourself. You.” I blinked, and shook my head. “You paint your toenails?”

He wiggled them, his big toe crossed over his next smaller 2. Exactly the way you do, when you’re putting on hose, tights, or leggings, because of course, that’s the kinda thing he does, because he’s a big old crossdresser, and he’s in my room, trying on my pantie hose, and just waiting for him to nail him with mom’s buttplug?

“Uh, fuck.” I shook my head, “Hang on aminute, I mean. Why don’t you pick out something to wear, in my closet. I’ll be right back.”

Shit! Literally, I know exactly where that’s been, because mom feels that it really helps get her creative juices flowing, if she can feel something, like the action she’s trying to render in one of her virtual environments. So, she’s not a Brony, obviously, but she’s not above taking Bronie’s money, and I guess I’m just glad that she hasn’t gone all the way to buying a horse cock dildo, from Exotic Erotics, but she doesn’t clear her search history, and neither do we.

We don’t keep secrets in this family. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a very good idea if we tried. That’s how passing interests, and kinks turn into full grown psychotic serial sex criminals, or at least that’s the theory.

Some serial killers were into cross dressing, or forced to wear dresses for punishment by their moms. That doesn’t mean that crossdressing leads to serial killing, but trying to fight something like that just forces it down to your subconscious to rot.

I think, but anyway. Sure enough, he found something, that fit him at least.

“How do I look?” He put his knee up, leaning back in the door, but turned away, blushing.

“Huh, weird. You sick fucking sexual freak. Uh, you disgust me. You make me want to puke. Ugh!”

“Huh!” he took a deep breath, and then his shoulders relaxed. “HhuhHh!” He shook his head. Then, he slowly turned, and looked out of the corner of his eye. “So, what’s the balloon for?”

“Oh, a regular rubber won’t fit over the buttplug. It’s the wrong shape, but I have to cut the neck off first. You’re not into like, castration play, are you?”

“No, you?”

“Oh no. Not at all, you had me a little worried there for a minute, because I don’t think I can do that.”

“Okay, then I guess I can trust you with scissors. If you have to get them out, to fix the rubber.” I just nodded, and snipped it carefully, then dropped it in the drawer. “Okay.” he stood in the corner, like I’d sent him there, and he looked so. Well, not small, he isn’t really little at all, and that spaghetti strap sundress looks like it’s going to split down the side, but. “You like that dress? No, don’t turn around.” I gripped the back of his neck, and tried to sound mean. “Don’t look at me. You don’t get to look at me, ever again. You hear me.”

“Yeah, yes. I mean yes. Sir?”

“Just yes or no. If I ask you a question, you answer yes, or no. You understand?”


“You don’t get to speak, unless I ask you a question, you understand?”


“Now, do you have a safe word?”


“Well, forget it. You wont’t need it, because if you say anything, unless asked, if I hear so much as a peep outta you, other than yes or no when I ask you, it’s over. We’re through, you understand?”

“Hhuh!” He nodded, and took another deep breath. “Yes.”

“Good, then we can begin.”


Mandy (Fm NS Talk)

I ran across the living room, “JULES? JULES!”

“What,” she came to the door, before I mate it around the stairs.

“You better start cleaning up.” Thank goodness she still had on, well everything she was wearing this morning, when we dropped her off at school, but. I didn’t check her for underpants or anything. “I’m gonna go,” quotey fingers, “Help mom.”

“Okay,” she turned around, and clapped. “All right, on your feet, you disgusting little worm.”

“Uhn!” I think he moaned before she slammed the door.

So, I ran back down the stairs, fast enough to get a little dizzy, but she backed into the alleyway. All the way to the loading dock, so I headed for the cargo elevator first. Rode it down to the 2nd floor, then stopped it. Left both doors open so it couldn’t move, and took the last flight of stairs.

“Oh, mom. You’re home.” I stopped, with another cigarette from the pack. She took it, and snapped it in half with her fingers.

“What’s wrong with the elevator?”

“I don’t know,” I grabbed the tripod, and the big heavy case. It was smaller than the head scanner, but a whole lot heavier, with the scanning head in it.

“Careful with that.” She held the door to the stairs for me. “So, what’s going on up there?”

“Huh!” Can’t pull one over on her. “There’s a boy up there.”

“Huh, well it’s about damned time.” She said to herself, “I swear if I have to keep listening to her humping the footboard every night, it’s going to drive me insane.”

“Short drive,” I joked.

“Really more of a putt.” It’s an old joke. “So, what’s he like?”

“Huh, well?” Femdom, pegging, rimming, forced fem, and women’s underwear. Unless I’m forgetting something. “It’s not my closet.”

“Nothing rough, or dangerous.”

“Oh, no. I doubt he’s going to even get in her pants.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah,” I can’t help it, “There’s no way they would fit him!”

“Hap!” She barked, and snorted.

“I trust my sister enough to be gentle, and not hurt him.”


^I can go on, but here’s as good a stopping place as any…

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