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Girlfriends hot little sister Part 2

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Our next encounter was a few weeks later, I was downstairs relaxing playing games by the fire and my girlfriend was asleep upstairs. Lucy walks in, wearing her night gown and looked at me dead in the eyes, I knew what she wanted. I decided to be a tease and ignored her, continuing to play my game. She sat down next to me and leaned close to me, I could feel her breath on my neck. I decided to continue to tease and ignore her. After a few minutes she let out a frustrated moan and snatched the controller, threw it aside and straddled me. I see her cute eyes desperately gaze at me as I touch her slender teen legs up and down, feeling my cock start to harden. She leans down and kisses me, my tongue exploring her mouth causing her to moan sluttily into the kiss.

As we make out I pull her closer, grabbing her small teen tits through her nightgown as she begins to unconsciously grind herself on my hard cock. I push her nightgown off her shoulders and it falls down to reveal her shapely shoulders and puffy teen nipples. I lean down and take a nipple in my mouth causing her to gasp and wriggle in excitement as I expertly play with her untouched nipples. She moves back and slips her hands into my shorts and touches my cock, her cold dainty hands feel great wrapped around my meat. Just as she pulls my cock free I bite her puffy nipple playfully, making her moan loudly through our sloppy kiss. She breaks off the kiss, stares down at my hard cock, looks back up into my eyes and said: ‘I want you to take me, take my virginity and ruin me’. I almost came just hearing those words come out of her innocent teen mouth. Slowly I pulled off my shirt and shorts and pulled her nightgown off her soft skin, leaving her in just her cute pink panties. I rubbed my rock hard cock on her panties, teasing her teen pussy making her gasp and thrust her hips closer to me. I pulled down her panties and line up my dick with her teen snatch. In the heat of the moment we both forget about protection, desperate to feel each other, fuck each other so hard. It was such a hot sight, looking down on my girlfriends hot little sister with my cock lying on her shaved pussy, looking so big like it wouldn’t fit. Lucy looked at me in the eyes and sluttilly whispered, ‘please, please take me’. I gladly obliged, forcing open her tight lips with my hard cock, dripping with precum.

She moaned and squirmed in discomfort as her virgin cunt was forcefully violated for the first time. I covered her mouth with my hand and pushed past her hymen, breaking it forever, her squeak of discomfort muffled by my hand. Her eyes were wide, begging me to be gentle. I ignored her silent beg however, and forcefully buried my entire length inside her, her pussy stretching and her stomach bulging. She orgasms all over my cock, her pussy clenching down and her juices drenching me. ‘Your pussy feels so good’, I say. She can only moan back as her mind is blank as she comes down from her orgasm. I start thrusting, pulling my cock out of her tight entrance and then shoving it back in forcefully, Lucy moans each time my cock hits her cervix. Her hips thrust upwards, wanting more of my cock inside her as her eyes roll back, her brain empty from the pounding her young teen body was receiving. I pulled out and flipped her around, now fucking her doggystyle. I slap her ass hard and she moans in pain and pleasure, I grab her neck with one arm and fuck her while squeezing her neck, choking her a little, making her leak more and more from her cunt. Finally I pulled out and sat on the sofa, Lucy climbed onto me and lowered herself onto me, impaling her cunt on my thick, hard cock. She was bouncing and moaning and then was hit by yet another orgasm, her moans loud, dangerously loud considering her sister was asleep upstairs. I am close and tell her to get off as I need to cum. She sluttily smiles down at me and continues riding me, ‘But I want your cum’ she said. As much as my head told me this was so wrong, my cock was eager and so after holding it for as long as possible as her tight teen body bounced up and down, I came. Rope after rope of hot fertile cum erupted from my cock and began to fill her teen womb. She grinded against me, milking out all of my sperm, a cockdrunk, pleased look on her innocent young face. I couldn’t believe it, I had just cum inside my girlfriends little innocent teen sister, Lucy was forever ruined by my thick cock.

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  • Reply Mike ID:bo1uhxud3

    That made me cum!!

  • Reply Nunya ID:1ck98tcu4gc9

    Ruined??? Sounds more like that little nympho’s just warming up.

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bhm

    I’m confused. You were already sitting on the sofa playing a game and she straddled you.

    Then you sat on the sofa and she straddled you.

    That doesn’t make sense as nowhere does it say you laid her down to take her virginity

    • SB ID:1uh00lt0a

      Like in pt1 he felt her pussy through her skirt but pulled down her jeans and panties.

    • uncle dick ID:1d0dlrwqk7xc

      he also bit her tit while kissing i guess he had dentures lmao

  • Reply David kenya ID:5srdij5y43

    Part 3 story is sow sweet

  • Reply A. ID:1dvgz9nkj2gk

    Hope you bred her

  • Reply Davinson prisca ID:gnrvcvoid

    Interesting.But is lucy really in her sense

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf1mkdz

    Outstanding, lil sisters are always so hard to resist especially when they are naked in front of you on their knees begging to swallow your cock n cum and get fucked. I always say give them what they want starting from the age of 12 when I had my first encounter with two 7 12 year old blond twins. From then on I have decided, pleasures lil girls naughty lil desires when ever they want n need it no matter what age or if your own daughter. It is their natural born right to pleasure and sex so give it to the n treat them like a queen.
    Loved this story