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I Discover my 50yo Male Neighbor Raping my 15yo Son

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My son has been spending a lot of time at our neighbor Bills house. At first it all seems fine, till i start noticing him change.

Just another perverted story that entered my mind as i read some of your sick, dick hardening stories and comments. Again, this inst an English paper (there will be errors that i have no interest in correcting), its twisted filth i wrote with one hand, and jacking off with the other.

Email me if you wanna chat. I have a huge anal fetish (anal rape/forced anal++ boys or girls). [email protected]


My neighbor, we will call him Bill had about two acres of land. he was a large man at 6’3″. ex Marine and loved all things automotive. towards the back was a large shop for his cars and projects. while not secluded, it was far into his property, and far enough that the surounding trees muffled the sounds of his projects.

My son Michael was 15yo, 5’5″ brown hair, green eyes. athletic build, but he was far from a jock. while very handson, even sexy, he was timid and shy. he got his build from the small farm we tended. my wife passed 4 years ago, so i raised michael alone. When Bill moved in next store, michel took to him instantly as he also loved cars! soon, my son was spending hours over at bills shop, often late into the night. sure, i found it odd, and my mind jumped to some wild thoughts, but i really didnt think much into it.

after about a month of this routine, i noticed a chance in my son. he use to return from bills happy and full of stories, but now he looks blank, and rarely talks about what they did. plus often he looked sweaty, messy and red like he had been crying. he also walks bull legged, like he is in pain. he also seems not as excited to go there as he once did, yet goes everyday no matter what like he is required to. then there is his laundry, i know he is a growing boy in puberty, but his boxer briefs are often covered in cum strains, more than a young boy can produce. not to mention the occasional blood stain on the butt.

it was friday night and michael had gone to bills three hours ago. usually on fridays and weekends, hes there late into the night. hes 15yo, so i dont set a curfew on those days. often im slepping when he gets in. i dont know why, but i couldnt shake the feeling that i needed to go to bills and see whats going on. it was dark, around 10pm as i made my way to the shop. when i got there, the lights were on, but the bay doors were shut and the couple small windows were covered. i walked to the side looking for a door or open window. all i could hear was load music playing. that was until i came to the side door that was open a crack. through the load music, i hear a man grunting while proclaiming “how tight and warm it felt!” and to “stop crying and just take this dick in your boy pussy like a good boy!” this was followed by the sounds of a teen boy sobbing and begging for the man to “stop” and “take it out” and that “you are being too rough with me! my butt feel like it was being torn open!” i instantly reconized my son as the boy being “torn open”. at that moment, it was like a switch was flipped. i had to get in there, but not to rescue my some, but to watch him get raped, even join in! ive never had these thoughts before, but out of nowhere they became everything! my dick was throbbing hard, and the sounds of my sons whimpers made me light headed and unbeleavably horny! i needed release, and it had to be in my boys 15yo hole!

i slowly opened the door, luckily, the door opened to a walled off storage area, allowing me to sneak behind some cabinets while still seeing everything! there was my 15yo son, laying on his back on the hood of a 68 Pontiac. his bare legs spread in the air. his pants were gone, but he still had his shoes on. bill was holding both his ankles far apart to allow his massive cock access to my sons hole! he was fucking my son raw with a big white dick that had to be 9″ long! you could hear the sloppy wet sound my sons hole made with each trust bill gave him. my sons tear and pain filled face, along with his constant pleas for bill to stop left no doubt this was pure rape. my son got no pleasure from this, only bill did. somehow though, as i stroked my hard cock, that seemed ok. maybe my son is meant to be used for another mans pleasure, maybe two mens pleasure. maybe he was ment to unwillingly submit his boy pussy to much older, stronger men?

“Ahhh yeah boy! your 15yo boy cunt feels incredible tonight! nice and tight for uncle bills big cock, just as it should be! *SLAM* *SLAM* *SLAM* AAHH yes boy, you are so good at taking uncles cock! i know it hurts your tight 15yo boy pussy everytime i force it open with my big dick, but this is what men do to tight young asshole like yours! your boy pussy is made for pleasing strong dick, and you being in pain from the forced pounding and stretching your butthole takes give us extreme pleasure! so now be a good boy, and keep quite as i rip that hole open ok! otherwise, you know what will happen.”

Michael just turned his head and sobbed as bill lifted his ass up off the hood of the car, and hatefucked the shit out of my sons 15yo asshole! he impaled his 9″ dick up my 15yo sons tight asshole with such hate that i thought his dick would spear out his stomach! sweat poured down bills hairy and extremely built body as he savagely fucked my sons asshole like a female pussy. michael was gasping for air as he screamed for bill to stop the pain. this only aroused bills savage horniness!

“Take it! take it you little bitch! thats it, take my dick like the little fucktoy you are! fuuuck yea i love raping your tight ass! remember the first time i raped your boy pussy and took your cherry boy? *SLAM* *SLAM* *SLAM* remember how you screamed? we just finished the carb rebuild, and you told me about the girl you liked *SLAM* *SLAM* *SLAM* i gave you a beer, and had you talk more about her. the sight of your semi hard dick though those sport short was all i needed! *SLAM* *SLAM* *SLAM* the look on your face as i forced you over the workbench, pulled down your shorts and fingered your smooth boy hole as you begged me to stop was heavan! ahhh fuucck yes! *SLAM* *SLAM* *SLAM*. yet nothing compared to what came minutes later; the feeling of your hole stretching around my thick cock for the first time! fuck that virgin boy hole felt so good, so tight and warm! the sight of it gaped around my dick as you screamed and begged for me to take it out was too much, i blew several loads up your ass within minutes! ahhhh fuck just the thought of that freshly fucked, gaping and cum filled boy hole! *SLAM* *SLAM* *SLAM* aaahh fuck boooy, im close! beg me to cum in your ass beg for it!

holding on to michels spread eagle legs, bill was ramming as hard as he could into micheals ass.

michel whimpered “pl..please cum in my ass..”

“I said beg boy!!!” bill exclaimed, the squeezed the boys balls.

Michael yelped at the added pain, the screamed “AHHH PLEASE CUM IN MY ASS UNCLE BILL!!”

bill thrusted hard and deep, filling him with extreme pleasure, but he wasnt the only one. for the last several minutes, bill had been hitting michaels prostate, sending confusing waves of pleasure up the boy, mixing wth the pain. his dick was hard and leaking precum. this did not go unnoticed my bill. ass he fucked the boy, he grab his ard dick and stroked it with the boys own cum. michael sobbed in humiliation of his unwanted erection, yet only grew harder with each thrust and stroke.

“thats it, cum for me boy! cum with my dick in your ass!”

and michael did, as much as he didnt want too, he came and he came hard! rope after rope shot from his cock, covering his cock, balls, bills hand and trusting dick. with each pulse, his asshole flexed aginst his will, sending waves of pain into him, but also sending waves of pleasure to bill cock. that was all bill needed.

“AHHH yes boy yessss!! that tight asshole is gonna make me cummm! fuck yes im gonna fill that tight 15yo boy pussy upAHHHHHHHH!!!”

bill rammed all 9″ in Michael as deep as he could, the let out a torrent of cum into the boys rectal track! bill pumped load after load into the boys battered tube. bill was a big man, with balls the size of a bulls, and he always emptied every drop. michael hated the feeling of bill filling him up with cum! it was humiliating, and emasculating to be filled up with another mans cum, like a woman.

i watched my son get bread by this brute of a man. bill groaned in animistic pleasure as he filled my sons 15yo asshole full of his cum. if i hadent already blew my load watching my son forced to blow his, i would have blew again, the sight did however get me hard.

bill pulled his now semi soft cock from my sons hole. it flopped out, coated with cum, sweat and my sons ass juice. bills cum followed. a river of white man seed, with the slight tint of blood flowed out of my son, falling on the shop floor. both bill and my son stayed still, panting from pervers rape that just took place. this was my moment. i stood up, and walked over to them. bill, stardled reached for the wrench on his tool bench, no doubt expecting to fight. my son jumpped to his feet, and ran to grab his pants from the floor. more cum was now leaking from his hole down his leg. i put my hands up, in a gesture of peace. bill was confused, till he saw my erect cock tenting my sweats. he smiled, then set the wrench down.

my son, completely confused by my reaction, and erection, spoke as tears filled his eyes, “Dad.. I… please lets go home..please!”

I looked over at bill, who knew exactly what i wanted with me saying it. he smiled, the grabbed my sons arm, and threw him over the workbench, the same workbench that bill first raped him on, taking his cherry. Michael was crying as i walked up behind him and dropped my sweats down to my ankles. i spread my boys asscheecks, revealing this freshly raped boypussy. it was red, puffy, slightly gaping and sloppy wet with sweat, cum, assjuice, saliva and a bit of blood. michael looked back at me as i lines my dick up to his hole.

“please dad, dont do this! i wanna go home!”

my sons screams filled the shop all night as bill and i tag teamed raping his 15yo boypussy! i dont know if it was the taboo of raping my sons underage hole, his screams, or the fact that i made him beg for “his daddy to fill his ass with cum” but i came harder in his that i ever came from sex with his mother. even after dumping 5 loads in him, and i was blowing dust, it was still better than my wifes pussy ever was.

I also wrote a part were Bill talks about raping two arab brothers while serving in the Marines (one is raped to death. camels are involved). im a pretty twisted man, but it was a little much, even for me. that being said, if you want to read it, email me.
[email protected]

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  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    Fuuuck! When I read about the first rape, I got so fucking hard. And then the kid came and tightened his ass muscles around Bill’s cock. I could almost imagine it was my cock being massaged and milked as the boy screamed in pain. I came so hard.
    Next time, have them choke the little bitch, spitroast him, both cocks balls deep in both holes, impaling him hard. Have them choke him with their hand around his throat, cutting off his air, his rectum getting even tighter around his rapist cock. Have them do this as they are both inside his ass, stretching good, giving him pain. Hurt the little fuck. The more pain for him, the more pleasure for all of us.

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      i fucking got so hard from this! email me and lets chat!

    • Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zfij

      Oh fuck, AssGuy, you’re one sexy Alpha fucker! Would love to suck on your rapist cock after it’s been up a young boy’s bum! And RawAnal, love your stuff. Must read about those raped Arab boys!

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      @Cracksniffer email me!

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    Oohh so naughty and hot story! Older with young is soo hot

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    Love hearing boys getting forced by older men ..that’s what I want done to me

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      fucking hot right! love the idea of straight teen boys getting anally raped! shoot me an email, lets chat!

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    When I was just a kid I would sleep over my friends house for the weekend and go in the pool usually my friends mom and dad were home every week end so it was nice one weekend when I stayed over and it rained all day we just stayed in and watched tv we would watch the tv in his mother’s room and when his dad came in and asked what we were doing he asked if we wanted anything for dessert and when he came back to the room he was only wearing underwear and a t shirt my friend said he was going to lay down in his room and I could finish watching the movie when he left his father said he was tired and was going to lay down when he got next to me on the bed he took off his underwear and said he was going to sleep when I looked down at the end of the bed I could see he was naked he looked over and said I could take off my underwear if I wanted to after a little while I could feel him slide down on the bed and started to take down my underwear a little bit and when he asked me if I had ever seen a cock before I told him that I haven’t he told me to take down my underwear and let him see my cock when I got my underwear off I was just thinking about looking at his cock and when he started to play with my ass I just spread my legs open he started to lick my ass and when he asked me to lay on my stomach is when he started to put his cock in my ass I couldn’t imagine that it was going to feel so good and when I started to move down on the bed he spread my legs open and started to fuck my ass nice and slow he made me lick his cock and after a couple of minutes he told me to get on my knees and spread my ass open wide he put his cock in all the way and I just let him fuck my ass when he was ready to cum he told me to open my mouth and lick it all

  • Reply Jake ID:2vj3eyqj

    I’m 15 now but when I was 14 my neighbor checked in on me while my parents were gone for a month and he tied me up while I was sleeping and raped me the whole month, I cried so much but after the ordeal I started showing up at his house to let him use me

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      @Jake damn what a lucky neighbor! I bet raping that tight little boyhole as you cried ad beg for him to stop was pure pleasure! Would love for you to email me so we can chat!

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    I fantasize about being butt raped

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    Great story, errors and all, still hot. We would all love a part 2.

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      And I fantasize about shoving my cock into your butt and hearing you moan loudly as I hold it there throbbing inside you.

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    Raped to death?
    Garrison x Jenner for presidency

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    “raped to death”? Fucking release it right now! Don’t be selfish, my fellow pervert.

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      couldn’t say no to you all, its been submitted for posting!

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