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My 12 and 13 year old sisters- Part 4

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Fun at the beach in bikinis….. I originally did not want to post this story but I am doing it ’cause of demand.

CONTINUATION OF PART 3– I did not want to post this story as I thought it was really boring but since a lot of people asked I decided to post again….

We reached home at around 5:00 pm. Amy & Jessie were really tired as both of them had an orgasm two times in one day for the first time.
They went to their room and fell asleep. I went to the kitchen prepared dinner. We had dinner and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up early.
Mom messaged me and said that she would be coming home the next day. So we had one more day to enjoy. We had a beach in our town. So I called Amy and Jessie and told them my plan.

ME: “Mom is coming home tomorrow, we have one more day. Lets go to the beach and enjoy. you can wear those bikinis that you brought yesterday.

They were excited and so we got ready and went to the beach. Amy and Jessie bought 2 bikinis and one bra and a jean short each. We went to the beach and started enjoying. I took a few dips and Amy and Jessie changed into their bikinis and started making sand castles. I also caught them taking a few glances at me now and then.

After I was done I called my sisters to take a dip as well. They disagreed. You see both of them don’t know how to swim. I went back to the shore and lifted them up and ran into the water. They were screaming the whole time. They just clinged to me. We got really wet. I started running along the shore into the coming waves. It was great fun. It was a week day thus there was literally no one.

Amy and Jessie stopped screaming and were just silent. I thought they were not scared anymore. I did not look at them and just continued to have fun but after a few minutes I see them staring at my chest and stomach area,rubbing it. I actually had a six pack which kind of explained the staring. They were really turned on,there nipples poked through their wet bra. I then broke the silence.

ME: “What’s going on?”

Jessie: “Your abs they are so….. omg I cant even talk.”

Amy (in a lusty way): “We have been waiting to see this and feel this for so long. We really are fond of your abs. They are so good.”
They started licking my abs and nipples. Damn it actually felt so good.

I then realized till now at all occasions we had sex I did not actually take my shirt off, I did not remember taking my shirt off normally in the house which meant they have never seen my abs before. Seeing there rock hard nipples, wet navel, and their lusty face while they were licking my chest I got really turned on.
I slowly walked back to my car as they clung to me. I opened the door sat inside and said

ME: “Well now these abs are yours forever.”

I got naked and removed their bra and panty as they sat on top of my dick. They spat on my chest and started rubbing it everywhere.
Then they started sucking my nipples.
It was one of the best feelings in the world. I myself moaned as they sucked on my nipples.

Jessie put my dick inside her pussy and we were in like a “sitting on the lap position.”
Then I got a brilliant idea.
I lifted Amy, even though there was not much space inside the car I placed Amy’s ass near my mouth and her face near jessie’s face. We kind of formed a triangle.

I started eating Amy’s ass and Amy started kissing jessie on the lips as she moved up and down on my dick.
They started moaning together.
The sound of their combined moaning was so sexy that every time I heard a loud moan, I wanted to hug them tightly insert my dick in them and fuck them at a speed more than that of light.

We went on like this for 15 mins and when I was about to cum, I pushed jessie and Amy on to the back seat and came all over their face and body.
When I was done Jessie and Amy started licking each others bodies and face to drink my cum. We were exhausted and decided to go back home.

A few months have passed, mom doesn’t know, Amy and jessie are not pregnant and till now the triangle position was the craziest thing we have ever done….

THE END-(Atleast for now).

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      y’all know these are fictional

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      Till now nothing interesting has happened.. if it does I will post another story

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      Well if something interesting happens…